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I was looking for a list of ZIP codes for every state, for a project I was working on. There are a variety of websites with tools that allow you to search for the ZIP code of a city or state, however, I was searching for an easy list for all states together in one place.

I was unable to locate one in the first place so I created my own. I thought it might be helpful for someone else too, which is why I’m sharing it here.




State Capital City Abbreviation ZIP Code Range
Alabama Montgomery AL 35801 – 35816
Alaska Juneau AK 99501 – 99524
Arizona Phoenix AZ 85001 – 85055
Arkansas Little Rock AR 72201 – 72217
California Sacramento CA 94203 – 94209, 90001 – 90089, 90209 – 90213
Colorado Denver CO 80201 – 80239
Connecticut Hartford CT 06101 – 06112
Delaware Dover DE 19901 – 19905
District of Columbia Washington DC 20001 – 20020
Florida Tallahassee FL 32501 – 32509, 33124 – 33190, 32801 – 32837
Georgia Atlanta GA 30301 – 30381
Hawaii Honolulu HI 96801 – 96830
Idaho Boise ID 83702
Illinois Springfield IL 60601 – 60641, 62701 – 62709
Indiana Indianapolis IN 46201 – 46209
Iowa Des Moines IA 52801 – 52809, 50301 – 50323
Kansas Topeka KS 67201 – 67221
Kentucky Frankfort KY 41701-41702
Louisiana Baton Rouge LA 70112 – 70119
Maine Augusta ME 04032 – 04034
Maryland Annapolis MD 21201 – 21237
Massachusetts Boston MA 02101 – 02137
Michigan Lansing MI 49036, 49734 – 49735
Minnesota St. Paul MN 55801 – 55808
Mississippi Jackson MS 39530 – 39535
Missouri Jefferson City MO 63101 – 63141
Montana Helena MT 59623
Nebraska Lincoln NE 68901 – 68902
Nevada Carson City NV 89501 – 89513
New Hampshire Concord NH 03301
New Jersey Trenton NJ 08608
New Mexico Santa Fe NM 87500 – 87506
New York Albany NY 10001 – 10048
Raleigh NC 27601
North Dakota Bismarck ND 58501
Ohio Columbus OH 44101 – 44179
Oklahoma Oklahoma City OK 74101 – 74110
Oregon Salem OR 97201 – 97225
Pennsylvania Harrisburg, PA 15201 – 15244
Providence RI 02840 – 02841
South Carolina Columbia SC 29217
South Dakota Pierre SD 57401 – 57402
Tennessee Nashville TN 37201 – 37222
Texas Austin TX 78701 – 78705
Utah Salt Lake City UT 84321 – 84323
Vermont Montpelier VT 05602
Virginia Richmond VA 23219
Washington Olympia WA 98004 – 98009
West Virginia Charleston WV 25301
Wisconsin Madison WI 53201 – 53228
Wyoming Cheyenne WY 82001
American Samoa Pago Pago AS 96799
District of Columbia Washington DC 20001
Kolonia FM 96941
Guam Agana (Hagåtña) GU 96910
Marshall Islands Majuro MH 96960
Northern Mariana Islands Saipan MP 96950
Palau Melekeok PW 96939
Puerto Rico San Juan PR 00901
Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie VI 00802

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Zipcodes are codes with 5 digits that appear on the upper right-hand corner of a letter or package. 9,223 ZIP codes exist across the United States and each code is unique in its range of numbers.

In this post, I’ll be revealing the entire list of American Pin codes for each state, United States Postal codes as well as every USA Postcodes according to state.

What Is A Zip Code?

ZIP Codes. We all see them on a daily basis but do we really have any knowledge about these codes? The seemingly random string of letters and numbers have been in use since the time that the Post Office was started in the United States in 1912.

Zip Code is a Zip Code that refers to an abbreviation to mean Zone Improvement Plan often called a postcode pin code or postal code is a sequence of letters, digits or both, either with or without punctuation or space.

It’s used to sort out emails that are included in the postal address. The month of February 2005 saw 117 out of the 190 members in the Universal Postal Union had postal codes.

The ZIP Code is a system that was introduced during the year 1963. The system is used throughout America through the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ensure timely and efficient parcel and mail delivery.

It indicates that the mail gets to its destination fast and gets faster delivered by a person who has the Zipcode in the address. If you’d like your letter to be delivered quicker and more efficiently, adding the Zipcode on the mailing address is the best option.

Why Are Zip Codes Important?

We can think that we can take ZIP code for granted. Although we all know that they reveal our story however, very few can describe exactly how. We know the purpose of them however, what exactly do they do and what’s the reason they’re important?

Zip codes are essential due to a variety of reasons. They permit the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to quickly route mail and packages. Additionally, they have been utilized to organize data and divide individuals into groups, which allows researchers, marketers and companies to break into groups based on geography to ensure more efficient use.

Zipcodes aren’t only used by those who work for the U.S Postal Service to deliver packages and mail from one point to B. In reality, they’re extremely important in how visitors react when they view your page within Google Maps.

The reality is that customers today are more likely to buy depending on the area they live in. If your company is located near or in a certain zone, it will receive increased foot traffic and sales.

Zipcodes are more significant than you realize. You’ve probably read in the media about how zip codes can play an important part in your credit score. It’s factual. Zip codes play three vital functions in your professional and personal lives.

Here are a few of the main reasons that the USA implemented the postcodes system.

Zip Codes assist the postal system sort mail faster and quicker.
Postal code makes it easy to distribute mail.
It lets the system keep track of received and sent mails.
Complete List of U.S Zip Codes
Zipcodes are five numbers employed to by the US Postal Service to find the address of an USPS delivery address. They are classified according to state and the rural or urban areas of every state.

If you just require just one of the states, your entire set is contained in one file. If you require multiple states, it is suggested that you download them separately to limit redundancy among sets.

This is the complete list of all Zip codes in America.

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