How Studying Psychology Changes You

studying psychology changes you

How Studying Psychology Changes You- Psychology is an aspect of science that studies human mind and behaviour. Studying psychology as a subject or course has a lot of benefit. In the following paragraphs, I would be discussing on how Psychology changes you.

How Studying Psychology Changes You

1. Studying psychology enhances your critical thinking

One of the critical things you will learn studying psychology is critical thinking . Critical thinking involves analysis and evaluation of a subject matter in order to form a conclusion /judgement. Critical thinking helps you understand yourself. It helps you focus more on strengths rather than dwell on your weakness. Critical thinking will thus increase the quality of your life . With critical thinking, you will be skilled at decision making and problem solving.

2. Your communication skills is enhanced

Another way studying psychology changes you is by enhancing  your communication skills. You will learn both verbal and non-verbal communication. You will learn how to listen to hear what is being said and what is not being said. You learn body language and translate actions into words.

Effective communication tools is one of the tools for success in life.

3. Problem solving skills is acquired

Another skill you will acquire while studying psychology is problem-solving. Problem solving skills gives you the ability to identify problems, sought for possible solutions and implement the best solutions. This skill is very essential in the work place and even in life generally.

4. Studying psychology will help you understand yourself

To make headway in life, you must be able to understand yourself, your strength, your weaknesses, potentials, etc. This is one of the advantage you will enjoy studying psychology. You will learn how to manage your emotions, thoughts and actions.

5. Behavioural skill is acquired while studying psychology

Studying psychology teaches you human behaviour . You will learn the positive and negative type of human behaviour  and how to handle both. Understanding human behaviour is important both in the workplace and also in life generally.

6. Helps you develop strategies for personal growth

Studying psychology will help you develop strategies needed for success in career and life generally. Psychology helps you build a platform for growth and development . You are more aware of your thoughts and beliefs. You get to develop habits that will lead you into success.

For instance in taking decision about investment , Psychology teaches you to explore the risks and possible payoffs via neutral sources. You have to be objective and dispassionate in your research.

7. Equips with some memorization techniques

Studying psychology is helpful for students when preparing for exams or professionals making presentations in the workplace. Psychology will teach you how to acquire and use memory. You will also learn how to enhance your memory.

8. Psychology is an interesting course

Studying psychology exposes you to how the brain works and other interesting things about human mind and behaviour. You will get to understand  why people do what they do and such behaviour can be influenced

What You Should Know About Psychology

Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of human mind and how it functions . The types of psychology includes

  • Cognitive
  • Forensic
  • Social
  • Clinical
  • Evolutionary
  • Military
  • Consumer
  • Occupational

Clinical psychology

This type of psychology integrates science (theory and practical) to understand, predict and alleviate problems related to disability, discomfort. It also promotes the well-being and personal development of an individual.

Cognitive psychology

This type focus on internal mental processes like memory, learning, problem solving, language. Cognitive psychologists are concerned about how people acquire, process and store information.

Developmental psychology

This type of psychology focusses on how the psychological changes that happens in a person over the life span. It looks at how a person interacts with environmental factors and how this can affect development.

Forensic psychology

It involves the application of psychology in investigation of crimes and law practices in general. It involves assessment of psychological factors that can influence a behaviour or case in court.

Social psychology

Social psychology applies to scientific methods used to understand how social factors affect human behaviour. It seeks to find out how feelings, behaviour and thoughts can be influenced by the presence (actual, imagined or implied ) of other people.

Occupational psychology

This type of psychology is involved in the assessment of people’s performance in the workplace and trainings. Occupational psychologist assist companies in researching how to function effectively and get results from their staffs. This will lead to efficiency, employee retention and job satisfaction.

Other aspect of psychology include cross-cultural.

What Do Psychologist Do?

A psychologist is a mental health professional. He/She studies and understands mental processes , how brain functions  and human behaviour. A psychologist uses psychological evaluations and talk therapy to assist people in recovering from negative life and mental issues.

Roles Of Psychologists

  • They carry out scientific studies of brain function and human behaviour
  • They observe, interview and carry out survey on individuals
  • They identify psychological, behavioural , emotional or organizational issues
  • They discuss treatment methods with clients
  • They write and publish articles, journals and reports to share their findings with others and educate them
  • They carry out test for patterns that will help them understand  and predict human behaviour.
  • They use techniques like observation, assessment and experiment to develop theories concerning beliefs and feelings that influence humans.

Last Word

One important benefit studying psychology will do to you is self-discovery. You are able to know and understand yourself. Other ways studying psychology changes you is acquiring of vital life skills such as communication skills, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills can I acquire from studying Psychology?

Psychology helps you acquire some critical skills that are valuable in life  and career e.g critical thinking, communication, problem solving skills, etc.

How Does Studying Psychology impact your life?

Psychology will help you to better understand yourself, motives , behaviours, etc.
How can psychology be applied in real life?
Psychology builds self-confidence
It helps to improve your communication skills
It helps you succeed in your chosen career
It helps you to build meaningful relationships with others

Why should one study psychology?

To enhance your critical thinking skills
To better understand yourself
To better understand people around you
To improve your research skills
To increase your employability

How Does Psychologist solve problems?

In the application of psychology to solve life’s problems, these are some of the steps taken:
Identification of the problem
Definition of the problem
Developing strategies to solve the problem
Gather information useful to solve the problem
Allocate resources needed to address the problem
Monitor progress of the strategy
Evaluate results


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