Top 10 Best Wrestling Colleges In The USA

Best Wrestling Colleges In The USA

Best Wrestling Colleges In The USA – There are lots of wrestling schools all over the world. Wrestling schools are important for any aspiring talent to master their craft in a safe and controlled environment, thereby reducing the risk of being injured while being able to uplift their skills.

Unfortunately, many wrestling schools don’t comply with the best practices and only have selfish interests in mind to make money, but there are also lots of excellent schools out there. Let’s take a look at the best wrestling colleges in the USA.

Best Wrestling Colleges In The USA

1. Princeton University

The values and culture of the Princeton Department of Athletics are related to the University’s primary objective of teaching, scholarship, research, and service. The Department holds believe that competitive athletics programs contribute positively to student-athletes’ education and development, and Campus Life.

Athletics at this university are trained to complement the university’s pertinent educational mission and equip a shared allegiance among Princeton students, faculty, staff, alumni, community, and friends.

Princeton Is committed to excellence and balance, and as such, it aims to bring equitable opportunity for men and women and to expand participation in intercollegiate athletics.
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2. University of Wisconsin

The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison gives student-athletes access to excel, and thereby improve their athletic, academic, and social development. In doing so, the school endeavor to field competitive teams that show growth, integrity, and accountability. These principles found cornerstones upon which a dynamic, fiscally responsible Department can be outstanding, mindful of its obligations to its staff, the university, alumni, as well as citizens of the state, whose assistance sustains its undertakings.

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3. Columbia University

The Wrestling department of Columbia University was established to maximize the opportunities for their students including athletes to reach their highest level of achievement at the school and for the rest of their lives.
The department of intercollegiate athletics and physical education of Columbia University aspires to championship success in competition, academic, and personal development. They are committed to giving an inclusive and supportive culture as well as enhancing the well-being of the campus community.
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4. Michigan State University

Michigan state university gathers and engages its community to teach, assist, and celebrate student-athletes of the school in their quest for excellence. The values guiding their activities are

  • Respect
  • Positive Attitude
  • Focus
  • Accountability
  • Continued Improvement
  • Integrity

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5. Ohio State University

Ohio state university fosters a culture that gives them access to develop their student-athletes through success in academics and competition to gain excellence in life.

The objectives of Ohio State University Athletics training are:

  • Create an environment where all student-athletes participating in the intercollegiate athletic program at Ohio State get the best medical care possible.
  • Educate and motivate student-athletes and coaches about strategies and habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle now and for a lifetime.
  • Abide with University, NCAA, and Big Ten Conference guidelines about medical care coverage for intercollegiate athletics.
  • Help athletic training students in becoming experts in the field of athletic training and assist them to start a career in sports medicine.
  • Provide an environment that will motivate continuing education and growth in the field of sports medicine for all staff and interns.
  • Build a strong reputation as an Allied Medical professional that can be called upon to help university and athletic administration, coaching staff, student-athletes, and the community in giving optimal care for the physically active.

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6. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois has a long athletics history with a rich tradition from the commencement of its activities. From the beginning of the Illini baseball team in 1879, to the foundation of the UI Athletic Association in 1890, as a charter member of the Big Ten Conference in the year 1896, and as a charter member of the NCAA in the year 1906, Illinois has always been a national leader in collegiate athletics. Fighting Illini teams have won eighteen NCAA Championships, 5 football national championships, and 248 Big Ten titles. Illinois had upgraded to 5 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Fours. The University of Illinois alumni athletes have won thirty-one Olympic medals while competing for seventeen countries in 25 Olympic Games.

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7. Brown University

The athletic program plays an important role in teaching students to carry themselves with honesty and integrity, make sacrifices, work for excellence, persevere through adversity, as well as compete with dignity and pride while working to a commitment towards teamwork and service to the community.

Brown sees strongly that its athletic program should carry the same level of excellence and diversity found throughout the University, thereby giving access and motivation for each student-athlete to reach his/her fullest intellectual and athletic potential. The common goal among Brown’s athletic administrators, coaching staff, as well as scholar-athletes is to gain success at the highest level possible while holding compliance with the standards of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.

The athletic program is committed to providing equitable opportunities for women and minorities. Brown expects to train scholar-athletes whose performance in the classroom and on the fields of play is a reflection of the values of the institution.

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8. Lehigh University

The mission of the Lehigh Athletics Department is to advance learning, foster personal growth, and give leadership preparation through comprehensive athletics programming.

In executing their mission, they assist the provision of equitable access for all students and staff, in an environment where all individuals are respected and empowered. Their programs develop and offer opportunities for broad participation, teamwork, challenging competition, sportsmanship, commitment, cooperation, achievement, service to others, enjoyment, and the development of enduring attributes and skills.

Programs are provided with intensity levels ranging from NCAA Division I intercollegiate sports, through competitive club sports, and intramural sports, to a relevant program of recreational, instructional, and fitness opportunities.

They evaluate their effectiveness by assessing achievements related to potential, the personal growth of participants, as well as measures of the levels of involvement, support, and fulfillment.

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9. University of Maryland

The athletic department of the university inspires pride, leads boldly, wins national championships, has scholars known nationally for academics, and gives a student-centered environment for more than 550 student-athletes to have positive experiences that will build a lifetime of memories.

It is a university that is a global leader in research, entrepreneurship, and innovation that has an ever-increasing international footprint. Maryland university is a center with the excellence of academics, research, the arts, and athletics, all while giving a point of pride for the state of Maryland.

It is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. All the human and non-human resources of the university are working together to build an environment where every member of their campus, regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity receives a rich academic experience that values the autonomy of expression as well as the open exchange of ideas and perspectives. It is a great place for leaders that want to be a positive voice for change and social justice.

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Choosing where to learn is one of the most important decisions any young wrestler can make. This article must have answered your question about the best wrestling colleges in the USA.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

What age can I start USA wrestling?

There are two entry points prior to high school – kid’s clubs and middle school wrestling. Both are very accommodating for new wrestlers. Age and maturity level is not a factor by the time kids are in middle school, but at the club level, kids can enter wrestling as young as 4 or 5 years of age.

Where is wrestling the biggest in USA?

Atlanta, Georgia is arguably the wrestling capital of the world.

How hard is it to get a wrestling scholarship?

Athletic scholarships from NCAA Division 1 wrestling programs are difficult to come by. Only one percent of high school athletes go on to compete at this level. Coaches can give out a maximum of 9.9 scholarships per year, and they usually divide this up into partial scholarships.

How can I get into USA wrestling?

In order to become a Wrestling Leader member of USA Wrestling, one must first pass a mandatory background screening and complete SafeSport training. Membership benefits include secondary, non-duplicating sports accident insurance provided by an outside carrier.

Is 2 too old to start Pro Wrestling?

“There is no age limit in the WWE.”


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