Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate, Tuition and Transfer Requirement

Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate
Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate
Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate
Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate

Transferring from one college to another is quite a challenging activity in the United States if you have sights on elite colleges. There are several guidelines, reservations, and standards that must be met. Suppose Middlebury College is your dream school and you would like to transfer to it. In that case, this article provides insights into the Middlebury transfer acceptance rate and other essential details about the school. 

The Middlebury transfer acceptance rate is 9%. According to Middlebury College, the school received 263 transfer applicants and offered admission to 24 of these applicants. Hence, only 9% of the school’s population are transfer students, making it one of the most competitive schools to transfer to in the United States. 

Middlebury is a superb college in the United States with a rich learning and academic excellence history. The college is always making it to the top of the charts among colleges and notable among its ranking among the National Liberal Arts Colleges, where it is placed at #9 for 2022. In essence, there is nothing bad with desiring to transfer to Middlebury College. However, the process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. 

Not to worry. I have carefully analyzed the Middlebury transfer acceptance rate. At the end of this article, you will see if you can fancy your chances of securing a transfer to Middlebury College. Before I go into the Middlebury transfer acceptance rate details, let me walk you through a review of the college. It is important to know where you intend to get into before starting the transfer process. 

Middlebury College Review 

Middlebury College is one of the country’s top liberal art colleges. It is located in Middlebury, Vermont, founded by Congregationalists in 1800, making it the first college to operate in the state. The college accepts applications from undergraduates in the fifty states of the United States and 70+ countries worldwide. These applicants can choose from any of the 44 majors in arts, humanities, literature, foreign languages, social sciences, and natural sciences. 

Additionally, Middlebury College offers joint engineering programs to its students in partnership with Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. It is a member of the Little Ivies group, an unofficial group of academically selective liberal arts colleges in the United States. 

Middlebury College has a rich history in every sense of the word. It is the first American institution of higher education to award a bachelor’s degree to an African-American when it graduated Alexander Lucius Twilight in 1823, who later became an educator, minister, and politician. 

The academic year at Middlebury College is structured around a 4-1-4 schedule, with two four-course semesters in autumn and spring and a Winter Term in January. Students enroll in one intensive course during the winter term, pursue independent research, or complete an off-campus internship. Classified as one of the most selective liberal arts colleges in America, getting accepted into Middlebury College is truly a dream come true. 

What Makes Middlebury College Unique?

Middlebury College is one of the Nation’s most regarded liberal art colleges. What makes it unique is that over and above its liberal art programs, the school offers graduate and specialized programs recognized at a global level. 

The school’s flexibility in dealing with students is another unique characteristic, making it a choice destination for undergraduates. You will find that the school’s sports facilities are unparalleled in terms of quality compared to other colleges in the region. Lastly, there is a noticeable global focus in a small LAC setting which the school adopts. 

Middlebury College Tuition

The Middlebury College Board of Trustees has approved a 2.5% increase in tuition and other fees for the 2021-2022 academic year. Hence, the cost of Middlebury College tuition will be $76,380, including $59,330 for tuition and $17,050 for room and board. 

Let’s delve into the main focus of this article – the Middlebury transfer acceptance rate. 

What is the Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate for 2022?

The Middlebury transfer acceptance rate for 2022 is 9%. Middlebury College had its highest-ever applicant pool during the last batch of 2021 admissions, and the transfer acceptance rate may likely suffer a decline from the current 9%. It is important to note that the Middlebury transfer acceptance rate is different from the Middlebury admission acceptance rate. 

In acceptance, the condition is moving from one college to another, while in admission, we are talking about high school leavers who want to start college. I will explain and show you the difference in the next section. 

Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate vs. Middlebury College Acceptance Rate

The Middlebury transfer acceptance rate is the school’s leverage in accepting students of other colleges that wish to transfer. In comparison, the Middlebury College acceptance rate refers to the percentage of accepting high school leavers who wish to join the college. 

Currently, the Middlebury College acceptance rate is 15.7% which is a drop from the 24% recorded in 2020, with the school planning to accept an additional 100 students by February 2022. On the other hand, the Middlebury transfer acceptance rate is 9%. This is an estimate of how the school accepts transfer students following the recent transfer acceptance in 2021. 

Specific concerns were raised following the upsurge in the college applicants’ pool in 2021. These concerns are believed to impact the events surrounding Middlebury’s transfer acceptance in 2022. However, the college has predefined transfer requirements and policies, and if you would like to transfer to Middlebury College, you must be familiar with them. 

Middlebury College Transfer Requirements 

Middlebury College requires certain documents from transfer applicants to consider their transfer to the school. The school requires a minimum of 36 credits and the following:

  1. High school transcript
  2. College transcript
  3. Secondary School Final Report
  4. An essay or a personal statement
  5. Academic Evaluator Recommendation
  6. College Course Descriptions
  7. English Proficiency Test
  8. Standardized test scores
  9. A statement of good standing from the previous institution 

An interview session is sometimes listed as a requirement for transfer applicants, but we found out that not all applicants are required to undergo this requirement. Well, for knowledge’s sake, interviews are often a part of the requirements of getting your transfer application to Middlebury College approved. 

Middlebury College Transfer Deadlines 

The college accepts transfer applications from students across various colleges during fall and spring. During fall, transfer deadlines for applicants are March, and applicants are expected to submit their applications before the first week of March. The spring transfer deadline is November, usually before November 15. 

Middlebury College will not accept applications for spring transfer during the 2021-2022 application cycle. Anyone who has applied for the spring transfer window will have to apply to the fall transfer window for 2022. There is no date for the deadline of the fall transfer application. 

Before I wrap up this article, let me answer a couple of frequently asked questions to provide more contextual information. 

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What GPA do you need to transfer to Middlebury? 

To transfer to Middlebury, you need a college GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and a high school GPA of 3.0. Schools take GPA ratings very seriously, and Middlebury College upholds an astute standard of learning and would only admit students who have shown a unique pattern of academic excellence. 

Does Middlebury accept transfer students?

Yes. Middlebury College accepts transfer students. The school enrolls a limited number of transfer students in September and February. Applicants’ enrollment is dependent on available spaces in the school.  

For the spring transfer applications of the 2021-2022 session, the school has announced it will not accept applicants as there are no spaces available. Applications can be forwarded to the fall transfer window, or applicants can request a refund of the paid fees. 

What is a good transfer acceptance rate?

Some universities and colleges in the United States hardly reject transfer applications. Good transfer acceptance rates by colleges in the US include Portland State University, McDaniel College, and Marshall University, which have a 98% acceptance rate. 

Other schools with good acceptance rates include Niagara University (97%), University of Wyoming (96%), University of Northern Colorado (96%), Oregon Institute of Technology (96%), Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (96%), North Dakota State University-Main Campus (95%), etc.

Click here for a complete list of universities and colleges with good transfer acceptance rates.

Is Middlebury a small school?

Middlebury is not a large school. The school is small but adequately furnished with state-of-the-art facilities and a committed workforce ready to deliver the best educational standards in the country. Middlebury College also boasts of maintaining a genuinely conducive atmosphere for learning, allowing students to learn with the proper learning and study aids. 

Is Middlebury Ivy League?

Middlebury College is an ivy league school. This is no surprise as the school attracts thousands of applicants every year from the fifty states of the United States and a whopping 70+ countries of the world. It records one of the highest transfer applicants for liberal art colleges in the US. 

Does Middlebury give good financial aid?

Yes. Middlebury College offers good financial aid to prospective students of the school. The school’s average financial aid offer is over $55,000, and its average annual grant is over $50,000.

Does Middlebury accept Duolingo?

Yes. Middlebury accepts Duolingo’s English Test (DET) to test applicants’ proficiency in English. Aside from Duolingo, Middlebury accepts test results from TOEFL IBT and IELTS. 

Does Middlebury give athletic scholarships?

Yes. Middlebury gives athletic scholarships but with a couple of exceptions. The college’s athletic scholarships are available for NCAA Division I, NCAA Division III, NAIA, and NJCAA, but not for Cross Country. Middlebury also offers need-based and academic scholarships for athletes of the school.


In this article, I have gone to lengths to discuss the Middlebury transfer acceptance rate, what the school is about, and the transfer application process. You have seen what the transfer acceptance rate is like, and from my list of requirements, I am optimistic you know whether you are eligible to apply for a transfer to Middlebury. 

No doubt, Middlebury College is a citadel of learning, and getting into it would be a dream come true. However, the process is stringent and highly competitive. With the school currently lacking available spaces, there won’t be transfer acceptance for the spring session until fall. 









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