Top 15 Best Military Colleges In California

Best Military Colleges In California

Top 15 best military colleges in California – Do you desire to get into the military? Amazing, your selfless desire is commendable. However, to actualize your aspirations, it is essential to attend a reputable military college. These institutions offer comprehensive training programs that will expose you to the rigorous drills and essential skills needed to excel in the military. 

In California, there are numerous outstanding military colleges that provide excellent education and preparation for a successful military career. In this post, you will discover the top 15 best military colleges in California. All of the schools you will discover in this list are known for their commitment to academic excellence, leadership development, and a deep sense of discipline. Whether you dream of serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, these institutions will equip you with the necessary knowledge and experience to embark on a fulfilling journey in the military. So, please read on. 

Top 15 Best Military Colleges In California

Below are the best military colleges in California you should consider if you are interested in getting into the military;

  • California State University, Sacramento 
  • California Military Institute
  • California Maritime Academy
  • United States Military Academy
  • Oakland Military Institute
  • North Valley Military Institute
  • Southwestern Academy
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • University of Southern California (USC)
  • Naval Postgraduate School
  • California State University 
  • Army and Navy Academy 
  • St. Catherine Academy 
  • AshFord University, San Diego 
  • Fremont College

1. California State University, Sacramento 

One of the prestigious schools on our list is California State University, Sacramento. The school offers a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. They offer comprehensive and excellent military training and education. The program offers the students the opportunity to earn a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army. 

2. California Military Institute 

If you have been following the trend of the top Military schools in the United States, then you have probably heard of the California Military Institute. The California Military Institute is an excellent military college in the US. It is located in Perris, California. The military college is a part of the renowned Perris Union High School District. It is also affiliated with the JROTC program through the California National Guard’s California Cadet Corps (CaCC).

3. California Maritime Academy 

The California Maritime Academy is one of the well-known military colleges in California known for its rigorous training and excellent academic work. It is a public university that is affiliated with the California State University System. Some of the programs offered in the school include Oceanography, Global Studies and Maritime Affairs, and Marine Transportation. While all cadets are expected to wear a uniform within the institution, you would not be obligated to join the military after graduation. 

4. United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA)

Another top military college on our list is the United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA). It is located in West Point, New York. While it is not located in California, the United States Military Academy at West Point attracts various aspiring cadets from all over the country, including California residents. 

5. Oakland Military Institute 

The Oakland Military Institute is among the top co-educational military High schools in California. It is located in Oakland, California. In its aim to produce well-trained students, Oakland Military Institute focuses on providing excellent programs on leadership, academics, and athletic ability of every Cadet. If you have a sibling who is currently studying or graduated from the Oakland Military Institute, getting into the school would be easier for you. 

6. North Valley Military Institute 

The North Valley Military Institute is a popular private boarding Military school located in Merced, California. It is a coeducational school that accommodates grades 7-12. The school utilizes a curriculum that is based on the United States Air Force JROTC program. When you enroll your child in this school, they get to partake in numerous military training activities such as physical fitness, drills, and even leadership development. The school is your best bet if you would like your child to develop their leadership skills and have solid career plans. 

7. Southwestern Academy 

Next up on our list of the best military colleges in California is the Southwestern Academy. This school is located in Chula Vista. It is a private boarding school that offers grades 7-12. Just like the North Valley Military Institute, the Southwestern Academy uses a curriculum that is based on the U.S. Navy JROTC program. The school provides students with diverse military training activities, academic programs, and leadership training. It is a great military college that can help set the path for students’ futures.

8. Naval Postgraduate School 

The Naval Postgraduate School is a military college in the beautiful city of Monterey, California. It is a popular institution designed for military officers seeking advanced education. The school has a wide range of graduate programs and research opportunities designed for Navy and Marine Corps officers. 

9. University of Southern California (USC)

The University of Southern California (USC) is well-known for its exceptional ROTC program that prepares students for diverse leadership positions in the military. The school has a vibrant campus life and top-notch faculty. Also, the school provides a supportive environment for cadets interested in pursuing military careers.

10. University of California, Santa Barbara

Another military college you should consider attending or sending your kid is the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is a reputable college that provides a comprehensive ROTC program. It seeks to provide students with a well-rounded military education that focuses on academic excellence, physical fitness, and leadership development. Cadets at UCSB learn diverse military skills alongside their academic interests. 

There are a lot of Military colleges in California. Above are some of the best military colleges in California. We carefully curated this list by reading reviews, talking to alumni, and considering other essential factors (leadership, academic programs, etc). So, you can trust any of the above schools to help you actualize your military dreams. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Military School 

Best Military Colleges In California

Before deciding on a military college, it is essential to consider some necessary factors. There are a variety of factors that make a military college worth it, for those looking to get into the military or want to develop their leadership skills. Some of these factors are;

1. Rigorous academic programs 

To succeed in the military or develop your leadership skills, you need to go through comprehensive academic programs. While these programs might be quite challenging, they prepare students for their future careers. So, ensure to go through the academic programs a military college offers before enrolling. 

2. Strong focus on discipline and leadership 

Ensure to choose a school that places great emphasis on leadership and discipline. The school should also provide the students with the opportunity to develop these essential skills through military training and other activities. 

3. Provides an opportunity to learn new things 

The military college you should go for should be able to provide you with opportunities to learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, time management, and problem-solving skills. These are essential skills that will come in handy when you begin to pursue your career.

4. Strong alumni network 

The school should also have a solid alumni network. Schools with a strong alumni network can help students with college, career plans, and other necessary needs that might arise.

Final Thoughts 

That’s it! You now know some of the best military colleges in California. Schools such as the United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA), the University of Southern California (USC), the Naval Postgraduate School, etc. These schools have been around for years and have successfully trained numerous alumni that are making impeccable waves in their different fields. So, if you are interested in joining a military college in California, the above schools should give you a headstart. Remember to conduct your own research by visiting the websites of the schools, talking to the school’s alumni, and choosing the school best suited for your career plans. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the youngest age to go to military school?

The specific age for attending a military school depends majorly on the school. However, for most military schools in the United States, the youngest age for getting into military school is seven years.

Are there any Army schools in California?

Yes, there are. One of the most renowned ones is the California Military Academy which is affiliated with the California Army National Guard. It is located at Camp San Luis Obispo.

What are the courses in military college?

Depending on the exact college, military colleges offer diverse courses. Some of these specializations are in fields such as Military science, library science, computer science, Forensic Science, Food Science, Textiles and Luxury Goods, Social work, etc.

What are the benefits of attending a military college?

Attending a military college can provide numerous benefits, including leadership development, discipline, physical fitness training, character development, networking opportunities, and access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Additionally, military colleges often offer financial assistance through scholarships and ROTC programs.

Do I have to join the military after attending a military college?

Attending a military college does not necessarily require you to join the military. While many students choose to pursue military careers after graduation, military colleges also offer civilian career paths, and graduates often find success in various industries due to the skills and leadership training they acquired during their education.

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