NECO Registration 2022 Form Out [Starting & Closing Date] Fee & Portal

Welcome to the NECO Registration Form for 2021 and the online registration guidelines for 2021 candidates.

The NECO registration starting date and closing date (registration deadline) for 2021 will be made known here.

Other information on the NECO Registration fee for 2021 and how much is the total cost and price for registration will also be discussed.

Now, you want to know if the NECO Registration form for 2021 is Out, right?

If yes, then this information is good for you and will enlighten you on that including the step-by-step guide for online registration on the registration portal.

When is NECO 2021 registration starting & Closing?

The National Examination Council which is simply known as NECO has released the basic information regarding 2021 NECO Internal and external SSCE and GCE candidates’ registration.

Recently, the National Examination Council (NECO) SSCE registration for 2021 has been extended to start from March 30th 2021 and end on 21st June 2021 and the registration will be in two categories.

The first will be for internal or school candidates (candidates currently in school) while the second is for external or private candidates (candidates not in School)

The following set of questions will be answered on this page:

How Much Is NECO Registration Fee for 2021?

The 2021 NECO Registration fee is Twelve Thousand Naira (N12,000) only for both internal & External SSCE candidates. This fee is non-refundable.

To register for the 2021 NECO exam, candidates are to obtain a draft and pay a non-refundable fee of N12,000 (Twelve Thousand Naira) Only.

All Payment is to be done via bank draft or to the school management if you are doing internal registration. Other approved outlets to make your payment includes:

  • NECO office
  • Banks
  • NIPOST offices

Note: 99% of NECO Questions are usually set from Past Questions. So we have solved and compiled about 500 past questions and solved answers for each NECO subjects. Get it here.

How to Register for NECO 2021 @Registration portal

First and foremost, candidates are to make their registration fee payment and thereafter follow the procedures below to register via the NECO registration portal.

Like I said earlier, the NECO SSCE registration is in 2 categories. The first for internal or school candidates (candidates currently in school) while the second is for external or private candidates (candidates not in School).

Registration Procedure for internal or school candidates:

If you want to register for the 2021 NECO exam as an internal or school candidates, then the following are the procedures for you to follow:

image showing NECO registration procedures and steps

  • Go to the registration portal @
  • Tap on the option that reads Go to SSCE Internal Site”
  • Enter your Username, Password, and Operator ID
  • Tap on “Login” to proceed to the registration dashboard

Registration Procedure for External/Private Candidates

NECO Candidates that want to register for the 2021 NECO exam as external or private candidates, should follow are the procedures below to register:

  • Visit the registration portal @
  • Click on the screen-option that reads Go to SSCE External Site”
  • Enter your Username, and Password
  • Tap on “Login” to proceed to the registration dashboard

Please, candidates, are advised to follow the proper registration procedure.

It is advisable to register under a school or at a cyber cafe’ if you are not familiar with online registrations.

Candidates are to provide or capture a passport during the registration and do biometric fingerprint thumb-printing.

Fingerprint Verification is very important and candidates who don’t do it will not be allowed to write the exam.

Registration Verification, validation, and NECO offline App

NECO offline App for 2021 registration:

With the help of the NECO Offline App, candidates can register for the exam offline.

But for now, all registration is to be done online registration.

  • Download the NECO Offline App @

Is NECO registration still on? Yes!!! interested candidates can still register for the 2021 NECO exam as long as the registration portal is still open for registration.

But kindly know that all registration whether internal or external must be completed before the deadline to avoid invalid and rejected applications.

Registration Starting and Closing date (Registration Deadline for 2021)

The 2021 NECO registration starting and the closing date (registration deadline) for 2021 has been extended to start from March 30th 2021 to 21st June 2021. Interested candidates are to note that the NECO exam registration will start from March 2021 and close on 21st June 2021. 

Meanwhile, the main NECO SSCE examination for 2021 will start on August 2021 (immediately the WAEC Exam is completed) and end around October 2021.

View and download the correct NECO Timetable for 2021. In the timetable, the NECO exam 2021 starting date is indicated and the schedule for each subject is also indicated.


Good Facts about NECO registration:

  • The registration fee is nonrefundable
  • All candidates are to register under a school except for NECO GCE candidates.
  • Candidates are to choose and sit for a minimum of 8 subjects and a maximum of 9 subjects.
  • Best grades are A, B, or C. Any grade lower than C is poor and any grade lower than D fails.
  • It is advisable for candidates to register for both WAEC and NECO. In case they don’t make it in one, they will make it in the other.

That was just the basic information on the 2021 NECO Registration for 2021 internal school candidates and external private candidates.

The registration starting date and closing date (registration deadline) for 2021 will be made known here very soon. So keep visiting this page for more updates.

If you found this guide helpful, THEN request that you share it with others who may also benefit from it.

If you are still having any kind of difficulty that you want me to assist you with, then feel free to use the comment section to reach out to “Studentmajor Mentor”.

  1. Is Neco registration closed for the year??
    Please let me know because some people are saying it will close on the 21st of June while some are saying it has already closed

  2. Please want to study political science or music and my Eng Lang is D7, my maths is F9, compt D7, econs D7, others B and C! Would they give me admision?

  3. Plese this is my NECO result, can I gain admision to study music or political science with it or I should rewrite?

    ENG LANG D7.
    LIT IN ENG C6.
    CRS B3.
    CIVIC C5.
    GOVT C6.
    MATHS F9.
    Pls reply me, thanks.

  4. Hello. Please can I make a complete registration for Neco at Neco’s office in Lagos without going through school as an external ? Also will both external and internal write the exam together? Thanks

  5. Actually I wrote waec last two year my physics and other candidates was cancelled can I do combination with Neco results this year to gain admission

  6. Is it possible to write neco this year and obtain jamb form next year, is the neco result not going to expire?

    1. The O’level subject combination for computer science is:
      English Language
      Further Mathematics

  7. The Neco exam will commence on what date please??… ‘Cause Lot’s of rumors are spreading, just want to be sure

  8. I have been out of school since 1996 and did not make my papers in WAEC. And now I want to register for NECO internal because there is a demand of it urgently in my place of work and if I should wait for external it might be too late.
    Please can I go ahead and register an internal NECO with a school.

  9. Pls can I write neco external exam and also b able 2 use it 4 this year jamb
    If so when is d registration starting

  10. Please is the closing date for NECO registration 4th may both for internal and external NEco examinations?

  11. Here is the update of my waec
    Marketing B3
    CRS C4
    Government C5
    Lit in English D7
    Civic C5
    English D7
    Igbo D7
    Mathematics B3
    Biology B3

    What subjects should I register in NECO?
    I want to study public administration.

      1. Please can i register for neco
        Cause in my waec have E8 in English
        And D7 in my literature and I want to studies art

  12. Wanna write neco this year.
    Is there any neco office in mowe/ibafo ogun state?
    If yes, where precisely?

  13. Sir Pls, I Want To Study Biocro Biology In School And Though I Dnt Need Physics, I Failed Just Physics, I Got E8, Can I Stil Write Jamb Like That? Would Imsu Accept Me

  14. Can complete registration proccess take place at a neco office and what are the documents to be handed me as the evidence that I have registered correctly therefrom?

  15. The closing date of 4th May is it for both External and Internal Candidates

    And when will Exam for External Candidates Commerce

  16. I cleared all subjects in my neco except maths. my question is can I use two neco results to apply admission?

  17. Pls sir I have d7 in my math days was waec gce
    So I want to resit for neco this year and jamb also how can I do it
    Can I do jamb only and use my waec gce result but I had d7 in math
    Which uni take d7 in math

    1. It depends on the course you wish to apply for. Generally, you can write NECO and JAMB in the same year.

  18. Hello sir,
    Pls can you update me once the 2021/2022 Neco/GCE form is out and secondly can I register for the Neco and jamb this year?

  19. Please I want to get updated if neco registration start .
    And I want to ask I failed only one subject in my waec and I want to write neco this year also I want register jamb this year what am i going to do please

    1. You can still use your waec result of only, the subject u failed is not one of your core subjects. Moreover, u can write NECO and JAMB in the same year.

      1. It’s one of my core subject Sir I don’t know may be i can put awaiting result for that one subject in jamb

  20. Please can i write neco this year and then write waec and jamb next year?Hope there will not be any miss of year when i will apply my uneversity.

  21. Is there any additional charges outside or apart from the #12000 you mentioned for Neco registration especially for school candidates, im asking this question in my capacity as exams officer, so that i can take an informed decision on the amount to collect from candidates willing to pay for the registration, thanks

    1. All schools are to charge the stipulated amount as stated by NECO. If there are extra charges by your school, then that should be for other services your offer to your students and not as part of the registration fee.

    2. I want to confirm if the registration and capturing are done differently or at the same time cuz l just did registration and they said l will come back for capturing

  22. I want to register for Neco but the ego there is that I have credit in physics maths, but English I got below credit can a polytechnic offer me an admission

  23. Pls I want to register for NECO and JAMB at the same time .. can I make use of my NECO results the same year for my JAMB

    1. Yes!!! When registering JAMB, make sure you put “awaiting result” in the space that they ask for your O’level.

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