How To Print An Exemption Letter From The NYSC Portal

How To Print An Exemption Letter From The NYSC Portal

How To Print An Exemption Letter From The NYSC Portal – If you are a Nigerian teenager and have just graduated from university or college, or completed your technical training, you can become a member of the National Youth Service Corps. What do you do when you can’t? You need an exemption letter. If you are stuck on how to print an exemption letter from the Nysc portal, this guide is for you.

How To Print An Exemption Letter From The NYSC Portal

  • Go to the National Youth Service Corps portal by typing on your browser
How To Print An Exemption Letter From The NYSC Portal 1
  • Login with your registered email and password.
How To Print An Exemption Letter From The NYSC Portal 2
  • Print your exemption Letter.

What is the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) exemption letter?

The NYSC Exemption Certificate is a certificate awarded to any recent graduate who is exempt from one year of mandatory NYSC service for the reasons listed in Section 2(1) of the 1993 National Youth Service Corps Executive Order. is issued in lieu of the NYSC National Service Certificate, if applicable.

All Nigerian youth should serve in the National Youth Service Corps to help their country’s development. The service lasts for one year, during which time corps members are deployed to different parts of Nigeria. Young people working in the Youth Branch often do a variety of jobs, such as helping local residents install water supply systems, building new homes, and much more. During the working year, these juniors receive a fixed salary that varies from state to state.

NYSC was established with the idea of ​​great unity and cooperation among Nigerians. So from a certain angle. Working in different parts of Nigeria for a year, you will learn about local customs and cultures, respect local religions and beliefs, share their traditions, and showcase your own. The following can cause exclusion:

  • You are a part-time student. Part-time students are not invited to NYSC, while full-time students are invited even if they studied abroad.
  • You are a full-time student, but you are over 30 years old. All full-time students under age 30 can and likely will be invited unless they fall into another exclusion category.
  • In Nigeria Police, Armed Forces, etc. you served. If your service exceeds nine months, you will not be able to serve in NYSC.
  • You won a national award. If you received the Order of Niger or other national awards,

How To Apply For NYSC Exemption Letter

Before applying for the NYSC Letter of Exemption (Certificate of Exemption), you must visit the nearest NYSC Secretary of State. Upon arrival, notify the attendant that you wish to apply for a NYSC exemption Letter. You will be given an application form to fill out and will need to attach the required documents at the time of application.

The necessary documents include:

  • Completed application form
  • Documents proving academic qualifications
  • Approved result
  • Applicant’s identity document
  • supporting documents (according to the instructions)
    After submitting your application and supporting documents, you must make payment as directed by NYSC officials.

Your application will be sent for review and approval after payment. Once the request has been verified and approved, you will be notified when your confirmation letter is ready for collection. However, you must obtain a certificate from your higher education institution.

How to Apply for Replacement of NYSC Exemption Letter For Nigerian

Graduates and Foreign Graduates
A person who has received an NYSC Exemption Certificate may lost it for one reason or another. Possible causes include theft, fire, or direct displacement. In that case, the person needs it to be replaced.

The following steps are followed to replace the missing certificate:
Write messages and requests addressed to the Director General of the National Youth Service. Please note that this letter must go through the institution you graduated from.

  • Obtain a police report or statement.
  • Obtain a court affidavit.
  • If you still have a photocopy of the missing exemption document, you can attach it to the letter.


Collection of the Exemption Certificate is made in three batches (Parts A, B, and C) during the service period of one year from the date of registration. Exempt graduates will also be informed about this during registration.

The issuance of the Exemption Certificate is done together with an identity document such as an international passport and the holder MUST BE PHYSICALLY.

These are the simple steps on how to print an exemption letter from the nysc portal.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

What is NYSC exemption letter?

An exemption certificate is issued to someone who by law, his or her age does not let them participate in the NYSC scheme despite the fact that such person attended a regular program in a University or Polytechnic program and graduated.

How long does it take to process NYSC exemption letter?

When others are issued a letter with an invitation to come to camp, you must return to your school and get your certificate of exemption. Your NYSC exemption letter will be ready within two weeks of your colleagues arriving at the NYSC camp orientation.

Can I get a job with NYSC exemption certificate?

Yes, you can use a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) letter of exclusion to apply for a job. The NYSC letter of exclusion is issued to graduates who are not eligible for the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps program. This could be due to age or other factors.

What is the certificate number of NYSC exemption?

The NYSC certificate number is the number that is written in the top right-hand corner of your NYSC certificate below the year of your service. This number starts with A00. This number is different from your NYSC call-up number or your discharge number.

Are NYSC corpers entitled to leave?

Every Corps member is entitled to three weeks terminal leave which takes effect from the last twenty-one days of the service year. Every Corps member is entitled to it except Corps members who have previously gone on twelve weeks maternity leave.

Should my NYSC certificate be on my CV?

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Assignment Counts As a Work Experience. Going by the literary meaning of the working experience, this section of your CV gives an account of your practice or field knowledge, especially as related to the position you currently or presently seek.


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