JAMB CAPS Admission Status 2020/2021 |How to Check, Accept or Reject

This is a guide on how to check the 2020 JAMB CAPS Admission Status and how to Accept, or Reject Admission. Additionally, I have also explained all the necessary admission status messages that you will possibly see on JAMB CAPS and their meanings.

Other Questions like how do I check my 2020/2021 JAMB admission status and how do I accept or reject admission on JAMB CAPS, or others like, has JAMB started giving admission in 2020 will also be answered as you read down.

All the 2020 aspirants candidates that applied for admission at various institutions in Nigeria are now eligible to check and print their admission status on JAMB CAPS. Therefore, JAMB CAPS 2020/2021 portal is now active for checking, Accepting, or Rejecting Admissions. Follow the steps below to check yours.

How to Check 2020/2021 Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Checker Portal

Below are the complete steps to check your admission status and know if you have been offered admission. Please, kindly read down to see all the JAMB CAPS Admission status messages and their meanings.

This is how to check, accept or reject JAMB CAPS Admission Status on JAMB admission checker Portal. Meaning of Admission in progress and not admitted?

  1. Use a mobile phone or PC to do this, and remember, the recommended phone browser to use if you are using a mobile phone or PC is Chrome or Firefox. Opera mini will not work well for this.
  2. Visit the JAMB CAPS admission checker portal @ https://jamb.gov.ng/EfacilityLogin
  3. Enter your valid login details (JAMB Email and Password) and tab “Login” to proceed”
  4. When you are logged in, navigate to the right side, where you will see “Check Admission Status” and tab on it.
  5. Check the left side panel, and tab on Admission status and your details and Admission status will be displayed.

How to Accept or Reject Admission on JAMB CAPS?

It is advisable to Accept your admission if you have been offered admission because a deadline date has been set. If admitted candidates do not accept or Reject their admission within the stipulated time, their admission will be forfeit. But make sure you check the following before Accepting or rejecting any offered admission:

  1. Check the institution that offers you admission.
  2. Also, check the course you have been offered Admission on.
  3. Below your admission status will be two options. One of the options is “Accept Admission” and the other is “Decline Admission”.
  4. These two options will only be active if you have been given admission. But these buttons will be inactive if you have not been offered admission.

Bonus: If you have been admitted, then print your JAMB Admission letter here

Common Problems Associated with JAMB CAPS Admission Status and their meanings: Many candidates have been complaining of some JAMB CAPS Admission status that they see when the checked their admission status. So many are curious to know the meaning of their admission status. So Studentmajor.com has taken note of those problems and have compiled solutions to all of them as follows:

1. Why is JAMB CAPS showing only “Welcome but Blank”?

If you are one of the candidates facing this challenge, then you should know that your JAMB CAPS is showing only Welcome but Blank because your device is not compatible with viewing your JAMB Admission status contents.

Your JAMB CAPS has displayed your JAMB Admission status but your phone is only able to display “welcome” because your phone/browser cannot display the other details.

The solution to this: The only solution here is to select the 3 dotted lines that look like this ⋮ at the top right corner of your phone browser and then mark the ‘Desktop site‘. With this, your phone will now be using a Desktop Version that can view your complete 2020 JAMB Admission status.

For a better experience, you are advised to use a computer to check your 2020 JAMB Admission status. But if you are using a phone, then make sure you use browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

What Does it mean when JAMB CAPS says not admitted?

Seeing this message on your JAMB CAPS Admission status doesn’t mean you will not be admitted. The message is only trying to notify you that there’s no admission given to you by any school yet.

The solution to this: At this point, you are advised to wait for your schools to conclude their post UTME admission process. They will start giving admission (including you). They will continually send lists of their newly admitted candidates to JAMB to upload it to the candidate’s JAMB CAPS Admission status.

3. What does admission in progress mean on JAMB CAPS?

If your JAMB CAPS is showing “Admission In progress”, then that is a simple notification to tell you that JAMB has received your name as one of the candidates that have been considered for admission in the school you apply for. But the reason for the delay is because JAMB wants to confirm if your school followed the laid down rules/principles in giving you the admission.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO AT THIS POINT? Your admission is sure at this point. So all you need to do is to be happy and get ready for school. There’s a high level of guarantee that you will be admitted when you see this message on your 2020 JAMB Admission status on JAMB CAPS.

Just wait for JAMB to complete their checking and make sure you keep on checking your status all the time so as to know when you have been finally admitted.

4. JAMB CAPS shows “Congratulations, you’ve been offered Admission” what’s the meaning of this. CONGRATULATIONS to all candidates that see this message on their 2020 JAMB Admission Status on JAMB CAPS. This message simply means that you have been offered a provisional Admission.

PLS NOTE THIS: All Candidates who used awaiting O’level results during their JAMB registration must make sure they upload their O’level results on JAMB Portal before they can be offered admission.

How to Upload O’level Result on JAMB CAPS/Portal:

Upload your O’level result on JAMB CAPS Portal here

What to do after accepting admission on caps?

There’s nothing else you need to do than to accept or reject the admission and proceed to print your school and JAMB admission letter.

  • If you have not admitted yet, then you don’t have to kill yourself. Just wait and keep on checking your JAMB Admission status on JAMB CAPS.
  • Check and confirm if your O’level result was successfully uploaded on JAMB CAPS / JAMB Portal. All Candidates who used awaiting O’level results during their JAMB registration must make sure they upload their O’level results before they can be offered admission.

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