What are the Best Six Military Colleges in the World

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What are the Best Six Military Colleges in the World-Military academies and colleges are striving so hard to shape the future military leaders by giving them the necessary knowledge, comprehensive education, quality on-job training, as well as instilling in them the values of discipline, leadership, & service.

The number of prestigious military colleges around the globe are numerous and they are trying their best to provide rigorous training & education for young students aspiring to become reputable military personnel. Even though the ranking and perception of our “best” military  colleges may vary based on the specific factors and perspectives we considered, we could assure that these schools are really worthwhile!

Best Military Colleges in the World 

1. The United States (US) Military Academy (West Point)

This military college do not only provide military scholars with a comprehensive education but  they offer balanced curriculum which is aimed at instilling into the students all the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes that are vital to becoming tough global reputable fighters and they are taught on how to overcome challenges both professionally and personally. Upon graduation from this college, cadets were promoted as second lieutenants in the United States Army. 

So far, the college has produced many people who have and who are shaping the world of security in US and professionals who are making the world history. West Point (The United States Military Academy) has been on the list of  most famous graduates including 2 past Presidents, Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower. The college produced Civil Generals like Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson. Some of her World War II alumni that made it to the limelight includes Douglas Mac Arthur, George S. Patton, Omar Bradley & Henry H. Arnold to mention but a few notable individuals.

2. The RAF College Cranwell, United Kingdom

The RAF College Cranwell was the 1st ever air academy in the world and it was opened in the year 1919. The British Royal Air Force serves to provide both education and training school for the initial training given to intending RAF personnel who are studying to be assigned as officers in the future . The College is also saddled with the role of RAF recruitment activities.

Majority of the RAF officers are required to complete a 32-week course to be done  under transforming leadership and air power studies (ethical studies to be included). Popular alumni from this college are Prince Charles and William including a list of the members of Arab aristocracy.

3. Saint-Cyr Special Military School, France

Established by Napoleon Bonaparte long in the year 1803 , the academy was found in Fontainebleau. The L’Ecole Speciale Military de Saint-Cyr is a well-known and highly reputable French national military academy for intending military personnel and the college gained numerous global recognition . 5 years after its inception, Napoleon migrated the institution to Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole with the new location very close to Versaillest which is the location of a 17th-century school established by the wife of Louis XIV

4. The PLA National Defense University, China

This college is the Beijing national university under the lead of the Central Committee of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA National Defense University, China was established in the year 1985 as a result of the coming together of the then PLA Military Academy, the PLA Logistics Academy and the PLA Political Academy.

The PLA National Defense University is a top-rated military education institution sited in China. With the foundation of this academy claimed as a reaction to the establishment of the United States West Point academy. 

5. Academy of General Staff, Russia

This college was previously known as the Imperial Military Academy, it was established in the year 1832 in St. Petersburg. This  Academy is providing quality higher military education to Tsar land officers & surveyors.

The Academy was franked with some of the top-notch military tactics and theorists of its era the likes of Alexei Bajov, Heinrich Leer, Nikolai Medem & Alexander Myshlayevsky. it was on this period that the Academy made a significant contribution to the history in of military theory.

  6. The South African Military Academy

The academy was established in the year 1950 under the University of Pretoria and it is presently known as the College of the Army of South Africa. This best military college came into being through the adoption of he United States military academy system to the training and equipping of military officers who could solve the challenges that result due to the inception of modern warfare. The Academy is also offering a Bachelor of Military degree in Arts, Science & commerce. Postgraduate level degrees for masters studies and doctoral level are also available.


We have highlighted our list of the best military colleges in the world, we have also stated some of the parameters used in the judgement.The number of prestigious military colleges around the globe are numerous and they are trying their best to provide rigorous training & education for young students aspiring to become reputable military personnel Every military college or academy has their own unique strengths and they have their norms or traditions, but in all they are striving for a common goal which is aimed at producing capable , strong, reputable and top-notch military leaders who can adapt easily to the complex geopolitical landscapes and militaries who would be able to uphold the values of their nations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which military academy is the best?

United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

What is the best Army school in the world?

National Defense Academy of Japan, Japan.
Pakistan Military Academy, Pakistan.
Korea Military Academy, South Korea.
RAF College Cranwell, United Kingdom.
National Defense Academy, India.
PLA National Defense University, China.
General Staff Academy, Russia.
West Point, United States.

Which country has the best trained army?

The United States maintains the top spot as the undisputed military power in the world,” 

What is the name of military school in USA?


Which country has the hardest army training?

The U.S. Marines

Can a 10 year old go to military school?

Generally, the average age requirement for acceptance is between the ages of 12 and 15.

How to apply for US Military Academy?

Confirm your Eligibility.
Applicants are expected to meet the following basic eligibility requirements:
First Gather Personal Information.
Apply Online. … 
Connect with The Field Force.
Apply to get Nominated … 
Get a Medical Examination.
Take the Candidate Fitness Assessment or test
Take the College Entrance Examination .


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