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Elon Acceptance Rate

Elon university is a prestigious institution that you will be glad to attend. If you wish to apply, details like the Elon acceptance rate and more will help your research.

Elon Acceptance Rate

Elon University has a 78.4 percent overall acceptance rate in Fall 2020, with over 10,000 applications received.

Elon University is becoming increasingly tough to get admission to, as you can see. Elon University will most certainly become even more competitive by the time you apply if this trend continues.

The acceptance rate alone does not reflect your chances of being admitted to Elon University; rather, it provides a high-level knowledge of genuine competitiveness.

Case study:

The admission rate at Elon university is 78.44%, and the yield is 20.14 percent for 2019-20. Elon University received 3,709 men and 6,791 women applications, and 2,963 men and 5,273 women were admitted. The institution enrolled 628 males and 1,031 women among them as of Fall 2019.


Elon Acceptance Rate

About Elon University

Elon University is a private, Christian university in Elon, North Carolina, in a suburban environment. Elon University was founded in 1889 and today has a student body of roughly 7,117, including 6,291 undergraduates.

The Arts and Sciences, Business, and Communications degrees are the most popular at Elon. In addition, a good 12-to-1 student/faculty ratio supports academics on campus.

Note: Fraternities/sororities, club sports, and performing arts groups are among the clubs and organizations students can join. In addition, Elon is a member of the NCAA Colonial Sporting Association.

Up to 4,096 students can be housed at Elon University. The majority of students reside on campus, and all first-year students must live on campus. During the weekends, around 75% of students remain on campus.

Elon University’s endowment was worth $259.167 million in 2021, according to its market value. For each full-time student enrolled, the university spends roughly $17,855. Elon University has around 13 undergraduate students for every full-time faculty.

How many majors does Elon have?

Elon University offers 93 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs. Last year, 153 students completed the Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication program, while 142 students completed the Finance program.

Elon University offers various majors to students and candidates.

The multiple majors include Finance, General; Speech Communication and Rhetoric; Marketing/Marketing Management, General; Psychology; Business Administration and Management, General; Public Health Education and Promotion; Accounting; Political Science and Government, General; International/Globalization Studies; and Radio and Television are among the most popular majors at Elon University. In addition, the average freshman retention rate is 90%, which is a good sign of student happiness.

What GPA is required for Elon?

Elon University’s average GPA is 4.0. Therefore, with a GPA of 4, you must be at the top of your class at Elon University.

To compete with other candidates, you’ll need near-perfect A’s in all of your subjects. In addition, it would help if you took challenging programs, such as AP or IB courses, to demonstrate that college-level academics are simple.

Note: It isn’t easy to modify your GPA in time for college applications if you’re presently junior or senior. If overall GPA is below the institution’s standard of 4, you’ll need a better SAT or ACT score to make up the difference. This will enable you to compete among candidates with better GPAs successfully.

Elon University does have a GPA requirement.

This average GPA indicates that Elon University is extremely selective; the most qualified candidates from across the world have already applied to the institution in the hopes of enrolling, and you must outperform them.

In general, Elon University is a stretch if your GPA is less than 3.98.

On the other hand, Elon University evaluates the entire application, and we may compensate for a low GPA with additional elements that we’ll detail below. So if your grade point average is 3.98 or higher, you’re in the sweet spot.

What SAT score do you need to get into Elon?

At Elon University, you must have a minimum SAT score of 1238 on a 1600-point scale. The average SAT score at Elon University is 1190 points.

Your SAT score should be close to the average if you want to be considered for Elon University. You’ll probably have a harder problem getting approved if your score is closer to 1100. It will help if you strive for a score of 1280 to be considered a “target” school, that is, one that you are likely to get into.

According to these admissions statistics, most of Elon’s accepted students score in the top 35% nationwide on the SAT.

Note: 50% of students accepted to Elon scored between 590 and 660 on the evidence-based reading and writing component, with 25% scoring below 590 and 25% scoring above 660.

Nearly half of the students accepted candidates scored between 570 and 660 on the arithmetic part, with 25% scoring below 570 and 25% scoring above 660. Elon will give priority to applicants who have a composite SAT score of 1320 or higher.


The highest Section is Elon University’s score choice policy.

Super scoring is another name for this. This implies you have complete control over the SAT exams you send to school. Your application reviewers will take into account your top section scores from all of the SAT dates you provide out of all of the scores they receive.

As a result, if your SAT super score is below 1150, we highly advise you to consider retaking the SAT. You have a strong probability of improving your score, which will help you gain admission.

What is the average ACT score for Elon University?

Elon University has a 27-point ACT average. Elon University’s ACT score places it in the Moderately Competitive category. Even though Elon University presumably states that there is no minimum ACT score requirement if you apply with a 25 or lower.

Note: you have complete discretion over the exams you send to universities when you transmit ACT results. You may take ten tests and send the one that scored the highest. Unlike the SAT, which requires you to send all of your previous exams, many colleges do not need you to send all of your last examinations.


According to these statistics, most of Elon’s accepted students score in the top 22 percent nationwide on the ACT. In addition, a cumulative ACT score of 25 to 30 was attained by the middle 50% of candidates enrolled to Elon, with 25% scoring above 30 and 25% scoring below 25.

The ACT writing portion is not required at Elon University. Elon University, unlike many other colleges, considers your top sub-scores from numerous ACT sittings.


The ACT is not typically super score by most universities. Superscore refers to the school combining your best section scores from all exam dates to produce the highest possible composite score. As a result, most colleges will only consider your best ACT score from one session.

Elon University, on the other hand, appears to outscore the ACT in our research. Although we couldn’t confirm it directly from the school’s admissions page, many sources affirm that the AC is superscoreable at the institution.

Elon university Admission process

Elon University admissions are more stringent, with a 72 percent acceptance rate and a 67.6 percent early acceptance rate. Elon University admits half of its candidates with SAT scores ranging from 1140 to 1320 or ACT scores of 25 to 30.

However, one-fourth of accepted candidates received scores higher than these ranges, while the other quarter received lower scores. Elon University charges a $60 application fee and has a deadline of January 10th.

Keynote: It asks candidates to submit their GPA, Rank, High School Record (or Transcript), and Completion of a College Preparatory Program. The school suggests high School GPA and High School Rank. The application criteria for Elon University are summarized in the table below.

In addition to grades and test scores, Elon offers a comprehensive admissions process that considers a variety of variables. Participation in relevant extracurricular activities and a demanding academic schedule, as well as a good application essay and a letter of recommendation, can help you stand out.

First-Year Application

The application for Elon’s first-year undergraduate program is available online. Unless you’ve been granted a fee waiver, you’ll need a credit card to apply. Elon University’s admissions process is quite tricky. For the 1,745 slots in the first-year class, almost 17,000 applications have been received.


  • Non-refundable and completed application The cost is $60.
  • Transcript of your senior year
  • Also attached to the application is a completed school report.
  • Non-refundable and completed application The cost is $60.
  • Transcripts/Records from High School and Secondary School
  • Test results (SAT or ACT) (optional)
  • Scores on the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Exam
  • Report Card on a School

Elon University does not require students to take an exam. Instead, the academic record (including courses taken, grades earned, and class standing) is the essential consideration in the admissions decision, followed by the application essay.

An SAT or ACT score is not required for admission to the university. However, management potential, extracurricular and service-related activities, exceptional abilities, and the capacity to contribute constructively to the school community are all considered.

Transfer student Application

Elon University is a national leader in student achievement. Our team is ready to assist you with transferring to our nationally ranked university. Elon University is the ideal pick because of its hands-on learning, innovative teaching and mentorship programs, and high graduation rate.

A transfer student at Elon has completed 12 transferred credit hours after high school graduation and has a minimum GPA of 2.7.


  • The application must be filled out entirely and is non-refundable. The price is $60.
  • The Deans of all colleges attended must submit the Student Conduct Form to establish eligibility.
  • Official transcripts from all two- and four-year colleges/universities attended are required.
  • The last official transcript from high school
  • As an applicant, you must submit your applications by January 10th.
  • The school’s applications entail an audition and are only open to applicants in the fall.

You should apply as a transfer if you are presently enrolled in your first semester and have completed at least 12 semester hours. In addition, please submit a first-year application if you are a part-time student or have fewer than 12 semester hours.

What is Elon university’s tuition fee per year?

Undergraduate tuition and fees at Elon University are $37,921 for the school year 2020-2021. For the school year 2021-2022, the expected undergraduate tuition and fees are $39,321.

The cost of undergraduate education in 2021 has increased by 3.69% over the last year. For both on-campus and off-campus stays, living expenditures climbed by 2.98% over the previous year. Its undergraduate tuition and costs are somewhat more than the average tuition and fees at similar colleges.

How much does it cost to go to Elon University for 4 years?

The expected four-year tuition for students enrolled in Fall 2021 is $161,026. Before obtaining any financial help, the estimate does not include the cost of books, supplies, or living expenses.

Estimate 4-year total expenses of attendance and after financial help using the other tabs. The following table displays the projected tuition and fees for the next five admittance years across four years.

Does Elon University give financial aid?

Elon University has provided federal, state, local, institutional, or other categories of grant aid to 3,403 students, or 56% of the total 6,045 undergraduate students.

An approximate amount of money given out is $14,442. Thus, 74% of the 1,573 enrolled first-time, full-time commencing freshmen students received financial help, with the average amount of aid received being $14,528.






























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