How To Make Money As A Student Which Gift Card has the Highest Rate

Which Gift Card has the Highest Rate
Which Gift Card has the Highest Rate

Now in Nigeria?

Gift cards don’t have the same value; hence, the question of ‘which gift card has the highest rate in Nigeria’ is common. You’ll most likely have this question if you are new to Nigeria’s gift cards trading scene.

Asking this question is normal since you are trading gift cards to make a profit. Hence, you are in search of the card with the highest resale value. When you trade the gift card with the highest value in Nigeria, you’ll make quick profits and keep the business moving.

On this page, we’ll detail everything you need to know about the top gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria. Once you make your pick, you can start trading on Cardvest is an online gift cards trading platform that offers you the best purchase rates in Nigeria. Not only do they buy gift cards at the highest rate, but they also provide fast payment. Hence, when you need cash urgently, they’ll always come through.

Anyways, let’s get into the top gift cards with the highest resale value in Nigeria. It’s a no-brainer that they are the ones you should be trading the most.

Top 5 Gift Cards With Highest Rate in Nigeria

There are numerous gift cards in the world. Gift cards are an innovative approach to generating more revenue in the e-commerce world. However, as the user, you too can make money from trading gift cards. Here are the best gift cards to consider:

iTunes Gift Card

Google creates the iTunes gift card, and it’s the card that everyone wants to trade. Because it is highly sought after, it has a very high resale value. It is also available; hence, people are making much profit from it.

In Nigeria right now, if you have a $100 iTunes, it’s worth between N35000 and N45000. But, of course, there is no constant price for it, as different buyers and platforms will offer different prices for it. On

 Cardvest, however, you are bound to get an excellent rate that will help you maximize profit.

Google Play Card

The Google play card is also very popular due to the popularity of Android phones. Google Play Store uses this card. It is very easy to sell Google play cards, and it has a high rate. The card is largely used for in-app purchases and other services offered by Google play.

A $100 Google play gift card is worth between N30000 and N40000 in Nigeria. You can check the specific Cardvest rate for Google play gift cards here.


The Sephora gift card is another one with a very high rate. The high value is due to the high demand by buyers who use it to shop at the Sephora store. The rate of the Sephora gift card is similar to that of the Google Play store, though slightly higher. If you have a $100 Sephora gift card, it is worth between N35000 and N45000.

Amazon Gift Card

This is arguably the most popular gift card on the planet. Amazon has the largest e-commerce business globally, and they deliver to virtually all the countries in the world. Hence, the Amazon gift card is one of the most demanded.

The gift card can never go out of demand. Owners of the amazon gift card can also use it for purchase at both the digital and physical stores. If you, however, decide to sell your amazon gift card, you should get about 92% of the actual money back. That’s like the highest percentage you can get for any gift card.

With this calculation, a $100 amazon gift card is worth about N35,000. This value is not definite; it can change with the valuation of the naira. Also, if you are sound with negotiation, you should get more when doing peer-to-peer trading.

Because of how high in demand the Amazon gift card is, there are numerous scams out there. Hence, it’s best to sell to a trusted gift cards trading platform like Cardvest. You’ll get the best rates while trading securely.

AMEX card

The American Express gift card is also of high value in Nigeria. The price of the AMEX gift card ranges between N30000 and N40000.


There are many more gift cards than these that you can trade. Hence, you can further your research. However, if you are a beginner, it’s safer to trade these on Cardvest. That way, you are guaranteed safe profit per time.

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