Top 10 Quiet Places To Study In London

Quiet Places To Study In London

Top 10 quiet places to Study in London- London is a busy city, we all know that, but despite this, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a quiet and unique place to study. From libraries to packs and coffee shops, you will learn that there are many places you will enjoy some serenity while you are trying to assimilate your book. In this article, I will talk about ten of the best and quiet places to study in London. Read through so you can know where to head next time you want to go out to study. 

Top 10 Quiet Places To Study In London

I believe you want a quiet and less crowded place. If that’s right, then this list will give you what you are looking for. 

1. Wood Green Library: 187-197A High Rd, London N22 6XD

The first I’m going to discuss is the wood green Library. The only downside of this library is that it is far from the city center, but believe me, if you want a unique and quiet place to read and you don’t mind the distance, then try this place. Moreover, if you live in areas like North Finchley, it will be a short bus ride to reach here. Many students come here to read, do homework and write papers. Also, near the library are the best stationery shops in London, so if you wish to give yourself a treat after a long day of reading, this amazing spot awaits you. 

2. British Library

This is also another quiet place to have a relaxing reading. The library will not only give you a reading vibe but also a working atmosphere. Many students and workers go there to do their business. Moreover, who won’t want to go and study here when it’s filled with many tables and the wall is surrounded by bookshelves? This is a Library that will make you achieve more than what you wish to read, and it’s accessible to everybody. 

3. Barbican Library

This library is situated in the Barbican Center in central London. It’s among the top quiet and free places to roam and enjoy a silent atmosphere. Aside from the exhibitions that take place all year round in the Barbican Center, it houses a Library that has many seats with colorful vibes. The library is usually open every day from morning to 5:30 pm. But on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s normally open from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm, so if you are looking for where to assimilate some of your studies on weekends, especially Sunday, then this library is here for you. If you need to have some fresh air after hours of reading, you can come out and enter a garden in the Barbican Center where you will also have the best view in London. 

4. National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Ask at least ten students about the best place to study in London, and I assure you at least 5 of them will mention the National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum. First, the place is located in the South Kensington station corner. You will also find many cafes where you can study. You will also find another good studying spot around the national library, and that is the Prints & Drawings Study Room. The best part of these places is that they are located in the city center and also have WiFi and power outlets around. 

5. BFI Reuben Library

Ask anyone about the best study place, and they will also mention Southbank Center, even though it is filled with locals. The BFI Reuben Library is big and features many seats. It also has many power outlets and WiFi connections. If you want to wind down after a study session, you can enter the restaurant and coffee shops around the center. 

6. Central Library Islington

If you want a quiet place that is highly underrated to read, consider the central Library in Islington. The library is situated on Holloway Road and close to Islington station. The library is big and has many rooms that are filled with bookshelves. You will also find plenty of power outlets, and there is WiFi too. It’s accessible to everybody, open all day, and closes around 8 pm three days a week. It’s also open on Sundays. 

7. Kensington Central Library

If you live in West London, this library should be your favorite place to frequent. It’s in Chelsea and near Portobello Road. If you want to insert some readings into your brain early in the morning before you check out charity shops in Chelsea or walk around portobello road, this place is one of the best destinations. You can achieve that quiet reading in London. The place is big, and the library will give you an old-school vibe. The interior is filled with big tables and bookshelves. On Monday, it’s open from 9.30 to 8 pm and closes at 5 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it’s normally closed on Sundays. This will give you enough time to read, do your essays, research, and many other academic-related activities. Entry is free, so once you are ready, you can pack your books and go there. 

8. N4 Library Finsbury Park

One thing I want you to consider regarding quiet and free places is that most of them are underrated. The place you think might look shabby may be the most fantastic place you will enjoy studying. If you live close to Seven Sisters, the N4 library will be your ideal reading location. It’s in the same building as Islington University, so you will always find students there. The place contains everything you need, from power outlets to WiFi, and you will always find a seat to read. It’s usually open every day by 9:30, but on Mondays and Wednesdays, it closes by 8 pm, and it’s usually closed on Sundays. 

9. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park was initially a hunting farm with 74 hectares of land. You will always find a place to sit and read. It’s an open place that will give you a unique vibe to conduct your study session. It’s located in North Greenwich. 

10. Wellcome Collection Library

The Wellcome Collection Library is among the free places to read and have productive study sessions. The library is located in Euston, at the end of Tottenham Court Road, it’s the best place to visit for people living, especially in King’s Cross. It’s a beautiful and comfortable library that is cozy and has many health and body books available for free. It has many power outlets, a WiFi connection, and a Cafe to relax after reading. Although it can be busy, that doesn’t compromise its quietness. Many students frequent here when they want to feel motivated about their academics. The library is open every 10 am and closes by 6 pm except on Saturdays when it closes by 4 pm.


While London might look busy, I assure you there are many quiet places where you can enjoy your reading sessions. Places like Wood Green Library, Wellcome Collection Library, Kensington Central Library, and many others are the exact location you are looking for. So once you are ready, consult this article, and it will guide you on where to go that is closer to your place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find quiet study spaces in London?

You can find quiet study spaces in London by conducting online research, checking library websites, asking for recommendations from fellow students or locals, or using study space finder apps like Study Spaces or Spacehopper.

Are these study places accessible to the general public or restricted to specific groups?

Most of the study places mentioned above are accessible to the general public. However, it’s recommended to check the specific rules and regulations of each location to ensure you meet any eligibility criteria.

Can I bring my food and drinks to these study spaces?

Generally, bringing your own food and non-alcoholic drinks is allowed in most study spaces. However, it’s always a good idea to check the rules of each location beforehand, as some places may have specific restrictions.

Do these places provide Wi-Fi and power outlets for studying?

Yes, the majority of the study places mentioned offer Wi-Fi access and power outlets for studying. However, it’s advisable to bring your charger and check the internet speed and reliability of each location.

Are these study spaces open during weekends and public holidays?

The opening hours of study spaces may vary. While some places have extended hours and remain open during weekends and public holidays, others may have more limited schedules. It’s recommended to check the operating hours of each location before planning your study sessions.

Are there any noise restrictions or regulations in place at these locations?

Yes, most study spaces enforce noise restrictions to maintain a quiet environment conducive to studying. Visitors are generally expected to maintain a low volume of conversation and avoid any activities that may disrupt others.

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