19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

Some recent surveys point out the fact that a majority of students see their dorm rooms as last resort storage units. This means that you need a lot of things stuffed in your tiny dorm room while ignoring some of your belongings in the process. 

If you are heading off to college soon as a freshman or have just moved into a dorm room as a returning student and are overwhelmed by the items you will be bringing along which seem too much for your small spaced dorm room, and need storage ideas, then you are at the right place as we will bring you 19 genius and smart storage tips for your dorm room.

It is no doubt that college dorm rooms are tiny, small, and lack enough storage space most of the time. Hence the need for extra storage space for your items, which always seems not viable. In this situation, your only option is to get creative with how to manage your dorm room space, and how to arrange and store your items in that small spaced dorm room. Here are some of the storage ideas for your dorm room regardless of your status as a freshman or a returning student or even when you go for summer camps in schools and have to use the dorm rooms. 

  1. Storage Nightstand

400;”>Dorm rooms can be very small, but the lack of space does not mean that you cannot keep the things you need, you just have to find a good place to store them.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

Storage nightstands for your dorm room can be a good storage space for your items in your dorm room because most of them are basic in design, you can easily fit them into places where they will not take up too much space.

The key characteristic that makes a storage nightstand attractive is its durability. Since they will be holding your things and sitting on them every day, they need to be durable enough to last a long time without being damaged. It is recommended that you buy one with solid construction and high-quality materials so that it can hold more weight. Storage nightstands can be easily moved in our and out of the dorm, unlike a typical nightstand.

  1.  Bedside Storage

Bedside Storage is a Must-Have for Every Dorm Room. If you’re heading off to college this fall, you might not know what to expect from your new dorm room. If you have a small dorm room, bedside storage can save you space.

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Your bedside could serve as storage when you hand bedside storage where you can keep items such as phone, tablet, remote, journal, and all other items you like to keep very close to you even while on your bed. 

  1. Four Tier Storage Cart

Storage carts are great for dorm rooms because they take up less space than a lot of other options and can be put anywhere. They are also capable of holding a lot of different items like clothes, shoes, books, and electronics.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

If you have a four-tiered storage cart you get three times as much storage area in the same amount of space. Tiers will increase the number of items you can fit into the small space that you have.

  1. Bedside Shelf

The bedside shelf can save you from having to buy a table for keeping your phone, glasses, etc. The bedside shelf can serve you as a nightstand thereby saving space and cost of buying a big and proper nightstand.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

You can also have your morning breakfast on the bed and use your bedside shelf as a table to place your coffee cup. 

  1. Over Fridge Rack

This works just like the but in a different way with the over fridge rack you get a stronger metal built rack with more storage racks and space to fit in your mini dorm fridge and microwave.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

With the over fridge rack, you can vertically store your groceries, beverages, snacks, or any other thing you might need to store. 

  1. Storage Cube with Lid

This cube is multi-functional storage that can be used to store about anything that can fit into it such as extra blankets, sheets, shoes, video games, etc.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

The storage cube can also be used as a seat or footrest. This is possible because of how the storage cube also known as ottoman storage is usually built.  

  1. Over Bed Shelf

The Overbed shelf storage idea is another measure of saving space by going vertical by creating more storage space in your small-looking form room.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

The over-bed shelf offers you the opportunity to store any items that can fit into the tiers of the over-bed storage, especially clothes.  

  1. Cube Storage

These cube storage containers are one of the most used storage containers, this is because many people do not know how or where to pack their clothes, accessories, etc.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

The cube storage provides space for the storage of these items clothes, accessories, etc.  The cube storage provides extra storage for your closet, especially if you have so many clothes. 

  1. Hanging File Folders

This hanging file folder will help you to organize your files in one piece to avoid littering your whole dorm room, with little to no space with papers and documents kept in different sections of the house.

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19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

The hanging file folder is very important to students regardless of where you school or if your take your lectures online, You will still have to deal with paper works and when you do A hanging File. If you 

  1. Over-the-Door Hooks

Your watchword is to maximize the small space you have in your dorm room and mount over the door hooks for the hanging of your clothes, wet towels, your robe, and many other items you may seem fit to be hung on the hooks.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

The over-the-door hooks will save you space on other parts of the dorm, which you can use for fixing other items. 

  1. Hanging Shoe Storage

Just as the name implies this storage device is for storing and keeping shoes but it is not a regular standing shoe rack for the sake of space management you hang these shoe storage on top of any part of the dorm where you so choose.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

The hanging shoe storage is one of the best for maximizing storage space in dorm rooms.   

  1. Under Bed Storage

The under-bed storage comes in very handy for storing seasonal clothes, accessories, and all other items that you wouldn’t use too often.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

The storage is built in the form of a box that is pushed under the bed just as the name implies. The under-bed storage space organizers serve as a great way of saving space in your dorm.   

  1. Collapsible Laundry Basket

You cannot do without laundry even if you do not have to wash very often.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

You need to get a collapsible laundry basket that has sides that can be raised and lower to take advantage of more space in your dorm’s closet when your clothes are clean and accommodate marathon washer/dryer sessions in your dorm’s basement when they’re not.

  1. Basket Tower

400;”>Dorm rooms are small and without enough space most of the time, a small space means a lack of floor space, therefore you have to think of how to organize your belongings vertically and this is where the basket tower comes in handy.

19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas
19 Genius Dorm Room Storage Ideas

The basket tower is made of metals in a hexagonal shape. The basket tower can service to provide extra storage spaces for your beddings, towels, beverages, etc. each of these items can be kept in a separate rack of the basket tower. 

  1. Mounted Mirror Storage

If you will be moving into your dorm room and you plan to carry a full-length wall mirror with you it is good to build into the mirror a storage compartment for your jewelry, your make up kits for women and other people that use make-up, or every other thing that you deem fit to keep in such a storage space. 

  1. Cube Shelves

These cube shelves can serve a great deal in storing valuable items in your dorm room, the cube shelf has similar qualities and looks like the cube storage but these cube shelves are different especially with their arrangement in a vertical format. The cube shelve can serve as front room decor and storage in the sense that your TV can Fit on the shelf, with other electronic items. 

  1. Wall-Mounted Pegboard

The pegboard can be very useful for storage spaces in your dorm room they may seem old-fashioned but it helps create space for you in the dorm room. Wall-mounted pegboard allows you to install baskets, shelves, and other custom organizing options without ruining the walls.

  1. DIY Fold-Down Desk

The DIY fold-down desk ensures you can create a foldable study desk that you can get to close when you are not making use of it. The foldable desk can be fitted to the wall of your closet or any other comfortable space in your room. The foldable desk can be fitted even into the smallest of places. 

  1. Shelving

Shelving vertically or horizontally can be the most versatile organizing choice for you in your dorm room. You can decide to categorize your items according to color, use, or how they are related or their functions. This categorization helps to beautify your dorm room when the shelve arrangement of articles is done superbly.

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How do you maximize storage in a dorm room?

maximizing storage in a dorm room involves deploying several techniques for making maximum use of your dorm room’s small space. Some of the ways to achieve this are getting foldable boxes, under-bed shoe storage, etc. 

 Can you have shelves in a dorm?

Opening shelves is very much allowed in dorms of schools. Shelves might be one of the most versatile organization options for any freshman to the university. 


We have discussed 19 ways you can manage your small dorm space in school as a freshman just heading to college or a returning student. The ideas on storage space management discussed here would be of immense benefit to you when properly implemented. 


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