20 Things You Don’t Need To Bring To College.

Things You Don't Need To Bring To College
Things You Don’t Need To Bring To College

Getting into college was most likely the most exciting venture you had been looking forward to. I mean, you finally get to start living alone, make some decisions by yourself, and maybe, form lifelong bonds. I have compiled a list of 20 things you should not bring to college.


Things You Don't Need To Bring To College
Things You Don’t Need To Bring To College

list-20 things you don’t need to bring to college.

  1. Dishware sets
  2. Desktop computer
  3. Iron and Ironing board
  4. Too many sheets and towels
  5. Furniture pieces
  6. Large sport equipment
  7. Full-sized vacuum
  8. Items with sentimental value
  9. Your entire library
  10. Your entire wardrobe
  11. Excessive dorm decor
  12. Toaster
  13. Blender
  14. Formal Tuxedos and Dresses
  15. Appliances
  16. Printer
  17. A microwave
  18. High school memorabilia
  19. Candles
  20. Bulky luggage

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There are always ways to bring in things that you eventually need as time goes on, and you don’t want to fill up your limited living space with unwanted items. This article will show you 20 things you should not bring to college.

I am pretty sure you won’t need any help in subsequent years as you would have had some experience figuring it out. The excitement aside, it’s time to pack up your stuff, and you are at a loss on what could come off as too much, especially as you will have a roommate and the dorm room is nothing of a castle- you have limited space.

  1. Dishware sets

You will soon get to discover that you do not have time to cook, contrary to what you are thinking right now. You will most likely need to get so many things figured out and started in your first year. If you eventually do cook, you’ll have to wash your dishes in a communal sink. Yea, that’s right. So, leave that heavy pot, pan, and dishware at home.


  1. Desktop computer

You will never have enough space to set up your desktop computer, especially if it is a gaming PC. They are heavy and produce a lot of heat. Your small dorm room and probably, your roommate may be inconvenienced by it. Your laptop will be just adequate.


  1. Iron and Ironing board

Except your faculty has a dress code that requires you to wear shirts then, an iron and ironing board could be unnecessary, especially if you are going to be dressed in casual attires as you currently are.


  1. Too many sheets and towels

The twin XL mattress is the standard for most college dorm rooms and residence halls. They are made with the sole purpose of saving space and putting extra sheets that do not have a place in your dorm room. You will only need only a few towels at a time.

Things You Don't Need To Bring To College
Things You Don’t Need To Bring To College
  1. Furniture pieces

Spare yourself from the cluttered atmosphere; leave that furniture at home just where they belong. Except you know the dimensions of your dorm room, bringing in large furniture is a bad move for your tiny dorm room. A stool could suffice. A bed reading wedge, too, could help.


  1. Large sport equipment

Most colleges have gears that you can use when you want to engage in sports. You may be tempted to take your sports gear with you. Even if you do, take only light ones as you may not even find time to engage in sporting activities between school work.


  1. Full-sized vacuum

Keeping your room floor clean is a great idea, but you do not need a full-sized vacuum cleaner. You should consider asmaller model to help achieve the same results.


  1. Items with sentimental value

If you consider bringing that diamond earring passed on several generations in your family, it also leaves the possibility of it being stolen open.

Some dorms are quite secure, but it is no news that theft is a common dorm crime, and you will be sharing your living space with a roommate. So, save yourself the heartache and leave it in the safety of your home.


  1. Your entire library

It can be tempting to bring all your favorite novels to college if you are an avid reader. You will soon find that you have access to larger school libraries with a wide array and genres to pick from. You can borrow books and return them once you are done reading.

You will also find that you may not have space to stash them up the way you want.


  1. Your entire wardrobe

Since you will be living in a shared room, you may have to consider that your wardrobe will be shared as well. You will want to avoid too many clothes not finding space in your part of the wardrobe. Also, you can always change out your wardrobe during breaks and holidays. If you need to get a little fancier, there is always the option to rent attires and costumes as the need arises.


  1. Excessive dorm decor

You probably have an image of how your bed corner will look. You have planned matching sheets and throw pillows, maybe stuffed animals too. Think long and hard about that. You may not need all of that. Take what will be enough.


  1. Toaster

Honestly, a nice toastie would be nice every other morning, but most colleges have banned toasters due to fire hazards. It will be safer not to break the rules. You could get a nice snack at a diner nearby.


  1. Blender

Making your smoothies comes with an odd satisfaction, but blenders are noisy, and dorm walls are thin. You could find other breakfast and/or smoothie options in nearby cafes. You could stock up your dorm fridge with a few fruits that you can consume at once or consider other dorm-friendly options like ice tea.


  1. Formal Tuxedos and Dresses

Usually, you won’t need a formal tuxedo or a fancy dress in your first months in college. This is because fancy events mostly occur at the end of your first year. You may need business attires for presentations and interviews, but you will not need a ball gown or a formal tux


  1. Appliances

As earlier said, dorm spaces are small compared to your living space at home. Shake off the urge to take coffee makers and the like to the dorm. Chances are, you will not make use of them often, and they will lie there and occupy limited space.


  1. Printer

All schools have a printing lab that you can use for all your printing jobs. There is no need to haul your heavy printer up the stairs to your dorm room. It will only take up more space, and you will only make use of it sparingly.


  1. Duplicates with your roommate

Communicating with your would-be roommate is important as it allows you both to optimize the usage of your living space. This will avoid duplicate items such as microwaves, fans, humidifiers, and the like. These days, it is possible to contact your roommate before moving into the dorm room.


  1. Something to organize everything

If you like to organize your stuff in boxes of various sizes, it may not be an issue until you discover that you do not have adequate space to arrange the organizing boxes. This will leave your corner of the dorm cluttered and somewhat disorganized. So, please keep it simple.


  1. High school memorabilia

Yearbooks, trophies, awards are all tempting to take along to relive high school moments. You are entering a new chapter, and you can let go of grudges and grievances that you may have had. Move into your tiny dorm room on a clean slate!


  1. Bulky Luggage

Your best bet is collapsible luggage, duffel bags, or suitcases that fold when you need to move things around. Even if you have to return home for breaks, they will come in handy and save you a ton of space in the dorm room.

Things You Don't Need To Bring To College
Things You Don’t Need To Bring To College

10 Things That You Don’t Think You Need to Bring to College but You Should

You already have your college list narrowed down and a few acceptances in hand. But before you can start to think about what you’re going to wear on your first day of class, there are a few things that you need to bring with you. These aren’t the everyday things like clothes and appliances; these are the things that you might not even realize you need until you get to college.

Believe me, my dad is a CPA, so I know these things! Here are the top items that will help make your transition from high school to college as smooth as possible:

A foolproof way to track all assignments and tests.

Whether it’s an app or a good old-fashioned planner, having access to all of your due dates for projects and tests will be key for staying on top of everything once the semester kicks into full gear. Planners are particularly helpful if you’re a visual learner. Jotting down assignments in one place also forces you to set aside time each week to review your course load so nothing slips through the cracks. Not sure where to begin?

An external hard drive.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but an external hard

Other most important things are:

1. A shower caddy.

A shower caddy is something that I never thought I would use once I graduated high school. In high school, my school made it mandatory for every student to have one in case they had P.E. or swimming in their schedule for the day. But once I entered college, those days were gone and I never thought about it again.

Until freshman year when I realized that the bathroom was down the hall from my dorm room and had no shelves in the shower stalls to put my shampoo and razor on besides on the little hook on top of the stall doors. That was when I realized how amazing a shower caddy actually was because

2. A small toolbox

A basic set of tools is something you never think you’ll need in college, but that doesn’t mean you should go without them. At some point during your time at school, you will need to use tools for a dorm DIY project — and if you don’t have them, you’ll be out of luck!

3. A sewing kit

Have you ever had your favourite pair of pants tear just as you were about to leave for an important event? Or needed to sew on a button in a hurry? The last thing you want is to be left scrambling because you can’t find a needle or thread to fix your clothes.

4. Extra cables and chargers

You never know when your charger will break or when you might need an extra HDMI cable to connect your laptop to a TV screen. Don’t get caught in a tight spot where the only option is to make the trek back home just to find that one cable!

5. A detailed calendar

Keeping track of everything going on around campus can be difficult, especially if there’s no easy way to keep yourself organized. That’s why it is always good idea to have a calendar with all

6. Umbrella

While it may sound silly, you will be surprised how often you will need one. You will thank yourself for bringing along an umbrella for when you are caught in a storm or just need a little shade from the sun.

7. Extra Blanket

This is something that some college students swear by. It is always good to have an extra blanket to snuggle up with on those chilly nights. Even if your dorm has heat, it can still get pretty cold at night.

8. Dish Soap

Most college dorms supply dish soap, but if not, it is always good to have on hand. You do not want to be stuck without any dish soap when you really need it!

9. Wipes

Baby wipes, Lysol wipes, or Clorox wipes can be extremely useful to have in your room. They are perfect for cleaning spills or even using as a quick refresher after a long day at school!

10. Dry Shampoo

College life can get busy and hectic and sometimes there is no time to shower before class or work. Dry shampoo comes in handy when you need a quick fix!



Have it in mind that while packing for college, your goal should be to bring only items that you can efficiently use with limited space. Your current living space is bigger than your dorm room; therefore, taking everything you think you need will not support the available space.


I hope that this guide on 20 things you should not bring to college has helped you know what you should not bring to college. Uncheck that list and have a fun first year!

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