How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad

How much does it cost to study abroad

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad- Are you planning to study abroad whether at first degree or post-graduate level?  If yes, then you must make adequate preparations and planning. One critical aspect of your planning has to do with the financial aspect. The cost to study abroad varies from one region to another and from one country to another. In the following paragraphs, I will be discussing how much does it cost to study abroad based on region and country.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad

cost of studying abroad

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad- In Africa

Africa is a large continent comprising of 54 countries with diversities of cultures, languages, etc. Some of the countries people go to study abroad in Africa include South Africa and Ghana.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad- In South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful; and diverse country with 12 official languages. It is a top destination for international students who wants to study abroad in Africa. South Africa host some of the top universities in the world such as University of Johannesburg, University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, etc.

Lets consider how much does it cost to study abroad in South Africa

  • Cost of living (including rent)- 900-1,200 USD per month
  • Average cost of a semester (without accommodation)- 2,000-4000 USD
  • Average cost of round trip flight ticket from New York City to Cape town- 800-1,100 USD

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad- In Asia

Asia is another great destination for international students to study. Some of the popular countries international students love to study include China and Japan.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad- In China

China is a great country loved by both business men and student. There is a whole lot to explore in this ancient but civilized country.

  • Average cost of living (with rent) is 850-1700 USD monthly
  • Average cost of of a semester  (without rent)- 2000- 7000 USD
  • Average cost of roundtrip  flight ticket to Beijing from New York- 1000- 1300 USD

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad In Europe

Europe is one of the most popular region for study abroad students. European countries has standard colleges and universities that offer world-class education. For adventure-loving student, Europe is a place to be with golden beaches, snow-wrapped mountains and so on.  Common countries people study abroad in Europe include Italy, Spain, France, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad In Italy

Italy is one country preferred by a number of international students. Some of the top countries to study abroad in Italy include:

  • University of Milan
  • University of Padua
  • University of Bologna
  • Sapienza University, Rome

Here is how much it cost to study abroad in Italy

  • Average cost of living with (rent)- 1200-1600 USD
  • Average cost of a semester- 1500-6000 USD
  • Average cost of trip from New York to Rome- 550 USD-750 USD

What Constitutes Your Cost To Study Abroad

Its important to note that when considering how much does it cost to study abroad, you should know the different costs you will be incurring. You are not just going to be paying for tuition alone.

Here are the different costs you will be incurring :


Yes, this is a very critical aspect as you plan your study abroad. Your tuition is a major cost you will incur as you study abroad. It is important that you plan for it before stepping out. Don’t plan to pay for your tuition from the income of the part time work you will get when you arrive in your choice country of study. What if that does not work out? Or the income you make is not even enough to take care of the tuition. If that is the case, you may end up being stranded. I heard of an African that traveled to US to study but unfortunately he had to drop out of school after some time. This was because he couldn’t get funds to continue to pay for the tuition. Its so unfortunate.


This is another major important cost to study abroad that you will incur. And you have to prepare well enough for it. Accommodation could be somehow pricey abroad but you just have to find a way around it. You wont be sleeping on the streets, will you? The good news is that accommodations are in categories and you will always find one that will fit into your budget. For instance, student hostels, dormitories are affordable class of accommodation.


An hungry man is an angry man. There is nothing you want to learn on an empty stomach, absolutely nothing! Decide early enough if you will be cooking your meals  or buying from restaurants. But I think cooking will be a whole lot cheaper for you than buying cooked food as a student. So you need some funds apart for that purpose.

Books and stationery

Another cost to study abroad you will incur is on books and stationeries. This very important as they are tools you will need for your study. If you don’t have them, you will be like a farmer that shows up in the farm without his farming tools. What will he use to work?


This is another major cost for study abroad. You need to pay for your flight ticket. Also important is your transportation within the college and also around town. You also need to set some funds aside for that.

Passport and Visa

Its another cost for study abroad you will incur. You need funds to process your passport and also visa to the country you want to study.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad: Facts You Should Know

You much know the following facts when investigating on how much does it to study abroad. This will help your planning and also prevent you from getting into a financial mess.

Fact 1: Fees can be increased while you study

I guess you are surprised to hear this . Yes, it does happens. So, its always good to check with your university before you accept the admission offer. It will most likely be stated on the admission letter if the tuition fees are fixed or not.

Fact 2: You cannot bank on part-time work

If you are planning to take care of your major fees from the money you would make from part time work, then you should have a re-think. You should have some pool of funds that will take care of your major fees and let your income be an extra. Infact, when you are applying  for visa, wont be approved without a certain amount of funds in your bank account.

Fact 3: Life in the Urban cities are much more expensive

In choosing your accommodation most especially if you will be staying in town, you need some wisdom and planning. Life in the urban areas are much more expensive than life in the hinterland. If you choose to live in the urban area, it means that you will spend more on living cost than if you choose to live in the hinterland.

Fact 4: Your credit cards are never your savings

Don’t ever make the mistake of assuming your credit cards to be your savings. Don’t forget yourself and live lavishly. Repaying back is not usually fun. Moreso, the interest could accumulate and become really weighty.

Fact 5: Exchange rates are not stable

There could be some sharp changes which could affect what you pay for fees and accommodation and other expenses

Fact 6: Don’t live beyond your means

As a student, you should learn to live within your means. Don’t copy others.

Last Note

Before setting out to travel abroad to study, you must do adequate planning. The fact is that if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. One question you must be able to provide answers to is how much does it cost to study abroad. Now the cost of study abroad far ahead of time will help you to make adequate preparations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries are the cheapest to study abroad?

Here are some of the cheapest countries to study abroad include Taiwan, Poland, Mexico, Germany and Norway.

Can I be allowed to use my JAMB result to study abroad?

No. You can not use your JAMB result to study abroad. JAMB results can only be used to gain admission to study in Nigerian universities.

What country is it easy to get a scholarship?

China is one of the countries that is easy to get a scholarship.

What country is the cheapest to study in USA?

Delta State University
National Louis University
Henderson State University
Mississippi University of Women
South Dakota State University
Southwest Minnesota State University
Bemidji State University

What are the tips to getting a full scholarship?

You should look for scholarship offers
Apply for the scholarship at the appropriate time
Read instructions before you apply
Ensure that the cover letter for the scholarship is well-written
Prepare ahead for the interview/examination for the scholarship


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