Code for Checking 2021 JAMB Result With Phone Through SMS/Text

On this page, I will be sharing the easy code for checking the 2021 JAMB Result by phone through SMS. The code for checking the 2021 JAMB result is 55019. See how to do it below↓

Candidates that have been searching for how to check their JAMB Result through message should kindly follow the guidelines below to check theirs.

Additionally, you will also learn how to use only your JAMB reg number to check your result. See the code for checking the 2021 JAMB result through SMS.

How to check JAMB result via SMS using code

This method will guide you on how to check your 2021 JAMB result with your mobile phone through SMS.

image showing the code for checking 2021 JAMB result Through SMS/Text message

To check your 2021 JAMB Result with your phone via SMS, kindly go to your ‘Message’ and type ‘RESULT’, your surname, your first name, and your middle name, and then send it to 55019.

Note; Checking JAMB Result 2021 through Text Message will cost you N50.

  • Text “RESULT” to 55019 with the Phone number you registered JAMB with.
  • Wait to receive a message containing your result.


Note the following: You must do this with the phone number you registered with JAMB and you will be charged N50 per SMS.

Alternatively, you can also use the methods listed below↓ to check your 2021 JAMB result for free.

How to check JAMB result 2021/2022 on the JAMB website

Alternatively, you can use the method listed below↓ to check your 2021 JAMB result for free via JAMB Result Portal.

  1. Visit JAMB website @ Portal. Or open a new tab and type “
  2. Log in with the required Login details and then click on “Check My Results”
  3. At this point, your 2021 JAMB Result will show up on your screen. You can download and print it out.

How to Check your JAMB Result 2021 using your phone or PC

  1. Go to
  2. A page will come up and you will have to input your JAMB Reg. number in the space and tab on “Check my result”.
  3. At this point, your 2021 JAMB Result will show up on your screen. You can download and print it out.

Note: This result is not the Original JAMB Result. This Result is called “JAMB Result Notification”. To check and print your Original JAMB Result, follow the guide below↓

How to Print Original JAMB Result 2021

To print your original 2021 JAMB results follow the steps below↓ Print the Original JAMB result here.

  1. Go to your JAMB e-facility account via and login with the needed login details.
  2. After you might have successfully logged in, check on the left sidebar and tap on “Print Result Slip”
  3. At this point, your details and transaction ID will be shown because you will be required to pay N1,000 for your Original JAMB Result.
  4. Tap on “Continue to Payment” and tap on “Pay Now”.
  5. Choose the payment method you want to use. The available methods are: through MasterCard, Internet banking, etc.
  6. Enter your CARD details and tab on “Submit” to proceed.
  7. At this point, you will have to wait for the payment to be completed. Once payment is completed, you will be asked for the following details:
    • Your Exam year and
    • Your JAMB Reg. Number.
  8. Immediately you provide these details, your Original JAMB Result will be made available. At this point, you can download and print your Original JAMB Result.

Note: The JAMB Original Result Slip must have your passport on it and it is this your Original JAMB result that will be required for admission.

Common 2021 JAMB Result Checking Challenges and their Solutions

Many candidates will see a message like “You Do Not Have Any Result Yet” when they try to check their 2021 JAMB  Result”

jamb 3

If you want to check your JAMB result but receive such an awful and annoying response, then you have to relax and recheck later.

What that message means is that JAMB is still in the process of uploading the results of the center and your Batch.

JAMB Results are usually released in batches. So even if someone wrote the same day as you happen to see his/her result, you will still need to stay calm and wait for yours because your Result can never be forfeit.

What to do next after seeing your JAMB 2021/2022 Result.

If you have checked or seen your 2021 JAMB Result and you did well, then all you should do now is to go ahead and use your JAMB Result to Apply for admission to your desired institution.

How to use your JAMB Result to Apply for Admission

JAMB Score is one of the most needed and most compulsory criteria for gaining admission in 2021 into any Tertiary institution. So now that you have checked and verified that you have passed the 2021 JAMB Exam, you should go ahead and:

  1. Check Your school / JAMB and Departmental cut-Off mark needed for admission.

Recommended: Check 2021 JAMB and Departmental cut off mark Requirements for Admission in all institutions in Nigeria here or read down↓ to see it.

  1. If your score is low and does not meet your School and departmental required JAMB cut-off Mark listed here, then consider Changing of Institution or course here.
  2. Upgrade your 2021 JAMB Result here

Hope you found this guide on how to check JAMB result using Text message or SMS very helpful and useful?

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  1. I just write my jamb and scored 180!! Pls which school will accept this score for Mechanical Engineering?

  2. Hello Mentor, My name is Blessing from River state, I am one of the 202 candidate. and i receive sms from jamb that i score 153 and my cut off mark is 250. What should I do?

    1. Sorry about that Blessing… There are still better schools that can admit you with that score… Check the list of schools that Accepts low Jamb Score of 150 for admission and do change of Institution or Course following This Guide Here

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