How To Unpair Apple Watch

How To Unpair Apple Watch

How to unpair Apple Watch – Apple Watch is undoubtedly the most amazing and advanced smartwatch in the world. While you enjoy using it, there may be times when you want to upgrade, which means you need to unpair it from the device you paired it with. In cases like this, if you don’t know how to do it, you need the help of experts, and this article is here to guide you, In this article, you will discover how to unpair an Apple Watch successfully. Read on.

How to Unpair YourApple Watch With iPhone

When you are changing a new Apple Watch, it’s necessary to unpair it from your iPhone especially if you are giving it out. The steps involve removing the activation lock, then erasing all the contents and settings. This will make it as good as new so the person using it next will insert their details. All Apple products have one benefit, they all have an activation lock enabled, which allows you to be the only person to use the device and prevent anyone from accessing it. This will save you if someone steals it or you lose it. Before deleting all the data in your Apple Watch, your iPhone will first create a backup so you will restore it in your new Apple Watch and retrieve all data. Follow these steps to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone. 

  • Bring your iPhone and iCloud close to each other, and open your Apple Watch app on your iPhone. 
  • Go to the My Watch tab and press All watches
  • You will see a list of watches. Click the info button close to the Apple Watch you want to unpair 
  • Click unpair Apple Watch
  • Tap the unpair button
  • Insert your Apple ID password and disable the Activation Lock and then click unpair. 

Once the un-pairing process is successful, you will see the Start Pairing notification awaiting action from the next owner. Press and hold the side button till you see the power button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Click the power button and drag the power Power Off slide down to off the Apple Watch. 

How To Unpair Your Apple Watch Without iPhone

In a situation where you lost your iPhone, or you don’t have your iPhone close by, then rest assured, you can unpair your Apple Watch and pair it with your new device. I will explain the steps on how you can do that. 

1. Unpair from Apple Watch settings 

First, I will describe how you can unpair through Apple Watch settings. The amazing part is these steps are easy. Once you follow them, you will finish within a few minutes. Watch the steps carefully and take note of every one of them. 

  • Open your Apple Watch and go directly to the settings 
  • You will see an expanded set list there. Click the General tab. 
  • Click Reset, and you will delete everything and settings on your Apple Watch. 
  • Selecting the reset and erase all content tab on your watch will enable you to restore the watch to its factory settings, and it will remove the old settings. 

2. Erase Apple Watch from Find My iPhone online

Another alternative way to unpair Apple Watch is by using the online method. You can now use the iCloud to unpair your Apple Watch. But this method requires a PC. On your PC, go to the iCloud official website and sign in using your Apple ID. Click on “Find My iPhone” and go through the list they gave you. Tap “Select all devices” and select your Apple Watch from the list they gave you. Click “Erase Apple Watch” and click the next button. You will keep clicking the “Next” button until your Apple Watch is unpaired from your iPhone completely. Now go to your Apple Watch and tap the X symbol to unpair your iPhone. This way, you have completely deleted your Apple Watch from your iPhone following the online method. This method only requires you to sign your Apple ID on the iCloud website. You can do this even if you don’t have your iPhone to sign you, and this is one of the best options you can use during emergencies such as losing your phone. 

How To Recover Your Data From A Lost iPhone

How To Unpair Apple Watch

If, unfortunately, something happens and you think you lost all your iPhone data, don’t panic because you can retrieve that valuable data easily. This is one of the advantages of using an iPhone. In some Android phones, once you lose your phone, that’s all if you don’t sync your data to your mail. With an iPhone, you can recover everything once you purchase a new device. With the help of iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery, you can successfully get those data back and even fix different iOS problems, and this platform supports over 20 data types. To achieve this, follow these steps;

  • Download the iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery software, and install and launch it. 
  • On the software screen, you will see a ‘Recover from iCloud Backup’ tap. Click on it. 
  • At the right panel, you will see a ‘Start’ button. Click on it too. 
  • Select the files you want to recover and press the ‘Next’ button 
  • Fill in your iCloud details and then log in to the iCloud platform 
  • You will see the data in your iCloud displayed on the screen 
  • Click the Next button and scan through the content before you begin the scanning process. 
  • Once the scanning finish, then click the recover button at the downright end of your screen. 
  • Your data will be recovered. Go through the folders and choose the best location to keep the data. 

Using iMyFone D-Back is among the best ways to rectify your data via iCloud and iTunes websites. This process will enable you to recover your data without missing anything. Once you are ready, you should download the app, install and launch it. 

How To Set Up A New Apple Watch

If you want to set up a new Apple Watch with your iPhone, your phone must be at least 6s or one with iOS 15. So it’s best to update your phone to the latest iOS version. Below are steps you can follow to set up your new Apple Watch.  

  • Press and hold this side button on your watch to turn it on
  • Bring your iPhone and watch close to each other, and a notification saying “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” will appear on your watch. 
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button if you didn’t see the notification, enter the watch application on your phone and choose the ‘Pair new watch’ button
  • Ensure iPhone and Apple are close to each other during this process. 
  • Follow the instructions given and select the settings 
  • Create a passcode 
  • Follow the onscreen prompt and set up the Apple Pay
  • Wait for the two devices to finish synchronizing. The process will take some minutes to finish. 


There are many ways you can unpair your Apple Watch, and you can achieve this whether you have your iPhone or not. I hope at the end of this reading, you have successfully unpair your Apple Watch. In addition, I have also described how you can recover your data from a lost iPhone without missing anything. So once you are ready, consult this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unpair my Apple Watch without losing my health and fitness data?

Yes, unpairing your Apple Watch will not delete your health and fitness data. The data is stored on your iPhone’s Health app, and you can restore it when you pair a new Apple Watch or re-pair your current one.

Can I pair my Apple Watch with a different iPhone after unpairing it?

Yes, after unpairing your Apple Watch, you can pair it with a different iPhone. Follow the initial pairing setup process to connect your Apple Watch to the new iPhone.

Can I unpair my Apple Watch without an iPhone?

Unpairing an Apple Watch without an iPhone is possible but not recommended. It’s best to use the Apple Watch app on an iPhone to ensure a proper unpairing process and backup of your data.

What should I do if I no longer have my paired iPhone?

If you no longer have the paired iPhone, you can still unpair your Apple Watch. You can use the Erase All Content and Settings option on the Apple Watch itself to remove all data and settings. However, it’s recommended to try to unpair using an iPhone whenever possible for a smoother process.

Do I need to disable Activation Lock before unpairing?

No, you do not need to disable Activation Lock before unpairing your Apple Watch. The unpairing process automatically removes the Activation Lock from your Apple Watch.

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