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Towson University Acceptance Rate and Admission Information |

When I was researching to apply to colleges, I was not aware I should consider more than just the prestige or program offerings of the prospective institutions. What many of us often do not realize is that the acceptance rate at US colleges can vary. There are several factors to consider when choosing which school you will attend.

If you are technically savvy, you might have worked with the college websites to find out their admission rate, but what about the acceptance rate? This is certainly one measure of your chances of getting admitted to the university. Let us now study the acceptance rate at Towson University.

The Acceptance rate at Towson University is 76.3%. This is the percentage of students admitted out of all students who applied in 2020.

Now, what is the Acceptance Rate of a University?

The acceptance rate at a university is the rate at which students who applied to the university are accepted.

A university will have a set of requirements and standards for admission, called the “Criteria for Admission”. These criteria include GPA, SAT or ACT scores, and class rank. The admission board reviews these scores, then grades, and decides if the student qualifies to attend a university.

Though it can vary depending on the country of the university. Each University in the USA will have a different acceptance rate. This rate varies because of the criteria that they use to judge a student’s qualifications.

Factors affecting Acceptance Rate of a University

The more competitive the school, the lower its acceptance rate. For example, an Ivy League school will have an acceptance rate of 5%, while a less competitive school will have 30%.

The acceptance rate at a university also depends on the requirements, standards, and requirements that a specific university has. For example, a university may require a certain GPA for acceptance, or a certain ACT or SAT score. These two factors can influence a university’s acceptance rate.

The acceptance rate can also be affected by other factors. For instance, if a student has a high percentage of scholarship money, the student may be accepted to the college ahead of the student who does not have scholarship money. This is major because they have lower requirements for admission.

Another factor that can influence the acceptance rate is the number of applicants per school. If fewer applications are submitted than there are spots available, then the acceptance rate will be higher. However, if there are more applications than there are spots, the acceptance rate will be lower.

About Towson University

Towson University is a public teaching and research university located in Towson, Maryland, United States. It is part of the University System of Maryland.

Founded in 1866 as Maryland’s first training school for teachers, Towson still executes its mission in educating Teachers. Offering over 90 undergraduate and graduate programs leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in the liberal arts and sciences, teacher education, accounting, business administration, social work, nursing practice, engineering technology, landscape architecture, and visual art.

Towson University is the second-largest university in the prestigious University System of Maryland (12th-largest public university system in the United States). It is also a founding member of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities.

Towson University Admissions

Undergraduates Admission Requirements vary per faculty and department from Management to Education. With an acceptance rate of 76.3%, Towson University ranks among the best colleges in the United States with easy to navigate Undergraduate admission processes and requirements.

Firstly, you will submit the regular Application with all your required materials, then send your official high school transcripts including your activities and essay. After these, you will be sending your official high school transcripts and optionally, Submit Test Scores.

Though there is no requirement of the SAT or ACT for admissions review. If test scores are submitted with an application, they will be considered but will not negatively impact an application for admission.

Check or contact them for more here.

Towson university application deadline

As a freshman, if you’re a Fall Applicant, the admissions application deadline is January 15 and December 1 for Early Action & Honors College. And if you’re a Spring Applicant, the admissions application deadline is November 15 and it remains open depending on the space availability.

As a Graduate Applicant, if you’re a Fall Applicant, the admissions application deadline is August 15. And as a Spring and Summer Applicant, the admissions application deadline is January 7 and May 1 respectively.

Is Towson University a good college?

Ranking number 99 amongst National Public Universities in US News & World Report’s Publication on “2022’s Best College Ranking“. The number 1 Best value Maryland public university by “Money Magazine”. Towson is a university with excellent academic programs. The campus is well-appointed, quiet, and Green.

Towson University is rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, offering 110-plus majors, concentrations, and tracks in the liberal arts and sciences, business, education, fine arts, and health professions.

With 85% of 2019 Towson graduates employed or in grad school, you’ll be building real-world experience through around 8,100 internships annually, service, research, and study abroad. You can explore new interests and make friends by getting involved in clubs and organizations.

Towson University has small class sizes. Meaning professors will know you by name, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for one-on-one interactions.

Towson’s location in Baltimore, Maryland, offers the best of both worlds: a great urban setting, with access to some of East Coast’s best museums, theatres, sports, and restaurants. And as an NCAA Division I athletics program, Towson University offers 17 men’s and 16 women’s intercollegiate sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Towson university tuition?

As at 2019/2020, In-state tuition 10,198 USD, Out-of-state tuition 24,334 USD.

Is it hard to get Towson Uni?

With an acceptance rate of 76.3%, students that get in usually have an average ranging from 1060-1220 in SAT score or 20-25 in average ACT score. 

What GPA do you need to get into Towson?

Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, have completed 60 units or more, and have received a B or higher in all their required classes.

Can I get into Towson with a 2.7 GPA? 

It is close to impossible, however, an average of 1% of accepted students entered with a 2.7 GPA. Towson University applicants have an average GPA of 3.61 on a 4.0 scale. This is a very decent GPA, and they are competing with other colleges for quality students who have done well in high school.

Is Towson University in a safe area?

In 2019, Towson University came in 2nd place for the number of reported safety-related incidents involving students while on campus, and this was higher than 3,990 of the 3,701 colleges and universities that reported crime and safety data.

Is Towson a black school?

If you’re interested in attending a Historically Black College or University (HBCU), you should know that Towson University is not one. However, it still offers plenty of diversity.

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