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How To Fill JAMB Form- As a young school leaver with a lot of hopes and expectations. You really look forward to getting into higher institution to kickstart your career. It’s a good one! So most likely the next step is to procure a JAMB form to start processing your admission. Now, I would say calm down! Before you fill that JAMB form, just cool down and read this article to the end. A little mistake in that JAMB form can make you lose an admission year or even alter your career path. It can be that serious. So, its important that you are very meticulous when you want to fill JAMB form. This post is a complete guide on how to fill JAMB form. I will implore you to read to the end before start to fill JAMB form.

How To Fill JAMB Form

If you want to gain admission into any higher institution in Nigeria, you need to apply to JAMB. It implies that you have to purchase a JAMB form. After purchasing the form, the next step is to fill JAMB form. Below is a guide on to fill JAMB form.

Steps To Fill JAMB Form

Step 1: Get your NIN ready

This is the very first step when you need to fill JAMB form. You can visit NIMC office close to you to register and get your NIN if you don’t have one already.

Step 2: Set up a JAMB profile

After creating a Gmail account, the next step is to create a JAMB profile. To create a JAMB profile, you need to visit the JAMB website, www. ng. After creating your JAMB profile, then you should link your NIN to that JAMB profile.

Step 3: Set up a Gmail account

When you want to fill JAMB form, it is recommended you use a Gmail account.  Yahoomail is not advisable. Creating a Gmail account is quite easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Step 4: Obtain a JAMB E-Pin

You can get JAMB E-Pin from any of the following :

  • First Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Skye Bank
  • Union Bank

Step 5: Fill the JAMB form

Now that you have being able to obtain your JAMB E-pin, its time to start filling out the JAMB form. Ensure you fill in all the details with utmost accuracy.

What You Need To Fill JAMB Form

Valid email address. (Gmail is strongly recommended for JAMB application)

Ensure that the email address is your personal email. Don’t make the mistake of using someone else’s email. Ensure the email you are using you write it down somewhere and the password too. This is because you will need the email all through the admission process.

Right JAMB subject combinations

Check through the JAMB brochure for your preferred course and the subject combinations for such course. Choosing a wrong subject combination can make you lose an admission year! Its that important.

Your preferred institution and course of study

You should decide this early enough the course you want to study and the institution you want to study at. You shouldn’t be deciding the course and school when you are about to fill  JAMB form, that’s rather too late.

Your O’ level results:

You should have your O’ level results handy

Passport photograph

You should have e-copy of your passport photograph , quality one and not older than 3 months.

Functional Phone number

If you don’t have a personal phone number, you can use that of your parents. Don’t just use any random number. Remember, you will also need this phone number all through the admission process.

How To Fill Bio-Data In JAMB Form

How To Fill JAMB form


You will be asked to fill in your first , middle and surname. Ensure you arrange in the order as shown on the registration form. Ensure that the way your name appear on your credentials such as O’level result, date of birth is the same way you fill the JAMB form. For instance, your first name, middle name on your O’ level certificate and birth certificate should appear in the same format in your JAMB form.

Date of Birth

The date of birth you will use to fill JAMB form should tally with the one on your birth certificate.


You indicate male or female as applicable to you:

Marital status

You choose either single, married or divorced


If you have any form of disability, then you should indicate. If none, then select none and move to the next.


Fill in your current home address

State of Origin

This is the state your parents come from , not the state that you reside in

L.G.A of Origin

This is the local government which your parents originate from


Select your country. If you are a Nigeria, Fill Nigeria. If you are from another country, then indicate so.


Put in your valid email address. Note that it is one email address that you will use throughout the admission process. So choose email address wisely

Phone Number

Use an active phone number preferably one that is linked to your NIN

Guardian/ Sponsor(s) name

Fill in the name of your parents or your sponsor

What If I Make  Mistakes  When Filling JAMB Form

Now, I don’t want you to get tensed up. The fact that you made mistakes when filling JAMB form does not mean you will be automatically disqualified from the admission process for that year. Opportunities are available for you to correct such mistakes. Although , correction of such mistakes can come at a cost.

How To Correct Mistakes On JAMB Form

There is usually a portal for data correction on JAMB website and at the appropriate time each year, the portal is opened. So, you need to watch out for such times. You are only allowed to make corrections on your JAMB form with a particular window of time. For each date you correct on JAMB correction portal, you pay a non-refundable fee of two thousand five hundred naira (#2,500).

Mistakes That Can Be Corrected On The JAMB Form

Change of Name

You can change the spellings of your name or the arrangement of your name

Here is the portal for change of name: https: // portal. Jamb. gov. ng/changeName.htm

Change of Course/ institution

This portal for change of course/ institution is usually opened just after JAMB results have been released. Here is the portal : https: //portal. jamb. gov. ng/changeofCourse_Inst. htm

Change of Date of Birth (DOB)

You can also make correction to your date of birth. Here is the portal for the correction of date of birth ; https: // portal. jamb.

Change of State/LGA

You can also apply for correction of State of Origin or Local Government of Origin.

Here is the portal for change of State/ LGA: https: // portal. Jamb. changeState.htm

Change of Gender

A mistake in gender can also be corrected

Here is the portal for change of gender: https: //portal. Jamb.

Final Note

In seeking admission into any higher institution in Nigeria, you have to go through Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). You need to purchase and fill JAMB form. To fill JAMB form, you need to be meticulous so you don’t make mistakes. Some mistakes made can actually be costly.

Who is usually the first to give admission, JAMB or your choice institution?

Usually if you are given admission, your name will first appear on JAMB CAPS portal before it gets published in your choice institution.

What is the cost of JAMB form?

The cost of JAMB registration for 2023 is four thousand seven hundred naira only (#4700). These includes the registration fee, reading text and other documents such as brochure.

What score did JAMB set as cut-off mark for 2023?

The cut -off mark for 2023 for Universities has been released by JAMB and is set at 140. Universities are expected to set their cut-off mark around that.

Does registration for JAMB form expires?

Yes. There is actually a time frame for the sales of JAMB form. Each year that JAMB form is released, announcements will be made on different media platforms. The closing date will also be announced.

How many questions does JAMB usually set in the exam?

JAMB usually set 180 questions each year for students. Use of English is usually 60 questions while the other 3 subjects are 40 questions each.

How many subjects are usually written in UTME exam?

Usually you will be required to pick 4 subjects. Use of English is compulsory for all students. The 3 other subjects should be related to your course of study.

How many subjects are usually written in UTME exam?

Usually you will be required to pick 4 subjects. Use of English is compulsory for all students. The 3 other subjects should be related to your course of study.

What will I be needing for JAMB registration?

For you to get and fill JAMB form, you need the following:
National Identification Number (NIN)
Money to purchase the JAMB form
Personal and functional email address
Active mobile Number
O’level results
JAMB profile code

Am I allowed to register for JAMB myself?

Yes. You can personally get the JAMB E-pin from an accredited online platform like Remita. You can also buy from a business centre or Café.


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