WAEC Registration 2023 Form, Fee & Pin Out [Starting & Closing Date]

Updated information on West African Examination Council – WAEC Registration Form 2021/2022, Registration Fee/Pin, the starting date & Closing (deadline) is out for all SS3 candidates for the 2021/2022 SS3 senior school exam.

Read down to see the registration Starting & closing date for 2021 school and private candidates and the steps and procedures to apply and register for the exam.

AWARENESS: All Registration process and “Checking of WAEC Result is to be carried out on the Official WAEC registration Website Portal for both school and private candidates.

When Will WAEC 2021/2022 Registration Start?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about WAEC 2021 Registration Form, WAEC Fee for each country, how to buy WAEC Registration Pin, WAEC Registration Starting & Closing Date and so much more.

Without much more emphasis, below is the actual information about the WAEC 2021 registration form, registration starting and closing date (deadline).

The West African Examination Council popularly known as WAEC has announced the commencement of the 2021 WAEC Registration.

According to WAEC Council, the new date for WAEC Offline Registration will start from 15  February 2021 to 15 March 2021. For online registration: the WAEC online Registration will also commence from 16 March  2021 to 30th April 2021.

Meanwhile, the main exam (writing the WAEC examination) will commence from August 2021.

See the 2021 WAEC fee, the registration requirements, and a step-by-step guide on how to register on the registration portal below.

How Much Is WAEC Registration Fee 2021/2022?

The WAEC 2021 Registration fee is Thirteen thousand, Nine hundred and fifty Naira (₦13,950) only. WAEC requires candidates to pay a non-refundable registration fee of  ₦13,950 (thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty Naira) only for both internal & External candidates.

To register for the 2021 WAEC exam, candidates are to obtain a draft of the WAEC registration form (Registration template) from their school and pay a non-refundable fee of  ₦13,950 (thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty Naira) Only.

Note: 99% of WAEC Questions are usually set from Past Questions. So we have solved and compiled about 500 past questions and solved answers for each WAEC subject. Get it here.

WAEC Registration Requirements for 2021/2022 Candidates

Below are some of the most compulsory WAEC 2021 requirements for the online/offline registration and details that all candidates must provide during the registration.

Note: All the requirements and details you provide for registration should be properly checked to be sure they are correct as there may be no chances for corrections after registration.

All candidates must be in their senior secondary school (SS3 or SS2) in a Government approved Secondary school.

Candidates are to pay a non-refundable fee of  ₦13,950 (thirteen thousand, Nine hundred and fifty Naira) only, as a registration fee.

During the registration, candidates will be made to provide the following details and information for the online registration:

  • A correct and valid email address
  • Candidate’s Date of birth
  • New passport photographs
  • Contact phone number
  • Complete name (Starting form Surname, First name, and Middle name)
  • Candidates Local Government of origin
  • State of origin
  • Nationality and residential address.
  • Lastly, candidates are to give a list of the Nine (9) or Eight (8) subjects that they choose to sit for in the exam.

How to Register 2021 WAEC SSCE Exam

Before any candidate registers for WAEC, Such candidates are to note that the WAEC exam body will not refund the registration fee after payment.

However, all candidates are advised to use a good and proper registration approach and procedure to avoid registration errors. As such, you may be advised to register through school only.

Steps and Procedures to Register:

The 2021 WAEC registration is to be done via the WAEC e-system online platform. So all registration is to be done online only. Candidates are advised to register through their school only.

Candidates are to follow the steps below to register for 2021 WAEC online:

Image showing the steps and procedures to registration WAEC

  • Visit the official WAEC 2021 registration Portal @ registration.waecdirect.org
  • Wait for the page to complete loading
  • Select “Learn More” to get basic information about the exam.
  • Select “Register now”.
  • Follow the procedures on the page that will open to complete your registration.
  • Submit your application and print out a copy of your registration slip

Other WAEC Updates:

Please Note The following:

  • A Current passport of the candidate will be needed during the registration and a biometric fingerprint will also be captured.
  • It is advisable for all WAEC Candidates to register through a school. So make sure you visit any secondary school nearest to you to register if you are an external candidate.
  • But if you are currently a student of any WAEC approved secondary school, then visit your school to carry out your WAEC registration.
  • All WAEC Candidates are to thumbprint in their respective registration centers. Any candidate that has not done their fingerprint Verification will not be allowed to take the WAEC exam.

WAEC Registration Starting/Closing Date (Deadline) 2021

We have been receiving a lot of questions like “When is WAEC 2021 registration starting?” The simple answer is that the new date for WAEC Offline Registration will start from 15  February 2021 to 15 March 2021 while the online registration commence Offline Registration is from 16 March  2021 to 30th April 2021.

When is WAEC 2021 registration closing date? The new deadlines for the 2021 WAEC registration is 15 March 2021 for offline registration and 30th April 2021 for online registration.

When will WAEC exam 2021 start?

The West African Examination Council which is popularly known as WAEC has released its timetable for its exam this year.

Note that the WAEC exams usually come up in the second quarter of every year that is June/July and its GCE by December/January.

But for the 2021 WAEC, the WAEC exam will Start from August 2021 and end in September 2021

Meanwhile, the WAEC timetable will tell you when you have exams and when you do not.

This Timetable will help you as a candidate to know how to make your personal study/exam plans.

Is WAEC registration 2021 still on?

Yes!!! The deadline for the 2021 WAEC registration will be announced immediately after the registration starts.

As of now, the registration for this year has commenced from 15  February 2021 to  30th April 2021 for both Offline and online registration.

Free WAEC Examination Material for 2021 Candidates

The syllabus has been a great tool in the hands of those preparing for WAEC exams. The WAEC syllabus includes all the topics a student should expect in the exams.

According to research, more than 90%  of those who excel in the exams are those who study with the aid of the syllables.

Good News!

The Latest 2021 WAEC syllabus is out. Our syllabus is updated for every student who wishes to succeed in the exams. Get it and study effectively with it.

  • Download 2021 WAEC Syllabus for All Subjects Here.
  • View Free WAEC Questions and Answers for all Subjects Here
  • Check WAEC Result Here

Hope you found this guide on “WAEC 2021 Registration Form 2021, Fee & Pin Out [Starting & Closing Date]” very helpful and useful?

If you are still having any difficulty that you want us to assist you with, then feel free to use the comment box to ask “Studentmajor Mentor” any question or seek any assistance or make your own suggestion, contribution, request, or complaint.

  1. I have some questions to ask.my daughter is in ss1 now.i want her to.take neco and waec in ss2. Her school might not want her to sit for the exams.so my question is.
    The external waec/neco exams taken ..must they be done through schools?if she registers online.will she still sit for the exam in a school ?please can I get some clarification on this

    1. Students in SS2 can also register for WAEC/NECO. All you need is to communicate to her school that u want her to join SS3 to write the upcoming O’level exams.

  2. Please are they going to reopen may/June wessce again because some of us was not having money to pay your wessce fees now we have the money they closed please are they going to open or not please wessce we need your help for 1 week we are going to pay please

  3. Please can i still register for waec anyone for help
    I no it’s already late but you people can find away to me

    1. You can register through a school or visit online to register following the steps shown above. To help better, visit a cyber cafe to carry out the registration.

  4. But why are schools most especially in nasarawa state collecting thirty thousand naira (#30,000) and twenty five thousand naira (#25,000) for internal students

    1. Please kindly make enquiry from the school to know why they are charging higher than the fixed fee. If no valid reason is given, then report to the nearest WAEC office in your state.

  5. Good evening. Pls I need to know how much I am supposed to pay to secondary Schools in onitsha , anambra state here in nigeria. So that I would choose any good government approved school to obtain the registration form immediately before it closes.

    I await for your reply. Thanks.

    1. Please kindly contact any school of your choice to register. Note, the WAEC registration fee is Thirteen thousand, Nine hundred and fifty Naira (₦13,950) only.

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