IBBU Cut-off Mark For 2021/2022 & All Courses Departmental Cut-off Points

IBBU Cut-off Mark For 2021/2022
IBBU Cut-off Mark For 2021/2022

Looking for the IBBU Cut-Off Mark for 2021?  If yes, then this information is basically for you because on this website, you’ll discover the admission requirements and other relevant details affecting the application.

IBBU Cut-off Mark For 2021/2022
IBBU Cut-off Mark For 2021/2022

The latest update on the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University 2021 admission screening exercise had it that, only aspirants that meet the cut-off mark will be allowed to apply and partake in the IBBU Post UTME admission screening exercise for this year.

The cut-off mark is in two divisions. The first one is the general IBBU cutoff mark while the second is the departmental cut-off mark.

All information that you need on this has been provided on this page. So read down and follow very carefully and treat all the information that you see here as very important.

IBBU Cut-off Mark For 2021/2022

What is IBBU cut-off mark for 2021? The 2021 JAMB cut-off mark for IBBU is 170.

Remember! Like I said earlier, the cut-off mark is divided into the general cut-off mark and the departmental cut-off mark.

The IBBU Lapai general cut-off mark is the cutoff point (JAMB score range) that all applicants must meet to be qualified to apply for admission.

Meeting the general cut-off point which is 170, is not a guarantee that you will be admitted because it is only a criterion for the Post UTME screening.

For any aspirant/applicants to be admitted, such must meet every other outlined requirement needed for admission at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University.

As such, candidates who meet the cut-off mark should also do well to meet every other requirement. You can see the complete IBBU Post UTME admission requirements here.

Another very important requirement is the departmental cut-off point. Meeting the departmental cut-off point gives a better guarantee of admission.

IBBU Departmental Cut-off Point For All Courses.

As I said, the second division of the cut-off mark is the departmental cut-off point.

This is the main deal that will determine if a candidate/applicant is qualified for admission or not.

Anyone that doesn’t meet the cut-off point for his or her course or department will not be admitted even if he or she meets the general JAMB cut-off point.

  • All Engineering courses — 200 or above in jamb and 60% in post-UTME
  • All Basic Medical Sciences courses with a jamb score of 180 or higher and a post-UTME score of 50 percent or higher
  • Law, medicine and surgery, and pharmacy (240 and above in jamb and 85 percent and above in post-UTME) are professional and extremely competitive courses.
  • In some institutions, all agricultural and educational courses are 120–180 percent, with 20 percent and above in post-UTME.
  • All courses in other faculties, such as art, business, physical, and natural sciences, have a JAMB score of 180 or above, and a post-UTME score of 40%.

This is how the calculation goes;

If the first candidate (call it candidate A) scores 181 and the second candidate (call it candidate B) scores 190 and they both want to apply for the same course, they both will be qualified to apply for the Post UTME.

But let’s assume they applied for Microbiology and the departmental cut-off point for microbiology is 185.

This will simply mean that candidate B will be admitted while candidate A will not.

In some cases, meeting the departmental cut-off point might not still mean that you will surely be admitted.

For example;

If a candidate scores 200 and his or her departmental cut-off point happen to be 185, such candidate will be qualified for both the Post UTME screening and admission.

Now, let’s assume the candidate applies for Nursing and the school wants to admit 100 candidates into the department of Nursing.

What will now happen is that, if about 120 candidates score above 200, then any candidate that scores below 200 will not be admitted even if such candidate meets the departmental cut-off point which is set at 185.

The IBBU departmental cut-off mark for all courses including Microbiology, computer science, biochemistry, mass communication, political science, and other education courses offered in the school will be announced soon.

I am sure you have known the cut-off mark/JAMB score that you need to gain admission at IBBU admission in this 2021/2022 academic session.

Do well to share your thoughts below, ask any questions, and make any suggestions using the comment section below.

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