Foundations & Charities That Help Students Pay School Fees in Nigeria

Foundations & Charities that help students Pay school fees (Education Grants in Nigeria): On this page, I will be listing the available NGOs that support Education, Foundations that help students pay their school fees, and Charities that help with school fees in Nigeria.

There are foundations that support education in Nigeria. Many of these Foundations and Charities are NGOs that support education in Nigeria with either school fees or total financial support.

So if you have been looking for educational philanthropic foundations in Nigeria or educational grants in Nigeria, or maybe educational NGOs in Lagos, and Educational foundation’s in Lagos, and the foundation that supports education in Nigeria, and Charity foundation’s in Abuja, or local education foundations, then here is a good analysis for you.


These organizations, foundations, and charity NGOs give free Student Financial to help students with poor financial backgrounds.

Any student can be a beneficiary of any of these offers as long as he or she is qualified. Meanwhile, some of these offers require applicants to meet the stated requirements to be eligible.

List Of Charities that help with school fees in Nigeria

One of the best charities that help with school fees in Nigeria is How can you benefit or apply for School fees assistance?

Foundations & Charities that help students Pay school fees (NGOs Education Grants to support Education in Nigeria) & Educational Foundations

Donate-ng is a Fundraising and Donations Charity foundation in Nigeria and these are the steps to become a beneficiary on

First Step:

Registration: For you to be able to raise funds on, you must be a registered member.  Registration is free and takes less than 5mins register.

Second Step:

Creating your Portal: After your Registration, the next step is to create your personal fund-raising portal stating what you need money for.

As a result, you will be required to add the following details of yourself:

  • Short stories of yourself
  • Pictures and videos
  • Other important information you want to share with others concerning your situation.

On completing the creation, you are to broadcast your portal-link to enable people to start donating for you.


How to receive Your Donations on

All Donations made to you through your portal are received and kept by and at the end of, or at the expiry of the donation portal you created, all donations that are donated to you via your portal will be handed to you through your contact information.

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Other NGO Foundations That Help Students Pay School Fees in Nigeria

Other NGOs that support education in Nigeria includes:

1. Grace Foundation For Education and Development

Grace Foundation is an NGO that helps in providing young people (including students) the necessary tools needed to live beyond a poverty cycle by helping them build a sustainable and sufficient career for themselves and their family members.

Beneficiaries include primary, secondary, and tertiary institution’s students with financial challenges for the pursuit of their educational careers.

There are no gender restrictions in Grace Foundation programs.

They don’t only workaround educational empowerment alone, but they also conduct Enterprise Training, Girls’ Education, and Employment.

2. Britain-Nigeria Educational Trust – Education to Nigeria (BNET)

The Britain-Nigeria Educational Trust is a UK based foundation that is aimed at promoting friendship & understanding between the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

This organization provides financial support to encourage the growth and expansion of education in Nigeria.

Please kindly note that BNET does not fund the actual building of structures nor individual tuition fees.


3. Tanimu Foundation – Educational Grants for Nigeria Students.

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