How To Become A Better Boss

How To Become A Better Boss

How To Become A Better Boss – No one in a leadership position wants to think they are a bad boss, that’s a fact. Unfortunately, sometimes this can happen unknowingly or because you don’t get the proper feedback and information on how to be a good boss. In this article, you will learn how to become a better boss.

How To Become A Better Boss

1. Set goals and track progress

While your day-to-day activities as a manager may not include detailed tracking of every project, it is your responsibility to make sure that overall progress meets expectations and that all teams hit their targets. You must communicate these goals and expectations to employees.

Communicating goals and expectations allows employees to prepare for criticism because they know what is expected and how well they have met those expectations. As a manager or CEO, you can track benchmarks across all departments and make adjustments to keep everyone on track.

2. Invest in professional development and promotion

One of the most exciting things about being a boss is training your employees to strengthen their skills and ultimately do even better things. Investing in employees not only builds loyalty, but it also feels good to provide that kind of information and guidance. Even if they move to another company, your investment in them will create working relationships in your industry.

3. Be transparent

You don’t have to hide your company’s problems from your employees. If you trust your employees, you should tell them about your organization’s problems and ask for their help. You’re still part of it, aren’t you? Ask your employees what they can do to show that you trust them. This increases their value and motivates them to work harder.

4. Promote independence

Empower your employees to make independent decisions. Teach them the initiative. This not only helps them enjoy autonomy but also helps you delegate other decision-making tasks to save time and focus on other important things in your organization.

5. Keep in mind that employees have jobs outside

While you certainly want and deserve the full attention of your team members, you need to understand that they also have lives outside of the company. And you want them! Happier employees are more engaged and have less turnover. If a familiar employee starts having problems, take the time to ask what’s going on. You may find that you have problems at home that affect your work.

6. Guide with strategic questions

Strategic thinkers use guiding questions to advance their discussion and situation. With a well-planned set of questions, you, as a leader, can lead a group or individual to reconsider a decision or proposal without directly questioning their ideas and stating your position first (this prevents team members from thinking for themselves).

7. Set high standards

When you set high standards and reward good work, you lay the foundation for your team’s success. Make sure you fully understand these standards. When the task is completed, focus not on the shortcomings, but on what has been achieved. The worst thing you can do is set low expectations for your team. When you tell your team that you think they can achieve great things, you regularly get better results.

8. Always be friendly

This is one of the most important skills to be a successful boss. If you are unhappy, unapproachable, and intimidating, your employees won’t come to you when they need you, and your entire organization will collapse from a lack of communication. If your door is always open and your employees are there when they have questions, you know they’re getting the support they need and you know they’re getting the right information.

9. Be authentic

If you want to get along with your employees, don’t try to be someone you’re not. Employees can understand that you are not sincere. They will respect you and connect with the culture you have built and help you further develop your business if you are just yourself.

10. Be an example to follow

Great leaders are great followers. If you want to be a better boss, show your workers how to get things done. If you want them to reach their goals, reach your goals. If you always want your work area cleaned, always clean your desk.

11. Meet your team

Effective employee management requires a deep understanding of your employees’ objectives, strengths, and performance processes. Knowing your employees well makes it easier for you to make sound decisions when dealing with them. Every element of being a manager, from praise and criticism to delegating tasks to employees, is developed by getting to know your team.

12. Show your loving side

One of the most important aspects of being a great boss is investing in your employees. This means that you must be actively involved and help your employees achieve their career goals and aspirations. When you invest time, effort, and money in training your employees, they will also invest their time and skills in your business.

13. Give constructive feedback

Take time to share, give credit, and celebrate victories. Appreciating work done or a particular project contributes to a sense of determination and satisfaction. Giving honest feedback courteously and respectfully shows your employees that you see what they have accomplished. Respecting individual contributions helps employees feel valued and believe they can achieve more. Recognizing the work of others with employee appreciation tells your team that you appreciate what they do.

14. Give practical advice and instructions

Communicate as clearly as possible when instructing your employees. Misunderstandings and ambiguities can lead to a lack of clarity that leads to inefficiency and negatively affects motivation and performance. When your employees have opportunities to improve, offer constructive and specific feedback on how and why they can improve while setting clear expectations and goals.

15. Learn to be honest

Integrity is essential when it comes to being a respected leader. Don’t tell your employees that the company is doing well and there will be layoffs soon. Employees like to feel safe and stay longer in the company if they can be open and honest with their managers and feel in a fair environment.


Being a better boss requires a lot of patience, persistence, self-control, and even compassion. It also includes continuous learning and practice. You may have a lot of failed expectations because the truth is that people are hard to deal with. But as long as you’re candid about leadership and can manage yourself first, you have a better chance of being an effective boss.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

How do I train myself to be a better manager?

– Work with your team, not above them.
– Get to know your employees.
– Create a positive and inclusive work environment.
– Communicate goals, expectations and feedback.
– Coach your team members.
– Practice self-awareness and grow your leadership skills.

How do I become a smart manager?

– Prepare team for change, don’t provide surprises or shocks.
– Manage the ‘fears’.
– Be open and flexible.
– Communicate to Connect.
– Manage yourself well before managing others.

What makes a manager brilliant?

Managers become great communicators by being good listeners. They allow time for others to speak. They clearly understand the organization’s vision and share it with the people in their team to motivate them. They keep their team up-to-date on what’s happening in the organization.

What are the characteristics of a good manager?

– Leadership Skills.
– Professional Experience.
– Good Communication Skills.
– Knowledge.
– Organization.
– Time Management Skills.
– Delegation.
– Confidence.

What are the types of management styles?

– Democratic.
– Visionary.
– Autocratic.
– Coaching.
– Laissez-Faire.
– Pacesetting.
– Servant.

What skill makes a good manager?

Management skills are a collection of abilities that include things such as business planning, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, delegation, and time management.


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