Top 8 Best Lacrosse Colleges In 2023

Best Lacrosse Colleges In 2023

Best lacrosse colleges — The debate regarding the best Lacrosse colleges never ends. We have great colleges like Duke University, University of Maryland, Boston, Princeton, and many other top ones, with the students constantly arguing that their college is the best. But the big question is, which ones are the best lacrosse colleges? In this article, we will explore the best lacrosse colleges. First, let’s look at the factors to consider when choosing a lacrosse college before we explore different colleges and their merits so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lacrosse College

When it comes to choosing a lacrosse college, everybody has the factors that they consider are the most important before they apply for the college. But still, there are some general factors that, regardless of what you want or your preference, you must consider when choosing a lacrosse college. These factors include;

1. Location

Are you willing to go far from home, or do you want to study close to your family? This is one of the critical questions you should ask yourself. The location of the school you choose has a significant influence on how you are going to perform in your studies. Some people want to go far from their homes so they can explore the world and learn about the experience that comes with living outside their comfort zone, while others want to be close to their families. Regardless of your preference, you should explore options and also determine how important the location is to you so you can have a better understanding of the college you should go to.

2. NCAA division level

Generally, there are three NCAA division levels. Division I, Division II, and Division III. In division one, you will experience the highest level of competition, and you will find most of the programs offered in big athletic schools. Division I is the most challenging division among the three, and you will spend almost all your team training in Division I. You will also attend classes, but the courses are not as much as the training.

On the other hand, division II is a little more balanced than division I. In fact, it’s easier than division I. You will train and practice but it is not as intense as that of division I. You will also receive help in this division. Division III is the easiest among the three. Here, you will focus on your academics to the extent you will attend your practice and training. In this division, you will have an entire college experience; you may likely make friends since you will have time for yourself and you will connect with your coursemates. Another way division three differs from the other two is that people that apply for Division II and Division I must meet specific requirements set by NCAA.

In contrast, for division III, the conditions are set by the school. So, when choosing a school, this is a critical aspect to consider. If you want intense practice and training with fewer classes, you should go for division I. If you want something balanced, then division II is for you, and if you want something simple, you should choose division III.

3. Coaching Staff

This is also an essential factor to consider when choosing a lacrosse college. You should select a program that you deem has the best coach. You will have the chance to speak to your coaches before you start training, so in my opinion, you should ask many questions. Whatever you find unfamiliar, you should ask for clarification. You should ask them the method they coach, and what they can offer so you can become a top athlete on your team. Also, observe their personality. Do you feel like they are the type you can comfortably blend with? Does the coach have an excellent record? If possible, ask what the students and other people are saying about the coach. Ask them if they will be available for the years you will spend in the school. Can you be comfortable with changing coaches when necessary? Never be afraid of asking every question, even if they are tough because your coach will play an essential role in your entire college journey.

4. Scholarship and financial aid opportunities

Another factor to consider is whether the school provides financial aid opportunities and scholarships. Generally, most lacrosse colleges offer financial aid opportunities if you have good academic programs. Overall, you should ensure you research the college first before applying.

Top 8 Best Lacrosse Colleges You Should Consider

Below are the top 8 best lacrosse colleges that offer Division I, Division II, and Division III programs.

Best Lacrosse Colleges In 2023

1. Duke University

Duke University, located in Durham, New York City, is among the top schools that offer lacrosse programs. If you want to be recruited, you must fill out their questionnaire and get on their list. Their acceptance rate is 11%, and they don’t have an open admission policy. Their application fee is $85. If you want to be recruited actively, you should create an online athletic recruitment profile because your college coach must see you compete before they accept you.

2. University of Maryland

Regarding lacrosse programs, the University of Maryland is a powerhouse. It houses many NCAA championship teams and national tournaments, and it’s also the lacrosse headquarters in the United States. The average tuition fee is around $38,638. The freshman retention rate in the school is up to 95%.

3. Boston college

Boston College is a big private lacrosse college that came 18th during the 2021 best lacrosse college ranking. In 2021, the college awarded over 4,788 bachelor’s degrees to students. The school has a 92% retention rate, and the average tuition fee is $59,816.

4. Syracuse University Syracuse, New York

The freshman retention rate at Syracuse university is up to 89%. It’s among the top universities that offer lacrosse programs. The academic progress rate is 998, and the average tuition fee is around $57,591. In the 2020-2021 session, the school awarded over 4,931 bachelor’s degrees to deserving undergraduates.

5. Ohio State University-Main Campus Columbus, Ohio

They are ranked 5th as the best lacrosse college. The Ohio State University excels in many ways. The school, as of 2021, offers over 12,018 bachelor’s degrees, and they usually bring back up to $824,170 in revenue. The average tuition fee is $35,019. The freshman retention rate in the school is also up to 94%.

6. University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Notre Dame university is also a non-profit school that provides over 2,848 students with a bachelor’s degree in 2021. The average tuition fee is $58,843. It is an excellent lacrosse college you should consider.

7. University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

The University of Denver is among the top lacrosse colleges in the states. It’s also a non-profit institution with an average tuition fee of $54,819. The progress rate in the academy is up to 963.

8. Hofstra University Hempstead, New York

Hofstra University Hempstead is among the best lacrosse colleges in the world. It’s also a non for profit college with a 988 excellent rate. As of 2021, the university awarded 1,617 students with a bachelor’s degree.


Whenever it comes to choosing the best lacrosse colleges, I usually advise students that they have numerous options to explore and consider. Each school has its strengths and wonders. The vital thing you should do before considering any school is to weigh the pros and cons and also the factors that are most important to you. Following the points above, you will likely land in the best school and experience the best college journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students walk onto a lacrosse team at a college?

Yes, many college lacrosse teams offer walk-on opportunities, although the level of competition may vary depending on the school and team.

Are there colleges known for their women’s lacrosse program?

Yes, women’s lacrosse programs include UNC, Maryland, Florida, Northwestern, and more.

Do lacrosse players typically receive athletic scholarships?

Yes, a lot of lacrosse players receive athletic scholarships to help cover the cost of tuition, room and board, and other expenses associated with attending college.

What are some benefits of attending a college with a strong lacrosse program?

Some benefits of attending a college with a strong lacrosse program include exposure to potential professional opportunities, access to top coaching and training resources, a strong community of like-minded individuals, etc.

How can students find the right lacrosse college?

To find the right lacrosse college, students should research academic programs, contact coaches/players, consider location, etc.


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