JAMB Questions and Answers 2022/2023 for all Subjects

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See free JAMB Questions and Answers 2021/2022 for all subjects and their CBT solutions and expos for 2021 candidates. This material is to help all JAMB candidates with free JAMB Questions and Answers 2021 expo for all subjects.

We on studentmajor don’t charge anything for giving candidates this JAMB Questions and Answers expo guides and breakdown solutions.

As such, I advise candidates to stay calm and go through this material carefully for the solutions for the first batch, second batch, and third batch writing their papers today.

JAMB Questions and Answers Expo 2021

Ever wondered how to write this JAMB CBT Exam and come out with a good grade? If your answers is yes, then here are the best JAMB Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (CBT) Solutions I will ever recommend to any JAMB Candidate.

Pls take note: Before you can succeed in this JAMB Exam, you must understand how the UTME Computer Based Test (CBT) works.

JAMB Questions and Answers (CBT) for all Subjects: Solution Expo hints for first, second and Third batch (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Set) Morning...

Like I said before, this tutorial today is for the candidates that are looking for JAMB Questions and Answers.

Please, I will advise you to take your time and follow this step by step guide because it will really help you to pass this JAMB Exam. Below are the best JAMB Expos that will help you get your JAMB Solution for free.

Solved Questions and Answers for All JAMB Subjects 2021

JAMB Questions and Answers 2021 for all Subjects – Select each Subject below to view its Questions and Answers

Quick JAMB Answers Computer  Shortcuts

Don’t allow the dragging of the mouse to waste your time. Below are simple Computer short cut Keys that you can use to answer your JAMB Questions without a mouse.

The eight keyboard shortcuts keys you can use to answers JAMB Questions without mouse are: Button ABCDPNS, and R.

  • A: Press button A if you want to choose option as your correct option.
  • B: Press button B if you want to choose option B as your correct option.
  • C: Press button C if you want to choose option C as your correct option.
  • D: Press the button D if you want to choose option D as your correct option
  • P: Press the button P if you want to go to your previous question.
  • N: Press the button N if you want to go to your next question.
  • S: If you finish answering the questions and wish to submit, then you can simply press the S button on your keyboard to submit it.
  • R: Press the button R if you want to reverse or undo your Work.


JAMB Expo Runs 2021

  1. When you have 20 or less than 20 minutes left while still left with so many Difficult Questions to attempt, then you may have to stop solving and use our prediction method as explained above. BUT,
  2. Don’t you ever leave, fail, or refuse to answer any question on any subject. Just Choose options randomly and just submit it even if you don’t think they are correct answers. That is better than leaving it completely blank.
  3. Ask your neighbor if possible.
  4. It is advisable to Always start answering from “Use of English paper” and then move to another subject you know best.
  5. Read and understand what the question is asking for before making an attempt of picking an option.
  6. Evaluate each answer option: After you might have finished reading and understanding a question, make an attempt of identifying the right type of answer that will answer the question even before looking at the options. You can do a quick evaluation of the answers, choose the correct option, and move ahead.
  7. Go for the simple questions that you know first.
  8. Eliminate each clearly wrong Answers. If you’re asked Questions like “what gender Is your father”? You don’t need an Oracle to tell you that the correct option will be “male”.
  9. If every other option here fails, then guess like a magician. You may get it correct.

Hope you found this solution on JAMB Questions and Answers 2021 for all subjects solutions helpful and useful? Please share this solutions and drop your comments using the comment box below.

  1. Thanks so much, at least it’s very helpful, I appreciate a lot. Please how can I get answer for the following questions
    1 Government
    2 Use of English
    3 Lit in English
    4 Economics. The intention of studying political science

  2. Sir plz I’m writing mine on Monday plz I need questions on maths,use of English,economics and financial accounting .I’m studying Accounting and it’s actually my first time of writing jamb…

  3. I am grateful actually i have not written jamb before but i sure that i will make it at once

  4. Though I’ve written JAMB before am a little scared but after reading this post I’ve gotten my real self back and by the special grace of the Almighty am going to make it.. thanks for this post it’s really really helpful, God bless you amen!!

  5. A cemeted appreciation sir, I’ve never thought I would come across such a helpful solution thank you so much for all this.
    And actually this also my first time taking jamb God bless sir

  6. Thanks for the help you have done it for me I’ll be writing jamb this year may God see us true amen

  7. Getting along with studentmajor.com was not in vain because this motivated me alot, what a wow!

  8. Wow! This is very helpful. Thank you so much. I am actually a bit scared because i’ll be writing jamb this year.

  9. My name is Funke Fayemi from Ikorodo Lagos State. I am among the people that wrote jamb on Saturday 14/03/2020. I was so happy when I came Across this Studentmajor.com Guide on JAMB Questions and Answers. All I was expecting was JAMB EXPOS but when I came across this post, My mindset changed automatically because this post was more helpful than even expo. I love Studentmajor.com and I promise to always Visit for more guides and solutions..

    1. Thanks FUNKE FAYEMI!!! We are happy that the guide was helpful to you… Please always revisit us and tell your friends about us so that the can join and benefit too!!!

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