7 Best Equestrian Colleges In 2023

7 Best Equestrian Colleges In 2023

Best equestrian colleges – Perhaps your loved one has a great interest in horses, or you are a teen that loves everything that has to do with horse writing, and here you are, looking for the best equestrian colleges that offer top-notch programs. If this is you, then rest assured. This article is written with you in mind. Aside from providing you with a list of some of the best equestrian colleges, you will also learn the criteria for choosing an equestrian college and opportunities for equestrian students. Read on.

Criteria For Choosing An Equestrian College

So you have decided to pursue your dreams and apply for colleges that deal with horses. But you may still be wondering what it takes for you to get admission into the college or how you can even choose the best college, and what the requirements are. Below are some of the criteria for selecting an equestrian college

1. Program offerings

The first aspect you should check before choosing any school is the kind of riding program they offer which will complement your needs. For example, if you are a training major but you only ride western, then you will need a school that provides western programs. The most challenging aspect is that it’s not easy to find a school that offers different riding program options. You may be required to do thorough research on the school to understand what they have and the areas they are lacking.

2. Facilities

Secondly, before choosing a college, you will want to ensure they have all it takes to teach you the necessary skills you need to learn. So here, it’s best to visit and tour the school, you aren’t looking for beauty or fancy items. Instead, you want to ensure you can run your programs safely. Some of the things you should watch out for include whether the barn aisle is tidy is, whether their fencing in good condition, do they maintain their arenas and paddocks well. All these and more are essential facilities you should observe during your visit.

You should also check and be sure that they have the necessary facilities that can help you run your program regardless of the weather. Does the school have an indoor arena where you can train in rainy or cold seasons? Do they usually heat their restrooms and other common areas during cold seasons? If you find any of the above facilities faulty, looking at alternatives is best. Also, the most important thing here is to check and be sure that the school is licensed. The licensed schools are well facilitated with the necessary equipment that will aid in your training. When you are sure that the school is safe, you will have peace of mind when learning, and you know you are in the hands of professionals.

3. The reputation of the college

A college’s reputation is also an essential criterion when choosing an equestrian college. However, this doesn’t mean you should choose a school with a good reputation even if they don’t offer the programs you want. A good college will not have many negative reviews, select a school that constantly shows positive rankings, and this demonstrates the school’s ability. You can also check out previous students. The reputation of the school you attend can significantly impact you in the future, especially when you are looking for employment.

7 Best Equestrian Colleges In 2023

Below are seven equestrian colleges that have built a positive reputation in preparing students for their equestrian careers.

1. Emory & Henry College (Virginia)

Emory and Henry College run arts and science courses in equine studies. You will find a lot of available courses that cover a wide range of topics and disciplines related to the field. It features 120 acres for riding and two indoor and one outdoor arena for training. Other facilities include 10-one-acre paddocks and seventy-five stalls. Emory and Henry’s equestrian program is one of the most reputable programs in the United States. It has brought great honor to the states, winning 12 national championships since 2001. You can also find equestrian regulations jump courses in the college.

2. Berry College (Georgia)

Berry college is also an excellent college that offers equine programs. It features a 185-acre riding center with five buildings, one outdoor arena, sixty-four stalls, and two round pens where you can lunge and train lightly. The wonders of this great college didn’t stop there, it also has a pasture of 180 acres with several mountain trails miles. You will also find a state-of-the-art covered with up to 400 seatings where spectators can watch, and it’s also attached to a classroom.

3. University of Kentucky in Lexington (Kentucky)

The University of Kentucky is also among the top equine programs college. This college will provide you with many internship opportunities; you can also find stand-alone equine programs whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate. They offer a bachelor of science in equine science and management. It’s boosted with unique facilities such as a 100-acre training field, 25 pastures and paddocks, and many more.

4. Auburn University (Alabama)

If you are looking for the best among the best, look no further than the Auburn university Alabama. It houses the six-time NCEA national champion, the Auburn equestrian team. The school is also partnered with the Athletics Department and the Department of Animal Sciences in the College of Agriculture. The college features 20 stall show barn that can be used in all seasons and a 16-stall barn. You will also find six covered horse walkers, 15 wash, 50 outdoor areas, two labs, 15 pastures three outdoor arenas. And many other essential facilities.

5. Cazenovia College (New York)

Cazenovia is popularly known to be the best that offers equestrian programs in New York. If you are interested in equine fields like equine business management and commercial or organizational aspects, then Cazenovia is for you. It features 240 acres of equine center, one indoor arena, many outdoor rings, paddocks, classrooms, and other necessary facilities.

6. Centenary University (New Jersey)

The Centenary university offers an equine bachelor’s degree concentrating in equine business management. This university is among the best and most well-known equine colleges in the United States. It has three large outdoor arenas, one indoor arena attached to a classroom, 60 stalls, barns, and more.

7. Penn State University (Pennsylvania)

The last college we will discuss in our list is Penn State University. The facilities include one indoor arena, two horse barns, paddocks, 60 horses in the school hards, many pastures, and more. The school also offers breeding research programs.

Opportunities For Equestrian Students

There are many opportunities available for equestrian students. Some of these opportunities include;

7 Best Equestrian Colleges In 2023

1. Job Opportunities

  • Equine-assisted therapist
  • Equine dental technician
  • Equine nutritionist
  • Equine rehabilitation therapist
  • Equine veterinarian
  • Equine veterinary technician
  • Horse breeder
  • Horse trainer
  • Mounted patrol officer
  • Riding instructor

2. Internships

Below is a list of places equine students can do their internship programs

  • American Horse Publications
  • American Paint Horse Association
  • American Youth Horse Council
  • Camp Wa-Klo
  • Camp War Eagle
  • Cargill
  • Carlisle Academy Integrative Equine Therapy & Sports
  • Char-O-Lot Ranch
  • Colorado State University Equine Breeding Farm Internship
  • Cornerstone Horsemanship
  • Cranhill Ranch
  • Days End Farm Horse Rescue
  • Desert Pines Equine Medical and Surgical Center
  • Dude Rancher’s Association (various locations)

3. Opportunity to network with professionals and valuable industry connection

Equestrian colleges provide you with equestrian studies and other areas like business management that help you deal with tons of people all the time. This also enables you to build a strong professional network and valuable industry connections.


There you have it! Above are some of the best equestrian colleagues. It might be challenging to choose a school that offers the best program But this isn’t as challenging as you might see it. When selecting an equestrian college, you should first check the programs they offer, their facilities, and the school’s reputation. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are equestrian colleges?

Equestrian colleges are colleges and universities that offer degree programs and opportunities for students interested in horse-related studies, such as equine business management, equine science, and equestrian sports.

Can I pursue a career in equestrian sports after graduating from an equestrian college?

Yes, graduates of equestrian colleges can pursue careers in a variety of equestrian sports, including show jumping, horse racing, rodeo, and dressage.

What are the benefits of attending an equestrian college?

Attending an equestrian college can provide students with hands-on experience working with horses and essential skills in horse care management, care, and riding.

Do I need to own a horse to attend an equestrian college?

No, you do not need to own a horse to attend an equestrian college. Many colleges have horses available for students to use in their programs.

Can I major in equestrian sports at an equestrian college?

Yes, many equestrian colleges offer majors in equestrian sports, such as rodeo, dressage, and jumping.


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