50 college dorm party ideas

50 college dorm party ideas

College is the time to make new friends and memories that you will remember for the rest of your lives. What better way to make friends than by throwing a party? Whether you are a club leader, a regular individual, or just want to get your friends together, here are 50 college dorm parties where people are guaranteed to have fun.

50 college dorm party ideas

50 college dorm party ideas

1. Throwback Celebration —

Break out the denim outfits to throw it back to the ’90s. You can include some boom boxes for music to really capture the 90’s vibe.

2. Into the Jungle –

Bring out your animal spirit and dress up like snakes, tigers, lions, and more!

3. Rock N’ Roll –

Dress up exactly like your favorite singer and rock band. Heavy eyeliner and Blow-up guitars will help anybody fit right into the party!

4. Masquerade —

Dress up in formal attire with a mask to attend this gala. Only gowns, tuxedos, and great music are allowed. Plus it is fun to keep your identity hidden by walking through the crowd in a mask.

5. Fright Night –

Dress as the scariest monster or ghosts and have the best scary time of your life.

6. Rave Rager –

 Bring forth the neon outfits, glow sticks, and blacklight, for a party that will light up the night.

7. Slumber Party –

Come party in your cutest pyjamas.

8. Decades —

Have everyone dress up like they are from the 60s or 70s or 80s.

9. Dynamic Duos —

Make sure everyone comes with a partner, whether it’s a best friend or a boyfriend, and wear matching outfits, or something that goes together.

10. Anything But Human —

Everyone must dress up as their favorite mythological creature or animal.

11. March Madness —

Represent your favorite team from your favorite sport by wearing their jersey.

12. Meme —

In this time full of memes, why not have everyone dress up as their favorite meme?

13. Vegas —

Party like you are in Las Vegas. Play poker and get drunk all night long.

14. Shipwrecked —

Everyone shows up wearing Hawaiian shirts and chilling out.

15. Graffiti Party —

Make sure everyone shows up wearing a white shirt and hand out markers or even paint they can use to write all over each other.

16. Superhero Shindig –

What’s better than partying? Partying as your favorite superhero. If you are lucky, you could see daredevil kissing Catwoman.

17. Crazy Karaoke –

Channel your inner voice just like Rihanna or Katy Perry for karaoke night. Make sure there is a wide variety of songs that everyone can jam to or enjoy.

18. Casino Night –

Reserve betting chips, a wheel, and all your fake gambling needs for a night to remember. Give everyone a certain amount of chips on entry and watch to see who can make the most with what they have.

19. Fire and Ice –

Choose either the ice theme or the fire theme for your outfit and have your date dress up as the other. This theme will set a stylish scene for a good time.

20. Music Festival –

At this party, Coachella meets Burning Man for a wondrous night to remember. Create a playlist of songs that everyone will love and have fun with.

21. What do you Netflix? –

Pick your preferred Netflix show and go as the actors from Friends or from Breaking bad for a fun-filled night!

22. Blacklight —

Swap out your regular lightbulbs for black lights and then draw on everyone’s clothing with highlighters.

23. Snack Time –

A great party always has a few items to crunch on. Chips and dips can go a long way from providing a quick break from the dance floor to a much-needed snack!

24. Togas party –

Turn your party into a celebration fit for Mount Olympus by having everyone dress up in the attire of the ancient Greeks.

25. Save the Date –

Choose your favorite holiday of the year, whether it is St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Day, Veterans Day, or Independence Day, and dress up to fit the celebration.

26. Fiesta —

Serve margaritas and delicious Mexican food for your amigos.

27. Game of Thrones –

Jon Snow would approve of a party dedicated to the Game of Thrones. Outfits can be inspired by certain characters like Cersei Lannister or the white walkers.

28. Dance for the Decades –

Dress up and celebrate the best of the past decades. The DJ should only play throwback jams like “2012” and “Tik Tok” or even go further back to get everybody dancing to the best of each decade.

29. Bond Bash – Agent 007 —

To enjoy a James Bond-themed party! This date party includes one person dressing up as the legend 007, James Bond, and the other as his sexy Bond girl.

30. Board Games –

Board games will never go out of style, and they will always be a fantastic way to have fun and make memories. A college dorm party with a board game night will make your room the place to be.

31. Look-Alike Character Party –

With a look-alike character party, you can turn your college dorm party into a nostalgic time capsule. To enter your dorm, you must dress exactly alike with a character from any media.

Rocky, Rambo, The karate kid are all characters who would rock this party.

32. Sports –

Tune your TV to the game, and get the food and drinks ready. Have fries, dips, hot wings, and other party foods, surrounded by banners and signs of your favorite teams’ logos and mascots.

33.  Mardi Gras –

Who says you can only enjoy Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Guests can wear feathery Mardi Gras masks to hide their identity, tons of beads, or brightly colored Mardi Gras vests.

34. Paint Party –

A paint party gives artists and non-artists alike a chance to be creative in a fun atmosphere. Make sure you have enough space for people to move around and paint freely.

35. High School Stereotypes –

Give your guest a chance to relive the happy times they had in high school and make fun of the foolish and wacky side of the school. Guests dress up as nerds, goths,  jocks, cheerleaders, band kids, punks, etc.

36. The Drinking Buddies Party –

Guests are tied together with a piece of string to form opposite-sex “drinking buddies” as they enter. Though being tied to a complete stranger may be awkward, but you will probably be hooking up by the end of the night.

37. The Beer Olympics Party –

Team up with your friends, classmates, strangers, and Greek brothers and sisters to compete in the beer Olympics. The games go by house rules so learn quick and practice your ping pong aim.

38. Wig Party –

The more outrageous the better, so wear that sparkling blue hair, handlebar mustaches that drop below your chin, and spiky mohawks.

39. The Rubix Cube –

To throw a proper Rubix cube party, everyone must come dressed in one color head-to-toe, if possible in many different articles of clothing. Every time two guests interact with one another, they must switch one article of clothing. At the end of the night, everyone goes home looking like a Rubix cube that’s been messed with for a few hours.

40. The After Sex Party –

Think loosened pants, collars, and shirts. Anything goes as long as it is messy: from teased post-sex hair to lipstick on collars, to boxers on girls. What else says “college” like a sex-themed party?

41. The “Anything But Clothes” Party –

As the name suggests, you can wear anything that is not cloth, so decorate yourself in shopping bags, wrapping paper, even trash bag or bubble wrap among other things. Creativity is key.

42. Bad & Boujee party –

Boujee stands for the French word ‘bourgeoisie’ and refers to high-class. The combo of bad & boujee is anything daring and glitzy! Think faux fur coats, jewelry with big diamonds, bold prints, and high heels. But nothing that breaks the bank.

43. Ugly Sweater Party –

Ugly sweaters are usually associated with Christmas themes, but a doomed sweater design can be worn at any time of year with non-holiday designs. Instead of hiding your dreadful sweaters in the closet, wear them to an Ugly Sweater Party.

44. The Fitness Fling –

Before you say no, the only exercise you will be doing is on the dance floor. Lean into the 80’s workout video vibe and throw a fitness-themed party. Leggings, trainers, leotards, and headbands are all welcome here.

45. The Caribbean Night Party –

Welcome to the island, man! Luaus are overrated. Celebrate your Caribbean heritage or just your love for all things Cuban, Bahamian, Haitian, Dominican, and more. Ditch the bitter beer and posh wine for tropical drinks mixed with rum.

46. The Apocalypse Party –

Party like the world is about to end. Be a mutant of some sort or wander around like a zombie. And like a true zombie, stick to vodka cranberries all night (with water in between) so you look like you are actually drinking someone’s blood.

47. The Spicy Safari  –

Transform your party into a wild adventure through uncharted lands. Guests can either dress as explorers with lace-up boots, khaki jackets and shorts, and safari hats, or they can go the animal route with fake tails, zebra print, cat ear headbands, and textured makeup.

48. PlayStation Games

Nothing brings people together like video games.


49. White Lie party –

Everyone wears a t-shirt where they write a white lie about themselves. “I’m taking it easy tonight,” “I work out,” or “I love my life” are a few of the fun things people can write about themselves.

50. Games –

Think Beer pong, Never have I ever, Two truths and a lie, Flip cup, Truth or Dare, and so on.

Watch Dorm Party Ideas that you can try right away 

Planning Tips and Tricks

Make sure to cover the most important party planning areas ahead of time to keep your party moving and ensure that your party will be one of the most memorable events of college!

Make sure you have the following:

Sound System – Prepare a great playlist ahead of time to select music that everyone can listen or jam to and should be in line with the theme. You can’t throw a formal party and be playing WAP by Cardi B.

Reserve a Venue – Start looking for a venue to host your party early so you can reserve your top choice before other people look to do the same.

Party Safely- While having fun is a priority, make sure to establish safety measures to keep everyone safe.

Snack Time – A great party always have food or snacks for guest to eat.

Get a Photographer – Capture the beautiful moment at your party by hiring a photographer to take pictures of the party. This way your guest and you can cherish the memories for years to come.

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