Top 10 Best Military Colleges in New York

Best military colleges in New York

Top 10 Best Military Colleges in New York -The number of reputable military colleges around the New York states are plenty and they are trying their best to render rigorous/quality training services  & education for young students who wish to become reputable military personnel. Here is a list of best colleges to get into in New York State for Military Studies . These schools are ranked on the basis of their research performance in the area of Military science. 

Best Military Colleges in New York

1. La Salle Institute

The La Salle Institute is  one of the best military colleges in New York to get into . It is a Catholic school which is a preparatory university for all intending military students both boys and girls. The institute just currently opened applications to girls.

  • Where is it located?: 174 Williams Road Troy NY 12180
  • Establishment year: 1850
  • Grade levels: 6 to 12
  • Number of Students: 370
  • Student and Teacher Ratio: 12 – 1
  • Official Website for the School :

2. Christian Brothers Academy

The Christian Brothers Academy is offering quality education to intending military personnel to study in the New York City. The college is a preparatory school that renders a Catholic education for student boys.

  • Where is it located?: 12 Airline Dr., Albany, NY 12205
  • Establishment year: 1859
  • Grade Levels: 9 to 12
  • Number of Students: 880
  • Student and Teacher Ratio: 12 – 1
  • The Institution’s Official Website: Visit

3. New York Military Academy

The New York military academy is one sure choice to consider if you wish to study in New York. Here are details about this academy:

  • Where is it Located?: 78 Academy Ave Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York 12520
  • Establishment Year: 1889
  • Grade levels: 8-12
  • Number of Students varies
  • Student and Teacher Ratio: at 6  – 1
  • Official Website: visit them at .  

4. West Point Military Academy

The military college at West Point do not only provide military scholars with a comprehensive education but  they are offering balanced curriculum which is geared towards instilling into the students all the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes that are vital to becoming tough global reputable fighters and they are lectured on how to overcome challenges both professionally and in persons.

5. US Merchant Marine Academy

The US Merchant Marine Academy is one of the best military colleges to attend in the New York States. They render federal service academy that are geared towards creating leaders to represent the country in national security, economic security as well as ll marine transportation .

  • Where is it located : 300 Steamboat Road Kings Point, NY 11024
  • Establishment year: N/A
  • Grade levels available: higher education
  • Number of Students: 976
  • Student and teacher Ratio: 13 to 1
  • Official Website:  visit them at

6. Emma Willard School

The Emma Willard School has both day school  facilities and a boarding school facilities. The graduation rate for this college is at up to 100 percent. The school is also offering 119 different courses,  about 13 interscholastic sports, including thirty three 33 various art disciplines.

  • Where is it located ?: 285 Pawling Avenue, Troy, NY 12180
  • Establishment year : 1821
  • Grade levels available : 9 to 12
  • Number of Students: 357
  • Student and Teacher Ratio: 7 -10
  • Official Website: visit them at

7. Western New York Maritime Charter School

The Western New York Maritime Charter School is a well known public high school which has a charter. This establishment is another military college in New York to consider. 

  • Where is it located : 2219 South Park Ave Buffalo, NY, 14220 and 102 Buffum Street Buffalo, NY, 14210
  • Establishment year: 2004
  • Grade levels available: 9 to 12
  • Number of Students: 325
  • Student and Teacher Ratio: 11 – 1

8. SUNY Maritime College

The college at SUNY Maritime has core values such as strong academics, leadership, & they offer student-centered learning classes. In addition , the values of integrity & respect work hand in hand to building and raising leaders in a global environment.

  • Where is the location?: 6 Pennyfield Avenue Throggs Neck, NY 10465
  • Year founded : N/A
  • Grade levels: Higher education
  • Number of Students: 1832
  • Student and Teacher Ratio: at about 16 to 1

9. Binghamton University

For Military science and to get into a military college in New York, this school ranks higher standing at the #39 position in the United States and at the #39 position in North America

Institution Acceptance Rate44%

Average SAT : 1390

Average ACT32

Receiving Aid76%

10. Syracuse University

For Military science, the Syracuse university ranks the #57 position in the United States and at the #58 position I n North America

Acceptance Rate59%

Average SAT 1310

Average ACT 30


We have highlighted the list of our best military colleges in New York , we have also stated some of the parameters used in the judgement. If you are searching for the best military colleges in New York, there are several fine institutions for consideration. Military colleges have a unique ability to not only focus on academics, but they are providing a culture of routine and self-discipline that assist students to become successful military leaders in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best college to join the Army?

United States Air Force Academy.
Texas A & M.
Norwich University.
The Citadel: The Military College in South Carolina.
Virginia Military Institute.
Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.
Pepperdine University.

What is the toughest military college?

The United States Naval Academy is one of the hard to get into military colleges . It is one of the most selective of all the military academies, with a less than 9% acceptance rate

How much is military school in NY?

It is at up to $44,160 for private students and at up to $2,500 for summer students

What is a good age to join the army?

Army: 17 – 35 years old. Coast Guard: 17 – 31years old. Marine Corps: 17 – 28 years old. Navy: 17 – 39 years old.

Where was the first US military academy?

West Point was founded in the 1780s. In 1795 George Washington announced for a national academy to train military officers. 

What are the courses in military college?

Family & Consumer Science.
Library Science.
Military Science.
Social Work.
Forensic Science.
Fashion, Textiles and Luxury Goods.
Emergency & Disaster Management.
Food Sciences.

Which college is the best to become army officer?

National Defence College (NDC) New Delhi.
College of Defence Management (CDM) Secunderabad.
Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Wellington.
Military Institute of Technology (MILIT), Pune.
National Defence Academy (NDA) Khadakwasla.


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