How To Change Marital Status On NYSC Portal

How To Change Marital Status on NYSC Portal

How To Change Marital Status On NYSC Portal- Did you make any mistake during your registration on NYSC portal? Or perhaps , your marital status changed during the scheme? There are opportunities to make corrections with respect to your marital status on NYSC portal. In this post, we have provided a guideline for you to be able to change marital status on NYSC portal. Ensure you follow the guideline thoroughly.

How To Change Marital Status On NYSC Portal

Married Female Corper

Documents You Will Need To Change Marital Status On NYSC Portal

A Copy of Your Marriage Certificate

This will serve as evidence of your marital status. So you should have a copy of your marriage certificate handy when trying to change marital status on NYSC portal.

Proof Of The Home Address Of Your Husband

You will need this if you want to do your NYSC program in the same state that you husband resides. For a proof of your husband’s home address, all you will need is a copy of his utility bill (e.g NEPA bill), identity card or any other document that would give a proof of his home address.

Letter From Employer/ Utility

A letter would also be needed from your husband’s place of work. If He is self-employed, then make use of his utility bill.

A Proof Of Change Of Name

You will also need a proof of change of name to be able to change marital status on NYSC portal. Change of name is usually done on the prominent Nigerian newspapers. You will need to pay for a slot on the paper, so that your change of name can be publicly declared. You need to get a copy of this declaration both in scanned format and hard copy.

How To Change Marital Status On NYSC Portal

Here is how to change marital status on NYSC portal:

  • Visit NYSC portal, https: // portal. nysc. Aspx
  • Login using your username and password
  • Search for:  Apply for Correction” icon and click on it
  • You will be required to fill in some details. Fill in the required details accurately.
  • Then click on “Place Request to Submit”
  • As soon as the change is approved, it will reflect on your account on NYSC portal.

 After you will have filled the required information to change marital status on NYSC portal, you will be required to upload some documents. Here is how to go about uploading documents on NYSC portal:

How To Go About Uploading Documents On NYSC Portal:

  • Login to NYSC portal with your username and password.
  • Then open a new window using the same browser, copy and paste this link on the new window , https: // portal. nysc. org. ng / nysc3/DocumentUpload
  • Then click on ‘update documents’
  • Upload all the documents required on the portal
  • Click on “Submit”.
  • Ensure the documents you are uploading is of high quality and meets up with the required size. If otherwise, the upload may be rejected.

In case any of the documents you uploaded was rejected, it means you will have to upload again. Ensure the scanned documents are of high quality and clarity. Here is how to re-upload:

  • Open the link in a new window, https: // portal. nysc. org. ng / nysc3/DocumentUpload
  • Click on the rejected documents
  • The tap on “Edit” feature
  • Then go ahead to upload the new documents

What You Should Know About NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme was established in 1973 after the civil war. The scheme was established with aim of reconstructing, reconciling and rebuilding Nigeria after the civil war. All Nigerian graduates under the age of 30 years old are mandated to go through the scheme for 1 year. Graduates above 30 years old are usually given a certificate of exemption from the scheme.

The NYSC scheme usually commences with a 3 weeks intensive orientation course which is compulsory for all to attend. Physical trainings, drills, lectures, games, sports skills acquisition programs  and some social events are some of the activities that takes place during the orientation course. The orientation course is designed to achieve these objectives:

  • To give a better understanding of the scheme to the corps members
  • To prepare corps members for their primary assignment
  • To instill some culture of discipline in the student
  • To train the corp members both physically and mentally
  • To get Corp members acquainted with their political, cultural, social and economic environment.
  • To equip Corp members with practicable skills that will help them meet the challenges of the service year and even beyond.

Aside the Orientation course, there are other aspects of the service year:

Primary Assignment

This comes up immediately after the 3 weeks-orientation course. Corp members get posted to their primary place of assignment in different fields such as health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, etc.

Community Development Service

This usually takes place during the service year mostly at the place of primary assignment. It is expected that corp members identify the needs of their host communities and make moves to meet this needs. Some corp member have actually done really well in the past years in this aspect.

Corp members have been able to build classroom blocks, markets, bridges, health care centres. Sensitization and empowerment programs like adult literacy, road safety campaigns, health talks and other educative programs are regularly held by Corp members year in year out.

Winding-up/ Passing-out

This comes up at the end of the service year. Usually, Corp members gather in their different zones for assessment of the service year and also briefing. Also, it is a time when Corp members get to receive their certification of completion of the scheme.

Interesting Facts About National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme

  • The NYSC scheme started in May 22, 1973.
  • The first batch of NYSC Corp members to be called up were 2,364 on June 2nd 1973.
  • NYSC Anthem Music was composed in 1983 by Frederick Nwosu
  • The National directorate of NYSC was inaugurated by General Gowon
  • The first set of allowance was a monthly stipend of N160 naira .
  • The Scheme is compulsory for all graduates of tertiary institutions
  • To be eligible to participate in the Scheme,  a graduate must be less than 30 years old. Graduates older than 30 will be given a certificate of exemption.

NYSC discharge certificate or certificate of exemption are usually requested at the point of application for employment.

Last Word

It happens at times that graduates could make mistake during registration on NYSC portal. It could also be that you got married during the scheme, that’s a good one! There are opportunities for you to make corrections on NYSC portal. You can easily change marital status on NYSC portal. You will need to visit NYSC portal to make the necessary corrections. For you to be able to change marital status on NYSC portal, you will need to upload necessary documents to prove the corrections you are making.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make corrections on NYSC portal?

For you to make any corrections on NYSC portal, visit https:// portal. nysc. org. ng/nysc1.

What is the duration of NYSC scheme?

NYSC scheme which starts with an orientation course of 3 weeks last for 1 year.

What documents are usually required for a married woman to do NYSC registration?

For a married woman to do NYSC registration, the following documents are mandatory:
Copies of marriage certificate
Evidence of change of name
Husband’s place of residence.
N.B Pregnant women and Nursing mothers are usually not welcomed at the orientation camp

What is the age restriction for NYSC scheme in 2023?

The age limit for NYSC scheme has not changed even in 2023. Only graduates of tertiary institution younger than age 30 are allowed to participate in the scheme. Graduates older than age 30 will be given certificate of exemption.

Are married women allowed on NYSC camp?

Married women are to be a part of the orientation program on NYSC camp. The only set of married women exempted from camp are nursing mothers and pregnant women.

In what state is the most beautiful NYSC orientation camp?

The most beautiful orientation camp is in Ogun State. The address is NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Ikenne Road, Sagamu Local Government Area in Ogun State. It is the best NYSC orientation camp in the entire Nigeria.

How much is the current allowance of Corp members?

Currently, Corp members participating in the NYSC scheme are being paid thirty-three thousand (N33,000) Naira monthly.

Who introduced the NYSC scheme in Nigeria?

The NYSC scheme was introduced in 1973 by the General Yakubu Gowon . It was established after Civil war in a bid to promote national unity and also to help rebuild the country.

What is the motto of NYSC?

The motto of NYSC is “Service and humility”.

What is the meaning of Ajuwaya?

Ajuwaya is a pidgin slang used for corpers . It means “As you were”. It is a military term that translates to “at ease”. It is the opposite of “attention “.


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