Best Pilot/Aviation Schools in Nigeria |Flight Training Institutes & Fees

Are you interested in knowing what it takes to become a pilot in Nigeria, the best Aviation Schools in Nigeria and the best Flight Training Institutes in Nigeria with their school fees, locations and school addresses.

If so, here is a complete information on Pilot/Aviation Schools in Nigeria (Flight Training Institutes), their School fees, Locations, and contact addresses.

Pilot schools in Nigeria are schools that train students in aviation and flight. This may be a secondary school, a university, an aviation college and institute.

There are schools that offer Nigeria Pilot Programs and courses. So if you want to enroll in the Nigerian aviation program, then you have to go for aviation courses and programs in any of the aviation n schools and colleges listed below.

This page will list all the available aviation schools in Nigeria that train students on a flight and their school fees. If you want to be trained to become a pilot in Nigeria, then this guide will help you a lot to achieve that.

Requirements and How to Become a Pilot in Nigeria.

The aim of this post is to look into and cover every piece of information on the universal school of aviation Lagos, and how to gain admission into the school of aviation Zaria, dhaewood aviation business school and other aviation schools in Nigeria.

It will also give the list of aviation schools, aviation schools in Lagos, requirements for aviation school, universal school of aviation Abuja, universal school of aviation courses, and fees.

Finally, this page will also state the basic requirement for universal school of aviation, aircraft maintenance school in Nigeria, Nigeria college of aviation technology, school of aviation Ilorin fees, and so on…

Below are the requirements and the steps one has to take to become a pilot in Nigeria.

Enroll in Pilot School: The First Requirement is to be enrolled in an Aviation School. Pilot schools are known as Aviation schools.

Nigeria has about 39 aviation schools that offer pilot training. Requirements needed for enrollment into any of these schools are listed below:

Aviation Schools’ Admission Requirements in Nigeria

image to show accredited Pilot schools and Aviation institutes in Nigeria

To apply and get admitted into an aviation school in Nigeria, the applicant must meet the following admission requirements:

  1. Be at least 17 years old.
  2. Must be able to speak English and any other local languages.
  3. Also have an O’level qualification Certificate in any approved SSCE in Nigeria (WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, etc.) with a minimum of 5 credits passes in English, Mathematics, Geography, physics, and any other science subjects.
  4. Must have an international passport

How Much Does aviation school Cost in Nigeria?

Now, let’s find out the cost of attending an Aviation/Pilot School in Nigeria in 2021.

How much does it cost to attend a Pilot/Aviation school in Nigeria (School Fees)?

The total cost of attending an aviation school in Nigeria to become a pilot cost about Seven Million, eight hundred thousand (N7.8 million) for Nigerian based aviation schools.

You can also apply for the available scholarships given by airline and aviation companies.

List of Aviation Schools (Flight Pilot Training Institutes) in Nigeria

What is the best aviation school in Nigeria? The following is the list of the 18 best Aviation schools and training institutes in Nigeria.

  1. International aviation college, Located at Kwara state, Ilorin, Nigeria
  2. Dhaewood aviation business school
  3. Nigerian college of aviation technology (Formerly known as the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre)
  4. Universal school of aviation, website at
  5. Landover aviation business school (founded in 2002 and located in Lagos, Nigeria)
  6. Aeroconsult Aviation, No. 29, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  7. Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management
  8. Crew Training Institute – CTI
  9. Falcon Aviation Training
  10. Gibair Aviation Academy
  11. Institute Of Aviation and Maritime Studies
  12. International Institute Of Aviation Training
  13. Lagos Aviation Academy
  14. Lagos Aviation And Maritime Business Academy
  15. Riteway Aviation School
  16. Belgrade Aviation Training Institute
  17. Continental Aviation School (CAS)
  18. Dot Aviation Training Institute

How To Apply for Aviation School in Nigeria?

If you are interested in applying for admission/training into any of the above listed aviation schools in Nigeria, then follow these steps to apply:

  1. Check the admission requirements for each school and make sure you meet the them
  2. Log on to the school/institute website to see the application procedures
  3. Visit the school to obtain the admission form
  4. Fill and submit the form before the deadline
  5. Stay updated and follow the upcoming instructions till you are fully admitted.

That is what it takes to become a pilot in Nigeria, the best Aviation Schools in Nigeria and the best Flight Training Institutes in Nigeria with their school fees, locations and school addresses.

At this point, we believe you have an idea of the best pilot schools and aviation colleges where you can learn everything about the flight.

Make sure you make better findings of each of the schools listed above and follow the proper guideline to apply to their admission.

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