University of Washington (UW) Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Admission

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This article will give information on the University of Washington (UW) acceptance rate 2021 and the UW Class of 2025 admission rate, statistics, and admission requirements.

If you wish to know the SAT score/ACT score needed to get into the University of Washington in the 2021/2022 academic year undergraduate programs, then this page will help you with that.

The information in this article is for freshman and transfer students (applying for early decision or early action. admission for in-state and out-of-state applicants) and international students who wish to study at UW.

One of the most important things to know about the admission process at the University of Washington is that only applicants who meet the UW admission requirements will be admitted.

University of Washington Acceptance Rate Class Of 2025

Admission at the University of Washington is highly competitive. As such, the admission process at UW had become very selective over the years.

Only outstanding applicants, who have shown a higher level of academic excellence and obtain good grades, test scores or GPA, and recommendations are considered for admission.

University Of Washington (UW) acceptance rate
University Of Washington (UW) acceptance rate

To help the 2021 Class o 2025 applicants, I have listed out the basic admission requirements (including test scores) that they need to get into the University of Washington (UW).

Additionally, the breakdown of UW admission statistics for past years has been made available in the next section to help applicants know the admission rate and qualifications that admitted students do have to get admitted.

The UW admission stats below cover the freshman/transfer students’ undergraduate admission for resident and nonresident applicants and international students.

Admission Statistics/Application stats

Total Number of Applicants: 43,778

  • WA Residents Applicants: 11,908
  • Nonresidents Applicants: 23,002
  • International Students: 8,868

Total Number of Admitted Applicants: 24,386

  • WA Residents Applicants: 7,461
  • Nonresidents Applicants: 12,351
  • International Students: 4,574

Total Number of Enrollment: 7,000

  • WA Residents Applicants: 4,450
  • Nonresidents Applicants: 1,450
  • International Students: 1,100

Test Score Requirement, GPA and Grades

  • ACT Score Range 27 – 34
  • GPA: 3.72 – 3.95

SAT Score Range: 1240–1500

  • Evidence-Based Reading/Writing: 600 – 730
  • Math: 620 – 790

Enrolled freshmen Admission Distribution

  • African Americans: 2.6%
  • Asian-Americans: 27.3%
  • Caucasian: 34.4%
  • Hawaiian/ Islanders: 0.5%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 9.3%
  • Indian-Americans: 0.3%
  • International Students 16.0%
  • Multi-racial: 7.8%
  • Non-indicated: 1.7%

University of Washington Acceptance Rate 2021

The Admissions process at the University of Washington is very holistic and the UW admission is somehow competitive.

The institute follows a holistic admission process in admitting students into its various programs across its campuses at Tacoma, Seattle, and Bothell.

UW receives as much as 45,000+ applicants every year. Open this, the school had always maintained a high acceptance rate by admitting over 20,000+ applicants setting its acceptance rate around 49%.

The Estimated University of Washington (UW) Acceptance Rate 2021 for the Class of 2025 is 49%. This acceptance rate is estimated and is subject to change as such, we will keep updating it immediately after the actual admission rate for 2021 is out.





Although the acceptance rate of UW is higher than that of so many colleges, the University is still fairly selective. It rarely admits up to half of its applicants (50%).

So, applicants should make sure they meet the requirements listed below to stand out.

Freshman Admission Requirements 2021

Applicants can apply for the Early Action or Early Decision. Each of the applications above differs slightly.

International students can also apply directly through the UW application portal with the payment of the non-refundable application fee as shown below.

Application methods:

  • Coalition Application
  • Common Application

Application Deadlines:

  • Early Action
  • Regular Decision
  • Early Decision

Semester Intake Seasons:

  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Winter

Admission Documents:




  • Transcripts
  • Passport copy
  • Application Fee: $90
  • Application Portal:

University of Washington Transfer Students Admissions Requirements

In the UW Transfer student’s admission, applicants are to select the major before applying because the application process may differ for each major.

As such, the application processes for transfer students have different processes.

Secondly, all transfer applicants are to transfer their credits from their former university to the University of Washington.

  • English Language Proficiency test scores for International Students
  • SAT/ACT Test scores.
  • official transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • Midterm reports
  • College reports.
  • Application Method: Refer to the UW MyMajor to select your major and apply
  • Apply @

International Students Admission Requirements:

The following are the University of Washington undergraduate admission requirements for International Applicants:

Application Dates & Deadlines 2021/2025

Below are the important application dates and application deadlines for admissions at the University of Washington and the decision date.

Please, kindly check the date and deadlines on the official website to see those that are specific to your admission type.

Dates and Deadlines:

  • December
  • November
  • October
  • September
  • February

Note: Applicants should kindly confirm the application deadlines and date for their respective degree programs by visiting their respective listings by the faculty of the program they wish to apply for.

Admission Decision Dates and Notification 2021

After application, candidates will be able to check their application status on MyUW admission status portal by creating a NetID.

The admission status checking portal is for all applicants to check basic information on their application status, decision status, or other updates.

Expected Admission Decision Dates 2021.

This depends on when the application will be open. Below are the expected admission decision dates as used in past years’ admission.

  • Autumn seasons decision: March
  • Winter season decision: November – December
  • Spring: Not available
  • Summer: March

All information above is subject to confirmation on the UW official admission website @

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