16 Most Fun Games for College Students

Fun Games for College Students
Fun Games for College Students

College can be stressful and demanding. I’m sure we can all agree about this. But the college mantra “Work hard and Play Harder” is true! One of the ways college students play harder is through fun games. In this article, I will show you different types of fun games for college students to relax and unwind.

Fun Games for College Students
Fun Games for College Students

Games are essential for college life, whether at parties, classrooms, or even game night. It is a way to relieve stress from the day’s stress and bond with friends. 

Some of the best games for college students include the following:

  1. Spike ball
  2. Pool Volleyball
  3. Pool Tug of War
  4. Treasure Hunt
  5. Hangman
  6. Bingo
  7. Clue
  8. Drawswords
  9. Puzzles
  10. Charades
  11. Find the Mistake
  12. Quiz
  13. Never Have I 
  14. Truth or Dare
  15. Fish Bowls
  16. Sardines

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If you’re looking for a game for college students, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether in the classroom, parties, outdoor, or even online, this article contains a detailed list of games for college students. Be sure to stick till the end as we delve into the details.

It is widespread for college students to organize picnics and other outdoor events. But what makes these outdoor events worthwhile is the games! Here’s a list of outdoor fun games for college students;

1. Spike ball:

Spike ball is a viral game. For people that are not interested in mainstream sport, this game is a way to have fun while staying active. The best part about this game is that it is a sport and a good option for outdoor games.

Game Details

This game is played in two teams of two opposing one another. Teams are to stand opposite each other with the spike ball net in the middle. Team A would serve the ball to the net, and team B would bounce the ball back into the net in 3 moves. Team A wins a point if team B cannot get the ball back into the net within three different moves.

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2. Pool Volleyball

This is another excellent outdoor game option perfect for college students. It’s the best game you can play on a sunny day in groups. It is like a miniature version of volleyball with the water as the surf and net dividing both teams.

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Game Details

This game is played between two teams, consisting of 1-5 players. One group is chosen to serve first, and they serve twice, and the other team would also serve twice. If a team does not bounce back the ball served to them; the other team gets the point.

3. Pool Tug of War

The Pool Tug of War game is a popular game that college students can play in the water and even on the field. It essentially involves two teams that slip against each other to test their strength.

Game Details

This game involves two teams, each containing as many players as they decide. Each group holds a rope in the opposite direction, and there is usually a line demarcating both teams. Then each team is to pull a rope to force the other party to cross the line in their direction. Once a team crosses the line, then the other party wins.

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4. Treasure Hunt

This is an excellent team-building exercise. It is a fun and exciting game for college students that require critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Game Details

This game is played in teams. Each team must find an item using various clues hidden in multiple places. The team that finds the hidden items first is the winner.

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Board Games for College Students

Here are some board games that college students can try out:

  1. Hangman:

This is a fun yet interactive game that can help improve the students’ spelling and knowledge of the subject. To place this came, you’d need a whiteboard, a pen, and a list of subject-specific words.

Game Details

For this game, you would start by dividing the class into two groups, selecting a student to stand in front of the class and asking the student to think of a word related to a subject matter. The students are to draw a circle on the board representing each letter of the word, with the remaining students guessing each letter at a time. Incorrect guesses would lead to a hangman, and the first team to guess the word wins unless the student has finished.

  1. Bingo:

This is a quick board game that students never cease to enjoy

Game Details:

Ask students to draw a 6×6 grid on a card, then select six words or images from the list to draw or write in their grid. After this, you would randomly pick a word off the list and describe it to the students, and a student would guess it and cross it off their grid. The process will continue till you finish the words on the list. The first student to cross out all the grids and shout bingo wins.

  1. Clue

The clue is a fascinating board game that deals with a murder mystery

Game Details: 

In this game, every player is to guess who committed the crime, with what weapon, in what room? Each player has the opportunity to move around the table in the room to think about the weapon, murder, and the place.

  1. Drawswords:

Draw swords is a quick game that requires critical thinking.

Game Details: This game is played in teams. Each team must find an item using various clues hidden in multiple places. The team that finds the hidden items first is the winner.

Games For College Students In The Classroom

While teaching, it is a great thing to incorporate some classroom games. Here are some games that college students can okay in their classrooms;

1. Puzzle is a very creative group game that encourages students to think critically while working together.

Game Description: Share the class into groups and hand over a puzzle to solve. The students can also do their puzzles. The first team to put their puzzle together wins.

2. Quiz is a great way to test a student’s knowledge about a particular subject matter.

Game Details: Once you’ve created a quiz, if you’ve found one, make it accessible to your students by any device using apps like Quizalize. This app makes it possible for students to participate while tracking their scores as they go on. 

Fun Games for College Students 1

3. Charades- This is one simple yet fun game that is sure to catch the entire class’s attention.

Game Details: For this game, you’d need a list of words. To play this game, you’d divide the class into two groups, and each group is required to select a representative. The representative comes in front of the class and acts out the word without saying a word. The teammates are to guess the word and win a point for any assertion they get right. The team with the most point wins.

4. Find the Mistake- Most college students like finding faults amount their coursemates and lecturers. Therefore, you can intentionally make mistakes in class and allow the students to find these mistakes out.

Game Details- it involves starting your lesson and intentionally making mistakes. But no students can report it until they’ve noticed at least five bugs. Students can also work together to find these buys till they reach five and choose someone to say it.

Fun & Party Games for College Students

Parties are part of every college community, and what’s a party without games. Here are some games that you can play at college parties:

1. Never have I ever– This is a great option that involves drinking and helps you know more about a person.

Game Details: This game is simple. The player draws a card and reads what it says. The statement is usually “never have I ever….”. Players who have done what the words suggest lose a point.

2. Truth or Dare: This is a fun game you can play with your friends. However, things might get awkward sometimes, and it is a hilarious and exciting game.

Game Details– to play this game, you are to choose players who are comfortable with the fake and set the rules for the game. You should have prepared some questions and exciting dares ahead of time. Choose a player to begin by rolling in a circle. The person in front of whom the bottle stops would be asked to pick either truth or dare. If the player picks the truth, he would be asked a question that he must answer, and for the dare, the player would be asked to do something he must do.

3 Fish Bowls: This is essential, a charade game played on steroids. If you’re bored of the plain old charade, then this is a must-try

Game Details: You’d need ripped pieces of paper, write words in them, and put them into a bowl. Each player must pick one paper and act it out for the other players to guess.

4. Sardines is a beautiful game that awakens your childhood memories of hiding and seeking.

Game Details: This game is the same as hiding and seek, except that the lights are turned off. Essentially, one person hides, and the other has to find that person and hide with them. The last person to find the hidden group loses.


Are there Fun games online for college students?

Yes. There are a lot of online games that college students can play online, regardless of where they are. These team bonding games include Virtual murder mystery, Virtual scavenger hunt, Virtual Bingo, etc.

What games do college students like to play?

College students like to play a wide variety of games. Game is an essential part of college life, and college students play games to relieve stress and bond with one another. College students enjoy board games, card games, outdoor games, and other games.

Is college easy or hard?

College is more complicated than high school. In college, students are exposed to a more rigorous academic experience. However, colleges are more enjoyable than high school as many things make your stay in college more enjoyable.


There you have it, a long list of games for college students to fit every single occasion. Don’t be boring in your outing and always have a game ready for every occasion. Trust me, games light up every event, and you’d be sure to have a good time.

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