Top 10 Best Military Colleges in USA

Best military colleges in USA

Top 10 Best Military Colleges in USA – The United States of American military colleges, also known to many as simply service academies, are institutions of higher learning that providing quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs which are aimed towards preparing students mostly those who wish to start careers in the military. These US colleges are often considered to be among the best and they are usually the most rigorous educational institutions in the country.

Top Best Military Colleges in USA

1. The United States Military Academy – The West Point, NY

Commonly , this college is well known as “West Point,”. The ‌U.S. Military Academy,‌ was established in the year 1802 and it is said to be long existIng military schools out of the service academies. Tuition fees for studies in West Point are usually covered by the Army in exchange for an assurance that the cadet will enlist in the Army after student’s  graduation from the academy . All candidates are also expected to be nominated by a member of Congress.

2. The United States Merchant Marine Academy : The King’s Point, NY

This college is sited in New York. The‌ United States Merchant Marine Academy‌ is saddled with the responsibilities of training officers most importantly for the United States Merchant Marine. Students of this college are addressed as “midshipmen” and they are administered education in subjects that links to running a ship, which may include but are not restricted to navigation and maritime law.

3. The United States Naval Academy : The Annapolis, MD

This college is sited in Annapolis, Maryland, and it is also known as “Annapolis,” by some people . The ‌U.S. Naval Academy (USNA)‌ carry out training for officers of the U.S. Navy as well as the U.S. Marine Corps officers.  Only but about 4,400 midshipmen are taken into the college at one time, and their mode of admission or entrance is very selective. That is to say , out of the 1,200 admitted in every freshman class, just 1,000 or less may graduate. The college motto says it all “From knowledge, seapower.”

4. United States Coast Guard Academy : New London, CT

This college is willing to carry out training for the Coast Guard officers, and the successful graduates of the ‌United States Coast Guard Academy‌ are mandated to undergo five years of military service. Sited in New London, Connecticut, this best military college in the United States is offering  eight (8) majors that are closely linked to service in the Coast Guard, the likes of engineering and government.

5. United States Air Force Acad: The Colorado Springs, CO

This college is among the federal service academics. The ‌United States Air Force Academy‌ equips undergraduates with enough knowledge and training for careers as officers. it is an abode to approximately 4,500 cadets, the college also maintains consistent position  as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the united States . up to three-quarters of the faculty or more are serving officers in the Air Force.

6. Texas A&M Galveston, TX

Established in the year 1876, ‌Texas A&M University‌ is a big state university that is based in Galveston, Texas. This institution of higher learning contains a smaller military college that houses up to 1,900 cadets. Enrollment into this corps was a compulsory requirement for men till the year 1965 when the narrative changed. The college is made up of three Army brigades, 2 Air Force wings, 2 Navy regiments, and 2 Marine regiments.

7. The Norwich University Military College of Vermont

It is sited in Norwich, Vermont. The ‌Norwich University‌ has facilitates for both a cadet corp and a regular student body. Established long in the year 1819, Norwich university is tagged as the oldest private military college in the United States and its origin is considered the cornerstone to the foundation of ROTC programs.

8. The Military College of South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina

Most people know this this institution as simply “the Citadel,” this school is home to up to 2200 undergraduates. All cadets in this college are expected to complete four years of military training for any of the available branch of the service, but are not enlisted upon their graduation. The Citadel on inception had only male cadets  until 1996, when the first female cadet were enrolled.

9. Virginia Military Institute (Lexington, VA)

Sited in Lexington, Virginia, the ‌Virginia Military Institute‌ is a longstanding state-supported military college that is based in the United States. it is known as the “West Point of the South,” . This college is an abode to over 1,400 undergraduates. and it is rated as one of the best public colleges to attend in the nation, VMI core goals are to render quality service to the state of Virginia while grooming future leaders who would oversee the affairs of the country and the military.

10. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Blacksburg, VA

This is the famous “Virginia Tech,” . The ‌Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University‌ is a well known institution of higher learning in Virginia and it is an abode to the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets (which is a separate college within the university). Was founded in the year 1872 and it has up to 2,200 cadets. Membership was a compulsory requirement for male students until the year 1924.


The education and training services that are being offered by military colleges are highly valued by the military. Graduate students of these notable colleges are often commissioned as officers upon their completion of their academic course, and they are offered the unique and rare opportunity to lead the men and women who are serving the country in all areas. For this reason, they are expected to be the best-educated and well groomed to become most capable leaders in the military. Our list on the best military Col in the United States will help you to make better choices and get yourself well groomed for a fruitful career in the military.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best college to join the Army?

United States Air Force Academy.
Texas A & M.
Norwich University.
The Citadel: The Military College in South Carolina.
Virginia Military Institute.
Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.
Pepperdine University.

What is the toughest military college?

The United States Naval Academy is tagged as the most selective of all the military colleges , it has less than 9% acceptance rate. 

How long is military school in America?

Military school in America is a 4 years standard program

Is military school free in USA?

All of these military colleges in the USA are free to attend and you must pledge to attend free of charge in return for a commitment to serve

Is it easy to get into military colleges ?

Military schools are highly competitive in terms of admission.

Are you have to cut your hair in military school?

Haircuts are rites of passage during military basic training. Just after your arrival, your hair will be cut so short that it almost feels like you were shaved bald (this is for guys only). 

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