Best Books For One-Year-Old

Best Books For One-Year-Old

Best books for one-year-old – Reading is among the most amazing things you will do with your child. The beautiful aspect of reading is that it’s never late to start, and it’s also never early to start. If your child listens, you can read to them even if they don’t understand what you are saying. Moreover, we are talking about one-year-old children who have probably started blabbering. The best way you can make this reading session a memorable one is to find books that will pique their interest, a book filled with fun, and one that they will enjoy. In this article, we will list and describe some best books for one-year-old baby, so stay tuned. But first of all, let’s talk about some reasons you should read for your one-year-old child. 

Why You Should Read For Your One-year-Old Baby

Reading is usually a time to bond with your child; it creates a strong connection between you. Your baby will love to snuggle close to you while listening to the wonderful stories you read; this will help them better once they enter school. Exposing your children to fantastic stories at an early age will provide them with countless benefits, including

  • It will increase their vocabulary 
  • It will teach them how to use words accurately
  • It will also make them understand that words are usually made of small sounds 
  • It will also explain to your baby that the letters they see make up words 
  • Your child will also learn the basics of the alphabet and numbers by reading books. 

Ten Best Books For One-Year-Old Child

1. “The wonderful things you will be” by Emily Martin

This book explains parents’ love for their children. It’s a book that celebrates how parents accept their children and discusses all the unique things parents want to do for their children. This is a book that you can read at bedtime or leisurely; you will be surprised how it will quickly grab your baby’s attention. However, it would help if you read the book to your child because the pages are tiny. 

2. First 100 Words by Roger Priddy

This is one of the books that every toddler should possess in their book collections. Although this is the classic version, you can still buy the farm-themed one. It features pictures of the most common words toddlers can’t pronounce. You can read the word and point the picture to your baby. As they get older, you can say the word and ask them to point at the picture or point at the picture and ask them to say the word. This book will enable you to build your baby’s vocabulary. 

3. Moo Baa La La La

This book has all kinds of animal sounds and cries, so get ready to do something silly with it. It has different animal sounds, like cows, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Well, the book aims to make your baby laugh, so even though it might look embarrassing to be making those sounds, as long as it will make your baby smile. Then the mission was accomplished. This book will enable you to introduce your baby to different animals; it also has illustrations of the animals, making it easy to have fun and learn. It’s a book that will encourage you to be interactive and bring out your inner performance. 

4. Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?

This book will teach your little one the different body parts. On the first page, you will find a question asking where the baby’s eyes are. Then on the next page, you will find eyes under a hat. All the pages contain a question asking what a body part is; once you flip to the next page, you will find a picture of that organ. It’s a fun and interactive book that will help your child learn about the human body organs. If you feel they have learned sufficient knowledge, ask them to point a body part in their body. 

5. Time for Bed

This is a story that you can tell your baby when they are ready to sleep. It’s so soothing that it easily makes them fall into a deep slumber. It follows a story of cute animals and how they get ready for bed. The story’s opening is about a mummy mouse telling the baby mouse to go to bed. The illustrations are watercolors, and it features simple rhymes too. 

6. Little Green Frog

This book follows the story of a little Green frog; you will get introduced to its friends living around the pond. Some friends include ducks, fish, turtles, and bunny rabbits. The book is vividly colored so that you will enjoy a unique reading session with your baby. You can give the book to your child to hold because it has a sturdy cover; it will give you a beautiful bond time with your baby. 

7. Will You Be My Sunshine?

This story starts with a little mouse asking its mother whether she will be his sunshine on cold days. She told him she would be, and he asked her whether she would be his rainbow when his days were dull and gray. The little mouse keeps mentioning weather elements to prompt his mother. This story will encourage family warmth and teach your baby about weather elements. The unconditional love described in the book will also provide your baby with a sense of security. 

8. Counting Kisses

This book describes how a baby cried because of tiredness, so everybody in the family, including the pets, kissed her. It started with ten kisses to her toes, the last on her forehead. While reading this book, you can try the kisses with your little one. This will increase your bond, and your baby will feel happy that their parents love them. 

9. Roar, Roar, Baby!

This is a story of a baby looking for a tiger in the zoo. He roamed around but couldn’t find the tiger; he was constantly coming across different animals. At last, he met the tiger who was hiding under the grass. The book will teach your baby different animal sounds, and they will enjoy flipping the book and meeting all sorts of animals before finally meeting the tiger. 

10. “More, More, More,” Said the Baby

This is the story of Little Guy, Little Pumpkin, and Little Bird, three babies who enjoy an amazing time with their parents and grandparents. The book is filled with fun activities the characters enjoy and are even seeking more. You can also do some of the activities written in the book. Doing these things together will make it a memorable moment for your child, and before you know it, this book will become their favorite. 


Reading to your baby is among the unique ways you can create a strong bond and connection with them. Amazingly, many books are perfectly created for their age. If you find it hard to choose the best with the numerous collections in the market, this article is a guide. I’m sure since you are able to reach this point, you have already selected one that will make your adorable one giggle and smile.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I make reading more enjoyable for my one-year-old?

Make reading interactive by asking questions, pointing to pictures, imitating sounds, and using expressive voices. Encourage your child to turn the pages, touch textures, or lift flaps. Creating a cozy and comfortable reading environment can also enhance their enjoyment.

Can I read the same book multiple times to my one-year-old?

Yes, repetition is beneficial for one-year-olds. They enjoy the familiarity and find comfort in predictability. Re-reading the same book helps reinforce vocabulary, promotes memory retention, and builds their understanding of story structures.

What should I consider when selecting books for my one-year-old?

When selecting books, consider their durability, safety (avoid books with small parts), engaging illustrations, and age-appropriate themes. Books that reflect their daily experiences, such as those about animals, vehicles, or basic concepts like colors and shapes, tend to be well-received.

Are there any online resources for finding age-appropriate books for one-year-olds?

Yes, many online platforms provide recommendations for age-appropriate books. Websites like Goodreads, Amazon, or parenting blogs often have curated lists and reviews specifically tailored to books for one-year-olds.

Can I introduce picture books to my one-year-old?

While picture books with minimal text can be introduced, one-year-olds typically prefer books with bold, simple illustrations. Gradually, as their language skills develop, they will show more interest in books with more detailed pictures and longer stories.

Are there any books specifically designed for sensory development?

Yes, several books are designed to stimulate sensory development in one-year-olds. Look for books with different textures, flaps to lift, or elements to touch and feel. Examples include “Pat the Bunny” by Dorothy Kunhardt and “That’s Not My Puppy” by Fiona Watt.

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