5 Ways Students Can Be More Eco-Friendly In College Dorm

Ways Students can be more eco friendly i n dorm room
Ways Students can be more eco friendly i n dorm room

5 Ways Students Can Be More Eco-Friendly

The world is trying to conserve as many resources as possible. The aim is to reduce waste, and expenditure, and preserve the available resources for future generations. Students can join the campaigns by beginning to live an eco-friendly life in the college dorm. 

5 Ways Students Can Be More Eco-Friendly
5 Ways Students Can Be More Eco-Friendly

5 Ways Students Can Be More Eco-Friendly

  1. Use of natural and eco lighting
  2. Pack your lunch 
  3. Repurpose old containers 
  4. Use advanced gadgets and electronics
  5. Fix broken taps, electronics, and other gadgets

The college dorm does not give you a lot of flexibility to be environmentally friendly. For instance, you cannot determine the materials to be used in setting up the walls or whether to add wider windows. However, there are steps a student can take to enhance the sustainability of the room and life on campus. Here are a few hints. 

  • Use of natural and eco lighting

Most of the energy in a college room will go-to light and power electronic gadgets. The two aspects end up consuming enormous units of power. The use of electronic gadgets may be inevitable because you need entertainment or to keep your drinks cool in the fridge. Lighting is one of the places you can make huge savings around the dorm. Use “do my chemistry homework” services online to avoid spending too much time in the room while you could engage in more exciting activities outside. 

Most dorms come with enough windows to support natural lighting. However, the attempt to personalize the space will see a student add new lighting fittings. While the extra bulbs or lighting apparatus enhance your room’s appeal, they consume a lot of power. Natural lighting is the best way to avoid such excessive power consumption. 

It is not always that natural lighting will be sufficient. However, utilize it as much as possible. It is especially helpful during the day because it can get to all corners. Avoid obstacles around the window because they block natural light. Open the curtains as wide as possible to bring in a flood of natural light. 

When natural lighting cannot be used, there are environmentally friend options to pick from. Choose bulbs of a reasonable voltage. Technology has enabled bulbs to produce the same quality of light without consuming too much power. Pick such bulbs and lighting apparatus for your dorm. 

  • Pack your lunch 

Food preparation and purchase are expensive ventures. You need a lot of energy to prepare a meal. It is even more expensive to purchase all your foods from the restaurant each day. Prepare and carry packed food to sustain you through the day. 

Preparing a larger quantity of food will save power. You also save the time you would have spent preparing individual meals. For instance, you can prepare supper and stock the same or some of the food for another meal. You avoid dirtying utensils and spending too much energy cooking while it can be conserved for other purposes. 

A little energy wasted each day in one room will accumulate into humongous wastage in the long run. Beyond wasting energy, you waste a lot of time in repetitive activities instead of engaging in singular acts with a greater impact. 

  • Repurpose old containers 

The containers and items in the room do not have to be wasted because they have accomplished their primary purpose. Improvise with the items in the room instead of throwing them away. It will save the resources that would have been used by purchasing new items for other purposes.

Containers are the best items to repurpose around the room. You may use a container to hold your pens instead of buying a new holder. Decorate it with artistic additions like painting or beadwork. It will now serve as a pen holder and decoration at the same time. There are many other angles through which you can repurpose items in the dorm to avoid spending. 

  • Use advanced gadgets and electronics

Technology improves over time. The improvements target increasing efficiency. One of the target areas is always energy consumption. It means that new gadgets and electronics will consume less power than older ones.

Updating your gadgets is one way to live an environmentally friendly life in college. Consider the energy that would be saved if every student used an energy-efficient television, laptop, fridge, or any other electronic in his room. Such electronic devices are the latest models. It would help to have a gadget that is three to five years old or younger. 

  • Fix broken taps, electronics, and other gadgets 

A broken dorm will waste energy. Fix any electronic gadget, water taps, and windows or doors around the dorm. Such measures enhance the efficiency of the room

A broken window, for example, will overwork the AC. If a tap is broken, it spills water into the room. A damaged AC will consume more power trying to achieve a particular performance level. By fixing such faults, you keep the room running efficiently, thereby saving energy. 

An eco-friendly dorm will save energy and make the life of a student more efficient. It also saves money and other resources that would have been used to cover energy losses. Update your systems and gadgets, utilize natural lighting, and improvise around the dorm to make it more energy-efficient. 


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