How To Check Your JAMB Center 2023


How To Check JAMB Center 2023- So, have you registered for JAMB already and anticipating the examination date? You must know that part of your preparation should be to locate your JAMB center. And its important you do that early enough. It shouldn’t be on the day of the exam that you would start searching for your JAMB center. Its good you locate your center early enough. In fact, don’t just know the center, get descriptions on how to arrive there. In the following paragraphs, I will be showing you how to check your JAMB center 2023.

How To Check JAMB Center 2023

JAMB usually send the details of candidates exam date and JAMB center to their emails and SMS much earlier before the date of the exam . So the first step to checking JAMB center 2023 is to ensure that you check your email box regularly. This is to enable you know when your JAMB center 2023 has been forwarded.Once the email has been sent to you , ensure you print out the details of JAMB center 2023 sent to you.

There are 2 ways to check JAMB center 2023:

  • Visit JAMB website
  • Via SMS/ Email address

Method 1: Via JAMB website

You can check JAMB center 2023 by visiting JAMB website, https: //portal. Jamb.  Enter your JAMB registration number. Then click on print examination slip. On the exam slip will be written the JAMB exam date, venue  and time.

Method 2: Via SMS/ Email address

You can also check JAMB center 2023 via email or SMS. Usually, JAMB will send the JAMB center details to candidates via sms/email address. So you need to regularly check your email address and also your SMS for such dates.

 However, there could be delay or failure in sending due to issues with network providers, sim card issues and other issues. Thus, it is advisable that you keep your ears open to learn when JAMB start sending out centers to students. If by then, you check your email/ SMS and you don’t receive anything , then revert back to method 1. That is, visit JAMB website and login with your JAMB registration number.

How Do I Print My JAMB Slip

You are not just going to check JAMB center 2023, you must get a printout of the exam details. Usually, the JAMB exam slip will contain the following details:

  • Examination date and time
  • Examination center (venue)
  • JAMB subject combination
  • Your JAMB registration number

Aside the above details, you will also find the following additional information on your JAMB examination slip:

Additional Information On JAMB Center 2023 Slip

Do not take your mobile phone or bag to the JAMB center

Take original slip along to the examination venue

Keep a copy of this JAMB slip for reference purpose

Your biometric (thumbprints) verification is compulsory at the examination center.

You will be marked absent if you arrive at the JAMB center very late

Change of subject is not allowed at the examination center

How To Reprint JAMB Slip 2023

If you need to reprint JAMB slip 2023, here is how to go about it:

  • Visit https: // portal. Jamb. gov. ng
  • Login with your email address
  • On the page that pops up after login
  • Click on reprint slip
  • On the reprint slip portal, you will be required to enter your JAMB registration number. Then click on reprint. Connect to printer to get the print out. On the JAMB slip will be written JAMB center, examination date and time and examination number.

Last Note

Getting to check JAMB center 2023 is one of the important aspect of your preparation for UTME 2023. Its good to know your JAMB center early enough and possibly visit before the exam date. It shouldn’t be on the examination date that you are trying to locate your JAMB center. You can check your JAMB center 2023 either by visiting JAMB website or via SMS/ email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I be able to know my JAMB center?

Usually when JAMB examination is getting close, JAMB will send the different examination centers and other details to their candidates via email and SMS. So to check JAMB center 2023, you can check your email inbox or SMS app on your phone (I mean same phone number you used for JAMB registration). You can also visit the JAMB website to check JAMB center 2023.  

Has JAMB started sending out JAMB centers 2023?

Yes. The JAMB center 2023 is out and has been sent out to candidates.

How can I get to print JAMB center slip ?

Part of the documents you will be needing on the day of JAMB examination is your JAMB center slip. So, don’t just check the JAMB center, you must print it out. The JAMB center slip usually contains examination center, time , venue and date.
Here is how to get to print your JAMB center 2023 slip:
Visit JAMB portal, www. jamb. gov. ng
Click e-facility login.
Then enter your JAMB registration number and password
Once you are logged in successfully, click on print examination slip
There you have your JAMB centre slip!

Can I get to check  JAMB result in a CBT center?

Yes. Peradventure you don’t have access to internet or the mobile phone is not available to check result, you can always use any JAMB-accredited CBT center near you. All that would be required of you is your JAMB registration number and a valid means of identification.

Who had the highest score in the JAMB 2023?

The highest score in 2023 JAMB was gotten by 15-year old Okaforagu Favour, a female candidate from Anambra. State. Favour who attended Anglican Girls Secondary School in Anambra led 2023 JAMB with a score of 369.

How many questions are usually present in JAMB examination?

JAMB 2023 examination comprised 180 questions in total . Use of English which is compulsory for all candidates was 60 questions. Then the other 3 elective subjects are 40 questions each.

What reading text was used for JAMB 2023?

“The Life changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli was the reading text used for JAMB 2023 examination.

How much will I pay to obtain my original JAMB result slip?

Original Jamb slip is #1500 (One thousand five hundred naira only)Your JAMB result slip (original copy) is one of the vital documents you will be needing when its time for admission screening at your choice institution. So, its important that after checking your JAMB result, you obtain the original print out copy.

Is it possible to change my JAMB center 2023?

You are not permitted to change your JAMB center, you just have to stick to the one you were given. However, in the case of rescheduling of exams, JAMB center may change. Only on such occasions can JAMB center change.

How can I get to retrieve my JAMB registration number?

Part of the details that will be contained on your JAMB center 2023 slip is your registration number. Also, your JAMB result slip will carry your JAMB registration number.

What does CBT mean?

CBT means Computer Based Test

What year did JAMB introduce CBT exams?

Computer Based Exams (CBT) was introduced by JAMB in 2015. This exam type was introduced in a bid to curb examination malpractice.Up till 2014, the rate of malpractice in JAMB examinations has been quite alarming!

What is the duration of JAMB examination?

JAMB examinations usually last for 2 hours (120 minutes). The questions are usually multiple-choice questions, 180 in total. Use of English which is usually 60 questions is compulsory for all candidates. The other 3 elective subjects are 40 questions each.

How much is JAMB 2023 form?

JAMB 2023 form is priced at Four thousand seven hundred naira only (#4,700). Candidates are to register only at JAMB-accredited CBT centers.

How much will I be needing to print my JAMB result?

To obtain a print out of your JAMB result, you will be making a payment of One thousand five hundred naira only (#1500).

What do I need to own a JAMB accredited CBT center?

A JAMB-accredited CBT center is one that candidates can do their JAMB registration, sit for JAMB examination, check result and other JAMB related services. For you to own a JAMB accredited center, these are the requirements:
Submit your application to JAMB office nearest you
Meet up with the requirements. Some of which include minimum of 250 functional computers, adequate power supply, strong internet connectivity, conducive environment for exams, well-trained personnel, etc.
You will then go through screening and your center will be inspected too
If you scale through screening, you will be trained by JAMB
After training comes accreditation of your CBT center by JAMB.


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