Top 10  Best Military Colleges in North Carolina

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Top 10  Best Military Colleges in North Carolina- There are different options for students to gain entrance into military schools in North Carolina, but every college hehas their specific criteria and requirements for students, academics, & their entry cost. There are thousands of reasons that students are to consider when selecting schools because the accredited educational options serves as solid structure and discipline for the  military students.

Best Military Colleges in North Carolina

1. Tarheel Challenge Academy

It is rated in the list of the best military colleges in North Carolina . The Tarheel Challenge Academy is a top-notch institutions of higher learning for intending military personnels. Tarheel Challenge Academy are mostly accepting applicants at their teens age and people who might by any way drop out of school. 

  • Grade level requirements : 16 years old to 18 years old
  • Foundation year: 1994
  • Total number of Students: Not Available 
  • Student or Teacher Ratio: Not Available 
  • Where is it Located: New London, North Carolina 

2. UpROAR Leadership Academy

UpROAR Leadership Academy is a well known public charter academy that is also rated among the best military colleges in North Carolina. The institution lays focus on raising and shaping leaders in a military-style education setting . The academy is based on  the training of academics and on character development.

  • Grade level: 5 to 10
  • Foundation year: 2010
  • Number of Students: 113
  • Student or Teacher Ratio: between 9 to 1
  • Where is it located?: Tryon Street Charlotte, North Carolina 


3. Asheville Academy for Girls

The Asheville Academy for Girls is a special military college sited in North Carolina mainly  for girls. Asheville is one of the best military college to attend in North Carolina, it has boarding facilities and they focus on student’s academics and emotional issues.

  • Grade: level 10 -14
  • Foundation Year: 2008
  • Number of Students: Not Available 
  • Student or Teacher Ratio: 8 – 1
  • Where Is it located?: Oak Ridge, North Carolina 

4. Wolf Creek Academy

Wolf Creek Academy is one of the best military colleges in North Carolina and it has quality boarding facilities that houses or accommodates troubled teens for an average time range of 12 months. 

  • Grade: levels 7-12
  • Year it was founded : in the year 1990
  • Number of Students: 50 plus
  • Student Or Teacher Ratio: 1-3
  • Where it is located : Mars Hill, North Carolina 

5. Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy

The Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy is rated in the list of the best military colleges to attend in North Carolina and the institution has maintained a long history of academic excellence and reputation.

Grade levels available : 6 to 12

Year it was founded : 2013

Number er of Students: 194

Student / Teacher Ratio: 11 to 1

Location: Oak Ridge, North Carolina 

6. Military & Global Leadership Academy 

Grade level available : K-12

Year it was established : 1852

Number of Students: 95

Student or Teacher Ratio: 5 to 1

Where is it located : Marie G. Davis, North Carolina 

7. Asheville College 

The Asheville Academy is also a boarding military school for 10 to 14-year-old girls.

  • Where is it located ?: 126 Camp Elliott Rd. Black Mountain, NC
  • Establishment year: 2008
  • Grade levels: ages 10 to 14
  • Total number of Students: varies
  • Student or Teacher Ratio: 8 to 1
  • Official Institution Website:

8. Oak Ridge Military Academy

This is in the list of the oldest military schools in North Carolina. The Oak Ridge Military Academy, is one of the best military colleges in North Carolina to attend . Just like other famous military schools, Oak Ridge Military Academy is focused on building character, knowledge, as well as influence for cadets to grow into strong leaders.

  • Grade levels available : 7 to 12
  • Foundation : 1852
  • Total number of Students: 95
  • Student or Teacher Ratio: 5 to 1
  • Where is it located?: Oak Ridge, North Carolina 

9. Tarheel Challenge Academy

  • Where it is located215 N. Main Street, New London, NC 28127; 600 NE Main Street, Salemburg, NC 28385 
  • Year established1994
  • Grade levels available 16 to 18 years
  • Number of Students available : it varies
  • Student or Teacher Ratio: varies
  • Official institution Website:

10. Fayetteville State University

This college is best For Military science, it is at the #376  position in the United States and at 414 in North America. The Acceptance Rate of this college is at 82%, the Average SAT score at 935, Average ACT up to 17.

What are the Admission Requirements to Get into Military Schools in North Carolina?

  • You should be within the set age range specified by the military school you want to get admitted into.
  • Candidates are expected to be registered citizen or permanent residents of the USA and they must reside in Florida.
  • Candidates are expected to be free of any charges and there should be no pending court proceedings
  • All students are expected to be physically and also mentally capable to engage and complete the program
  • Students applying to any of the military colleges in North Carolina  are expected to be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances.
  • in addition , applicants should duely submit all supporting documents fully filled in as it was specified by the school.


Start a journey into the military world in North Carolina today! Every military college for girls and boys in North Carolina have differ tuition costs. This is so due to the fact that depending on the level of qualification you’re applying to gain, the location of the college, and the time range of the program, the cost may also vary. On an average range, Oak Ridge Military Academy’s tuition is said to stand at up to $34,600 approximately  for applicants who are private students and it is at about $4,500 for candidates who are summer students. Know what works best for you, good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which college is the best to become army officer?

College of Defence Management (CDM) Secunderabad.
Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Wellington.
Military Institute of Technology (MILIT), Pune.
National Defence Academy (NDA) Khadakwasla.

What is the biggest military base in North Carolina?

Fort Liberty is rated as one of the largest military complexes in the globe

What is the largest college in North Carolina?

NC State

Where is the North Carolina military Institute?

It is sited at East Morehead and South Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is the name of the military college in South Carolina?

The Citadel (The Military College of South Carolina)


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