Best Schools in Nigeria

Best schools in Nigeria

Best Schools in Nigeria – There numerous good schools to enroll your child in Nigeria, but one salient thing to know is that not all these  schools render the best education. For this reason, knowing which schools are top in terms of their academic performance, their study and instruction facilities and their co-curriculum of activities.

In this article , we compiled the comprehensive  list of some of the recommended schools in Nigeria and we also narrowed it down to the best ten out of them. This best school list is not an exclusive list of all the best schools in the Nation but those that made it to the list of best institutions were assessed based on the below parameters:

  1. Based on Students’ performance for  some of the national and international examinations in the previous year. Current awards and recognitions were also put into consideration .
  2. Quality of the institution’s alumni in the previous year on the basis  of verifiable contributions to humanity, verifiable positions in organizations, their level of entrepreneurship, admissions to leading universities, etc.
  3. School’s level of leadership: This is terms of experience and the degree of skills that the school management and board offers.

The Best Schools in Nigeria

  • Atlantic Hall, Poka-epe, Lagos
  • Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja
  • Kings’ College, Lagos
  • Grange Schools, Lagos State
  • Christ The King College, Onitsha
  • Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Lagos
  • Day Waterman College, Ikoyi, Lagos
  • Lekki British International School, Lagos
  • Lumen Christi International High School, Edo State
  • Corona Secondary School, Ogun State
  • Olashore International High School, Oshun State
  • St Gregory’s College, Lagos
  • Avicenna School, Lagos
  • Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo State
  • Crescent Hall International School, Lagos
  • Kaduna International School, Kaduna State
  • Igbinedion Educational Centre, Edo State
  • British International School Landbridge Avenue, Lagos State
  • Greensprings School, Lagos
  • The Capital Science Academy, Abuja
  • Nigerian-Turkish International Academy, Abuja
  • Louisville Girl’s High School, Ijebu-itele, Ogun State
  • Premiere Academy, Lugbe, Abuja
  • St Francis Catholic Secondary School, Lagos State
  • Chrisland College Ladipo Oluwole Avenue, Lagos
  • Regina Pacis College, Abuja
  • Dowen College Regency Town, Lagos
  • Brookstone School Secondary, Rivers State
  • Bethel Demonstration Schools, Delta State
  • Saint Michael’s International School, Niger State
  • Hillcrest School Jos, Plateau State
  • Chrisland College, Lagos State
  • Abuja Capital International College, Abuja
  • Nigerian Tulip International Colleges
  • Charles Dale Memorial International School, Rivers State
  • Thomas Adewumi International College, Kwara State
  • Lumen Christi International High School, Edo State
  • Adesoye College, Kwara State
  • Holy Rosary International School, Abuja
  • Citadel International College, Ondo State,
  • Stage One International School, Abuja
  • Queen’s College, Lagos
  • Ave Maria Girls’ Secondary School, Abuja
  • Federal Government College, Abuja
  • Sunjem Private School, Lagos
  • Crescent Hall International School, Lagos
  • The Centagon International School, Abuja
  • Albesta Academy, Lagos
  • Capville School, Abuja
  • Angelwings Comprehensive College, Abuja
  • Air Force Comprehensive School, Oyo State
  • Ifako International Secondary School, Lagos
  • Barachel Group Of Schools, Ogun State
  • Florie Private School, Lagos State
  • Fountain International High School, Rivers State
  • Graceland International School, Rivers State
  • King’s High School, Lagos
  • Marella International College, Oyo State
  • Albesta Academy, Lagos
  • Mercy Grace School, Edo State
  • Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Enugu State
  • American International School Of Abuja, Abuja
  • Jextoban Secondary School, Lagos
  • Nickdel Schools, Oyo State
  • Bethel Demonstration Schools, Delta State
  • Louisville Girls High School, Ogun State
  • Moret Comprehensive College, Oyo State
  • Holly Rosary International School, Abuja
  • Henry Alex-duduyemi Memorial College, Osun State
  • Qiblah High School, Oyo State
  • University Preparatory Secondary School (Upss), Edo State
  • Information Regent Schools, Abuja
  • Greater Tomorrow Secondary School, Edo State
  • Great Scholars International School, Ogun State
  • Infant Jesus Academy, Delta State
  • Lifeforte International School, Oyo State
  • Deeper Life High School, Rivers State
  • Agape International Academy, Abuja
  • Ronik Comprehensive School, Lagos
  • Verbins International School, Abuja
  • Eminent Comprehensive College, Lagos State
  • Spinel International Academy, Abuja
  • Kings International College, Oyo State
  • New Hope International School, Abuja
  • Goshen International School, Abuja
  • Premiere Academy, Abuja
  • Whiteplains British School, Abuja
  • Trinitate International School, Port Harcourt
  • Ifako International Secondary School, Lagos State
  • Estaport Secondary School, Lagos
  • Chamberlain American International School, Abuja
  • Capville Schools, Abuja
  • Archdeacon Brown Education Centre, Rivers State
  • Global International College, Rivers State
  • Whitesands School, Lagos
  • Grace Soild Rock School, Lagos
  • Living Spring International College, Abuja
  • Continental College, Abuja
  • Margaret Thelma International School, Abuja
  • Chokhmah International Academy, Port Harcourt

What are the Latest Top 10 best schools in Nigeria ?

  1.  Atlantic Hall,
  2.  Lagos State King’s College, Lagos State
  3.  Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja 
  4. Grange Schools, Lagos State 
  5. Christ The King College, Onitsha 
  6. Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Lagos State
  7. Day Waterman College, Lagos State Lekki
  8. British International School, Lagos State 
  9. Lumen Christi International High School, Edo State
  10.  Corona Secondary School, Agbara, Ogun State 

What are the best public secondary schools in Nigeria? 

  1. Army Day Secondary School Asokoro 
  2. Army Day Secondary School Maitama
  3. Government Day Secondary School Wuse Ii
  4. Government Secondary School Airport
  5. Government Secondary School Apo
  6. Government Secondary School Garki
  7. Government Secondary School Gwagwa
  8. Government Secondary School Gwarinpa
  9. Government Secondary School Jabi
  10. Government Secondary School Jikwoy 


Put solid investment in your children’s education by enrolling your children into any of these best schools in Nigeria because it is the most valuable treasure in the globe. These top best schools in Nigeria are recommended to all parents who want to enroll their children in any school across the globe. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many secondary schools are in Nigeria?

According to the last data gathered, the Public schools are
9,589, the Private schools are
17,453. Making it a
Total of

What is the oldest secondary school in Nigeria?

CMS Church Missionary Society Grammar School, Lagos

What is the first name of primary school in Nigeria?

The former Nursery of Infant Church which was later changed to St. Thomas Anglican Nursery and primary school

Which private school is expensive in Nigeria?

American International School of Lagos is the most expensive secondary school in Nigeria. Students here are made to pay a total term sum of up to 5.5 million. 

What is the best only girls school in Nigeria?

Lagoon school, Lekki. .
Marywood Girls College, Ebute Metta, Lagos.
Queens College Yaba.
SEABA Model Christian Girls College, Akure.
Regina Pacis Abuja.
Holy Rosary Girls School, Abuja.
Ave Maria Girls School, Abuja.
Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls, Abuja

How do I choose a school for my child in Nigeria, Things to consider ?

To choose a school for your child, put all these into consideration:
Fees. There are available good school for every budget.
Proximity to your area.
Academic and Moral standards of the school
Religious Affiliation of the school or geographical area.
The Teacher to Student Ratio.
Safety Measures to be taken
Environment of learning


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