30 Important Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate To Make Sure You’re Compatible

Important Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate
Important Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate
 Important Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate
Important Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate

Looking for a roommate can be one of the most difficult things to do in college. This may sound dramatic but it’s true that it could be the difference between your entire year. Trust me, I have a lot of stories I’d like to share but that’s a topic for another day.

Whether you’re making contact with a potential roommate on your school’s FaceBook page or you’re chatting on Whatsapp, Instagram & Twitter, you must ensure you ask plenty of questions before moving to the next stage.

If you’re meeting your potential roommate today or soon, you need to take this list with you.

If you have something you’d like to ask, there’s nothing more frustrating than discovering something down the road that will make your life really difficult and challenging.

But, if you read this article to the end, you’ll know how to ask someone to be your college roommate, how to talk to them and most importantly, key questions you can ask to iron out pressing issues so as to make your stay together very easy and co-operative

Let’s get straight to the point. Here are the top 30 questions to ask your potential roommate in college!

30 Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate

1. Do you drink or smoke cigarettes?

It’s a vital question you need to ask. If you don’t like the smell of marijuana and alcohol and your roommate is a regular drinker daily (legally or not), this will surely ruin your day everyday.

2. What’s your sleep routine and how do you sleep?

There’s no reason to think that night-owls and people who wake up early can’t be mutually compatible. However, it would be simpler if the roommates both awake and fall asleep approximately at the exact same moment.

3. Do you like to exchange & share clothes?

If personally, you’re someone that don’t enjoy having sharing clothes with anyone whether you’re close friends or not, you’ll need to make this clear.

4. What temperature do you usually want the room to be?

You’ll need to ask If your potential roommate is someone that turns up the air conditioner to a chilly temperature at all times or he/she prefers a warm environment.

5. Are you a deep or light sleeper?

Another important thing to ask! Certain people are very light sleepers. If you’re planning to study late or you’re indoors at times in the same room, it’s likely that you’ll need to live with someone who doesn’t hear a word when they’ve finished their work.

6. How often do you cook?

Knowing the cooking schedule of your roommate will help you organize your own. Particularly, if the kitchen is tiny, and you’re not capable of cooking simultaneously.

7. Are you a party person?

You know, when your roommate knocks at your door at 4am when you’re enjoying your sleep, asking you to come outside because he/she didn’t bring her keys when she went out for a night of fun? It’s not enjoyable!

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8. Do you own any pets?

It is impossible to know what someone’s most-repeated pet peeves might be. Therefore, make sure to ask your roommate prior to moving in together.

9. What level of clean do you like your room?

If youre a level 5 and your potential roommate is level 1/2, that’s a no go. Every person’s definition of cleanliness differs. Therefore, ask your roommate to explain the meaning of clean in their own perspective.

10. Do you have any important information that I need to be aware of about you?

It might be relating to health, allergies, secrets or any thing. This question is very important because It is possible that your roommate has important details regarding her or him. Make sure you ask this question!

11. Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me?

It’s time to be on the defensive, your potential roommate may be nervous to ask anything even if you do not even know each other well. If you’re comfortable with them, attempt to be proactive instead of just waiting to never ever.

12. How should we divide chores?

Be sure to ask hi/her questions prior to saying yes. Maybe come up with an initial cleaning schedule. In this way, everyone will be happy about the even work load.

13. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Actually, introverts and extroverts can be incredibly compatible! This question is to help you get a better insight into how your roommate’s personality could be.

14. When do you invite guests over?

After a long day of class, you may not have the energy or the desire to spend time with the friends your roommate invites to dinner. If you know how often they plan to invite guests at their home, you can figure out whether they’re the perfect fit for you.

 Important Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate
Important Questions To Ask Your Future Freshman Roommate

15. What do you plan to major in?

The same subject can help new roommates to get acquainted with one another.

16. Do you suffer from any health issues or allergies I should be conscious of?

For instance are they prone to fainting or suffer from serious allergies? If you know this prior to time, you will be more understanding of them , and help to avoid tragedies from occurring.

17. What are your thoughts on guests staying over?

Some people are not comfortable with guests staying overnight. On weekdays, when everyone is busy with schoolwork and examinations having to deal with an overnight guest could be too much hassle.

18. Do you have any musical instruments?

If your potential roommate studying sounds and music, you might want to consider.  If you don’t want anyone who makes loud noises every now and then, you might need to rethink before sharing a room with them.

19. What are your usual ways to manage conflict?

Every person has a different approach to conflicts. Some prefer to work about it right away. Some prefer to keep the issue to themselves to avoid awkward situations. Understanding your roommate’s conflict resolution method will help you get a better understanding of how you can handle any future conflict.

20. Do you think it would be nice to decorate our room in a group, or do we need to decorate only our space?

Having matching dorm decorations is super cute and aesthetically-pleasing. However, having totally different themes for your decor is very unique and displays your individuality.

21. Are you planning to stay at school during the weekend and holidays?

If you are planning to stay at school during the weekend or holidays, having a roommate who is taking care of the same will help you bond more by spending quality time with each other.

22. What is the frequency you intend to invite guys?

I’m sorry, but of all the possible questions you could ask potential college roommates this one is most likely the top 5. It’s a good idea to ask this question! I’ve had many terrible roomie encounters during my college days. Most of them have to be due to my roommates forming relationships with men at inappropriate times and in inappropriate settings. Yikes.

23. Do you sleep with lights on or off?

Many people prefer to keep their bedroom in the dark while they are sleeping. In other words, not even a small amount of light is permitted. If you’re unable to get to sleep with a light close by you’ll need to be sure that your roommate is comfortable with it.

24. Do you listen to music while you are studying?

If you enjoy having music on while you study. You could have a great studying session with hip-hop bops that are low-fi playing in on the background.

25. Should we share utensils or cooking equipment?

If your roommate potential is someone who’d rather keep her things for sanitary and private use only, you will need to find out so as not to overstep any boundaries.

26. Should we shop for groceries alone or together ?

I used to shop at the grocery store with my roommate from college since we were good friends. Some people would prefer to pursue their own interests. Make sure you ask about this so anyone doesn’t feel left out.

27. What are you most interested in during your spare time?

If you and your partner have the same interests and interests, you can have fun sharing your passions. It’s adorable!

28. Do you have pets?

Asking if your roommate is pet-free or allergic to dogs or cats is important.  In college, some students are permitted to bring their pets to support them emotionally on campus. Don’t forget to ask about for this as well.

29. Have you ever had the pleasure of living with someone else before?

Another crucial aspect to consider. If they’ve never lived with someone else before you might want to discuss any roommate-related concerns with them.

30. What is your class schedule going to look like for this semester?

What days and when do they have classes? This will assist you in creating an organizing and cleaning schedule that works for two of you.

How To Talk To A Potential College Roommate

Firstly, Introduce yourself! Make sure to do this before the school starts. You can do this on social media, and sharing contact details.

Secondly, Discuss ideas for decorating your dorm room or the essentials. If you don’t know what you can talk about, begin by asking them questions about dorm requirements for the room. Since you’ll likely sharing the space it’s a good idea to start by discussing a common issue.

Thirdly, Talk about the school and what you’re both majoring in. Another topic that is often discussed is school! Find out what classes they’ll be taking this semester, and the clubs they’re in.

Lastly, to really break the ice, Ask them to all the 30 questions listed above. This will help you both to bond well.

How To Ask Someone To Be Your College Roommate

You can just easily say that you’re looking for a roommate and observe how they react. (Don’t insist on them becoming the roommate you want!)

Make contact with them before it entires the dire minutes. Don’t wait until the very last minute as they might already have an apartment or somebody to share it with.

Make sure that you know all of it. When you are in college, you may occasionally choose the dorm room you’d like to be in. If you’re asking about it be sure to let your potential roommate be aware of your budget and needs to ensure that the situation doesn’t become uncomfortable later on.

What Should I Say To My Potential College Roommate?

The first step to take before contacting your potential roommate to put aside all of your concerns or “what if” questions. Being open to your new roommate is the best thing as it will make it easy to not question him/her or make assumptions about their thoughts.

If you’re an outspoken person and someone who likes to have a close relationship with your roommate, meeting them should be your first and best bet. Texting, social media or e-mails do not provide a true representation of someone’s personality. It’s only meeting them in person is the best way to. Begin by meeting at a coffee place to meet for the very first time, and get to meet each other a little more.

Another option is to go shopping with them! After you’ve met them and begin to get acquainted with them, you can arrange outings together to purchase items for your dorm room. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know your roommate and find out how you are able to get along and interact with one another.

One of the questions you could ask your roommate are:

  • What’s your major, and what was the reason you chose it?
  • Where do you come from?  where do you live?
  • Do you have siblings?
  • What made you decide to choose your college?
  • What kinds of activities did you do in high school?
  • Are you looking to join any student or campus-based organizations?
  • What’s your most favorite animal, color, song and so on.

There are plenty of other things you can ask your potential roommate, but these are just a few of the most common ones to get to get started. After you’ve established contact via email, you can exchange numbers to keep in touch via texts or phone calls.

Explore their social media accounts. Although I don’t actually mean to stalking. I’m referring to the fact that once you’ve figured out her name, look her up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to find out what kind that she’s into.

Social media profiles are often quite revealing about an individual. Be aware that they might be quite revealing, but they only reveal details that the person wishes to disclose. There’s more to a person than meets the eye , and social media accounts only scratches the surface an individual.

It is possible to still check the accounts and get an idea of your roommate, but don’t base your thoughts or expectations about them on their Twitter account.

When we talk about the social networks, look at your personal. Does it portray you the way you would like it to? If your potential roommate were to look at your accounts now, would you be happy with what they might be able to see? Make sure you clean up your personal social media accounts prior to when your roommate decides to follow you!

Email is also an extremely efficient method of communicating with anyone who is for the first time particularly your potential roommate. If you receive an email stating whom your roommate is, your school will give you with their student email address, so that you can make contact with them. Make use of it!

Of course, you’d like to introduce yourself by saying “Hey Hello, I’m (insert the name of your choice here) and I’m going be your roommate for the year! I’d like to introduce myself prior to when we have moved into our new home!” or something along the lines of. It’s not a good idea to begin with a 3 page personal essay on your first meeting. See if she responds to introduce herself to you , and let the conversation develop from there.

Texting is a rage these days and is a great method to connect with other people, like your roommate. Texting is a way to be instantly notified, and the person who sent it sees it and may even respond. If you use e-mail, it could create a long delay in responding since not all people check their email frequently.

Let’s discuss the proper way to text for a second. I recommend not sending a text to the way you do with a 12 and recently got a new phone for the first day of the month.

Please text as you normally do and spell the words properly. You’re in college and you’ll likely encounter students in college who use text messages like this It’s a huge disorientation. You must be using proper texting since, if you’re not careful, you may accidentally email your professor using texting lingo, or even create a couple of papers with “ppl” in it instead of others and not be able to notice it. Therefore, you must learn to text correctly now to avoid having to have to pay the price in the future.

There are some who might find it’s somewhat odd, but it could be a great experience. Yall can take tours of your houses and discuss more in-depth about the color scheme for your dorm room or the things you’re planning to buy to share the cost. You could show each other the items you’ve bought for your dorm and discuss ideas with one another.


I hope these questions you can ask the potential roommate at college will help you. The process of finding a roommate and being placed with an unknown person can be quite a stressful and stressful experience, particularly in the case of your first time living with anyone.

Don’t be afraid though, everything will be just fine. While you’ll likely confront some conflicting moments or difficult situations, make your college story even more thrilling and exciting.

I’ve heard many nightmare stories about roommates in college. It’s very likely you will too and this are the moments that will make up your fantastic stories to tell at home.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my years of sharing a room with my roommates is that you must set limits! Do not let anyone walk across you. If you’re insecure or unwelcome you should speak up! You’ll be thankful when you’re done.

For more clarification, you can watch the YouTube video below;


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