Whitman College Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

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Whitman College Overview


Whitman College is a private college located at 345 Boyer Ave, Walla Walla, WA 99362, USA that was established in 1883. It has an enrollment of 1,360 students (fall 2020) Its location is rural, and its campus is approximately 117 acres. The college follows the semester-based academic calendar. Whitman College’s rank on the edition 2022 of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges at #38. The cost of tuition and fees is $55,982.

In addition to the 45 majors offered through the college, Whitman students can earn a combination undergraduate/graduate degree at select prestigious universities across the country. Students who are interested finish their three years at Whitman before they transfer to another university to complete the two-year graduate degree program.

You can begin your learning process at Whitman University. The university will prepare you with the essential abilities to be an expert in your chosen discipline and make you ready for the changing demands of the 21st-century work environment prior to graduation.

What is the Acceptance Rate at Whitman College?

The acceptance rate for Whitman college  is 55.9%. What this simply means is that little above 559 students will be admitted in the college if there are 1000 applicants.

What is the Application Deadline and Fee for Whitman College?

If you’re considering the possibility of applying for Whitman College, the regular decision deadline for applications is January 15th, and the cost for application is $50. Fees for applications can go up but some schools offer free applications, and students who are financially disadvantaged might get an application fee waiver.

Students who apply for fall are expected to receive their admissions decision by the 1st of May.

What is the GPA Requirement at Whitman college?

With an average GPA that is 3.75, Whitman College will require you to be above the average for your class in high school. It is recommended that you have two B’s and A’s, and the majority of A’s being B’s. It is possible to make up for a lower GPA by taking more challenging classes, such as AP as well as IB classes. This shows that you’re capable of handling more challenging academics than the typical student in high school.

If you’re an undergraduate or senior the GPA you have is difficult to improve to be ready for college applications. If your GPA falls at or below the average of your school which is 3.75, you’ll need an increase in your SAT or ACT score to make up for it. This will give you a chance to compete with other applicants who have higher GPAs.

What is the SAT/ACT Requirement at Whitman College?

Whitman admissions are selective, with admission rates of 56%. If you want to get admitted into Whitman college, you are expected to have an average SAT score of 1240-1450 as well as an ACT score of between 28 and 33. The application deadline for regular admissions for Whitman is the 15th of January. Students who are interested can apply for early decision consideration and the Whitman earlier decision date is set for November 15.

What are the admission requirements for Whitman college?

Here are some of the personally compiled requirements you need to get admitted into Whitman College.

  • Unweighted high school grade point average (G.P.A.).
  • Academic rigor in high school, demonstrated by course selection such as Honors, AP or IB courses if available.
  • Writing: Whitman uses the Common Application Personal Essay.
  • Teacher and Counselor Evaluations.
  • Activities and honors in and during high school. These include athletics, clubs, community service, music, theater, dance, debate, leadership, political and religious activities as well as employment.
  • Submitting ACT and SAT scores is optional. Please refer to Whitman’s testing policy for more information. Whitman does not have a preference between the ACT or SAT and will superscore both the ACT or SAT. 

What are the Top Majors in Whitman College?

Indeed Whitman college is known for its top majors within environs. After doing multiple research, I finally came up with a list of some of the top majors in Whitman’s college. Below are the majors that Whitman college has to offer.

  • Anthropology
  • Anthropology – Environmental Studies
  • Art
  • Art – Environmental Studies
  • Art History and Visual Culture Studies
  • Asian Studies and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology
  • Biology – Environmental Studies
  • Biology – Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry – Environmental Studies
  • Chemistry – Geology
  • Chinese
  • Classical Studies
  • Classics
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Economics – Environmental Studies
  • Economics – Mathematics
  • Engineering (3-2 Combined Plan)
  • English
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Film and Media Studies
  • French and Francophone Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Geology
  • Geology – Astronomy
  • Geology – Environmental Studies
  • Geology – Physics
  • German Studies
  • Hispanic Studies
  • History
  • History – Environmental Studies
  • Japanese
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics-Physics
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Physics – Astronomy
  • Physics – Environmental Studies
  • Politics
  • Politics – Environmental Studies
  • Psychology
  • Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Religion
  • Rhetoric, Writing and Public Discourse
  • Sociology
  • Sociology – Environmental Studies
  • Theatre and Dance

Whitman college’s Financial Aid and Cost.

The college you attend will be one of the biggest financial and time-consuming investments that you’ll ever make. And that is why Whitman college wants to make the financial component of this investment as affordable for you as is possible. This is why Whitman college provides a broad and diverse financial aid program that includes grants, scholarships, employment, and loans.

80% of Whitman students are eligible for financial aid. In the years 2019 and 2020, the average need-based aid amount of Whitman students was the sum of $45,185. Whitman college also provides the opportunity to receive merit-based scholarships that can be as high as $25,000 for students who excel. This is one of the best financial aid that any college can offer.

What is Whitman College Tuition Fee?

Whitman College’s tuition costs are $55,982. When compared to the average national tuition cost of $43,337, it’s safe to say that Whitman College is more expensive compared to an average college.

The figures are inclusive of fees and tuition, which is sometimes referred to as the cost of the sticker. The fees vary by college and could be used to pay for the library, gymnasium facilities as well as student centers, technology resources, and health centers on campus.

When comparing the costs from different institutions, take into consideration the total cost as well as the net cost. It’s the total price that’s the cost sticker including the cost of accommodation and board, as well as books and other supplies, as well as transport and personal expenses. In the case of Whitman College, the total cost is $65,557. The net cost is the cost that students pay for the school after scholarships and aid money is deducted from the total amount of $23,822 for a student who receives need-based aid.

What is a Student Life Like in Whitman College?

On the campus of Whitman college, you will be able to explore different areas in order to discover what you are most passionate about. Whitman College’s campus doesn’t just serve as an academic institution, but an opportunity to improve, grow and contribute to the world. You can find classmates with the same interests in a group and find ways to interact with the people around you. You’ll experience a sense of belonging as well as the confidence to experiment with new ideas in one of the best and most beautiful universities across the country.

Visit the official page of the Whitman College for more information

FAQ Whitman College Acceptance Rate and Admission

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