6 Best Shower Caddies For College Student Dorms

7 Best Shower Caddies For College Student Dorms

Keeping the shower areas clean and organized can be challenging, especially if you’re a college student who is always running from one place to another. You’ll need something to keep all of your toiletries, bottles of gel, shampoo, and conditioner tidy and distinct from your roommates, especially if you live in a dorm with a shared bathroom or even a dorm with a private bathroom.

One of the most difficult things about being a college student is finding time to hunt for worn-out accessories. The consistency of a shower caddy should be high enough to last at least 3 or 4 years, as these items should not be subjected to a lot of wear and strain. In any case, investing in a long-lasting caddy is very important to you.

7 Best Shower Caddies For College Student Dorms

6 Best Shower Caddies For College Student Dorms

The best shower caddies for college dorms and shared apartments are composed of quick-drying plastic with drainage holes to prevent water from gathering. They have sturdy handles and are available in various colours to set your caddy apart from the rest in the bathroom.

You’ll also want to pick a caddy that can be carried while keeping your belongings secure. Some caddies feature a single huge storage portion, while others have many sections and zippers. Whatever design you choose, make sure it has a sturdy handle.

Here are the 6 best shower caddies for college student dorms to help you get through your college days as quickly as possible:

  1. The Highly-Rated Mesh Caddy With 9 Pockets
  2. Oxo Good Grips 3-Tier Shower Caddy
  3. Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy
  4. ALLZONE Constant Tension Corner
  5. Shower Caddy Case Organizer by The Fine Living Company
  6. ODesign Shower Caddy Basket

The Highly-Rated Mesh Caddy With 9 Pockets

The Highly-Rated Mesh Caddy With 9 Pockets

UsageShower Caddy, Mesh,Bathroom
Material100% Quick Dry Premium Mesh
Special FeatureHanging
Mounting TypeHanging Mount
Package TypeStandard Packaging
Product Dimensions11.41″D x 11.41″W x 9.84″H


  • There are multiple compartments for your belongings.
  • It dries swiftly and thoroughly.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.


  • Some consumers claim that the strap has ripped after only a few days of use.
  • Others claim that whatever you put within tends to topple over.
  • Because the threading tends to snap, the large and tiny pockets are combined into one large compartment.

It’s not going to break the bank because it’s so cheap. It’s lightweight and easy to carry into and out of the shower. It includes a spacious place to keep your towel and mesh walls to allow water to flow through while drying quickly.

This shower caddy is constructed of a sturdy, long-lasting mesh that dries rapidly. The caddy’s large handles make it easy to carry and hang on a hook, but it’s also sturdy enough to stand up on its own. It provides plenty of capacity to store everything you need, including hairbrushes, lotions, toothpaste, and other bathroom items that go beyond the shower, with eight outer pockets and one big middle portion.

It comes in ten various colours and designs, ensuring that your caddy never mixes up with your roommate’s.

Oxo Good Grips 3-Tier Shower Caddy

616cu9izOdL. AC SL1500

Oxo Good Grips 3-Tier Shower Caddy

Specific Uses For ProductShowers
Special FeatureNon-slip
Finish TypeBrushed
Mounting TypeHanging Mount
Item Weight2.4 Pounds
Number of Compartments2
Unit Count1.0 Count

This sturdy, stainless steel shower caddy from Oxo Good Grips is great for college. It’s also perfect for dorms, RVs, and campers. The 3-tier design works in any shower and even accommodates washcloths and loofahs at the top shelf level. With non-skid feet, a strong support arm, resistance to rust and stains, plus easy to install hardware included, this bestseller has everything you need for a clean start in the morning!

Get organized in your shower with the Oxo Good Grips 3-Tier Shower Caddy. It’s a convenient solution for holding shampoo, conditioner and soap on your shower wall or door and holds up to eight bottles weight up to 5 lb. Made of durable stainless steel, the caddy features non-slip feet that grip well to prevent it from sliding around the tub or tile. Its soft crisscrossed tension bands help secure the bottles while its water-tight baskets keep shampoo and conditioner contained. The caddy is easy to clean by hand or in your dishwasher.

The Oxo Good Grips 3-Tier Shower Caddy keeps your personal care essentials easily accessible while you’re in the shower. The durable chrome-plated steel construction is rustproof, ensuring that you can count on this caddy for years to come. It has three adjustable shelves with hooks that are simple to move or remove and hold any sized shampoo bottle or soap container. The Oxo Good Grips 3-Tier Shower Caddy includes two suction cups for fast and easy installation on nonporous surfaces, like tile.

Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy

71KlwWSdIPL. AC SL1500

simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum

Specific Uses For ProductShowers
MaterialStainless Steel
Special FeatureRust Resistant
ColorStainless Steel
Finish TypePolished

Perfect for college students! This shower caddy makes it easy to store shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more in your dorm bathroom. It features three adjustable shelves, making it easy to customize the space based on your needs.

The best solution for college students or anyone who wants to save space and clean up. The Adjustable Shower Caddy is the perfect shower accessory, allowing you to store your shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc., without taking up any additional room!

Just hang it over the shower head and position it where you want it! An adjustable tubular arm allows you to adjust the hanging height by extending outwards or inwards.

A non-slip grip will not leave any marks on your walls. Shower Caddy features two durable suction cups that are easy to install and strong enough to hold even heavier items like shampoo bottles and body wash bottles.

The Perfect Shower Caddy provides ample storage and organizes all your necessities leaving you with clean hands and a spotless glass shower door.

ALLZONE Constant Tension Corner

617Ea0+WupL. AC SL1500

ALLZONE Rustproof Shower Caddy Corner for Bathroom

UsageShower coner, Bathtub corner, Vanity corner
MaterialStainless steel poles, plastic shelves
Special FeatureAdjustable,Rustproof
Finish TypePolished
Mounting TypeTension Mount
Item Weight0.01 Ounces
Number of Compartments4

All Zone’s Constant Tension Corner is best for college, where you can easily keep your stuff organized and get around without a hassle. This corner keeps them safe, secure, and together. It is easy to get books in and out of cubbies so you can find what you need fast when the class bell rings.

Constant Tension Corner is best for setting up college dorms. Ideal for edge guards, a standard size corner guard is included with tension-mounted wall mount systems. The corner guard also doubles as a mud-hole catcher inside the cabinet base.

This adjustable height desk is ready for any job, with free-standing legs and a slim design that will fit into virtually any corner of your dorm room. This desk has a sturdy frame that can be raised from an easy-to-reach position to an ergonomic standing height workstation or lowered down to a sitting position.

Homemaid Living Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Tray

719pMmdlrAL. AC SL1500

Bamboo Bathtub Tray

BrandHomemaid Living
MaterialBamboo Wood
Finish TypeWood

The expandable bamboo bathtub tray is perfect for college students who don’t have enough space in their dorm room to put an over-the-tub shower. It’s also great for people who live in very small apartments and even RVs. It fits over any standard size tub and hooks onto the side to create the perfect place to sit while taking a relaxing warm bath.

The Homemade Living Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Tray is a great way to give your college student the ultimate in-home spa experience in their bathrooms. It’s ideal for use with a bath pillow, which makes it comfortable to sit while reading a book and keeps soap and other bath products from sliding into the tub. It also features mesh cutouts on each side that capture any water draining from your bather’s hair, making clean-up easier than ever before!

ODesign Shower Caddy Basket

714AIzT1 dL. AC SL1500

ODesign Shower Caddy Basket

UsageShower Caddy,Kitchen,Soap,Bathroom
MaterialStainless Steel
Special FeatureReusable,Waterproof,Rustproof,Durable
Finish TypePolished
Mounting TypeHanging Mount
Number of Compartments3
Package TypeStandard Packaging

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Design: The design of your shower caddy is key. Many people purchase one that has a modern look and feel in order to match their bathroom decor. If you have a traditional style bathroom, then it may be worth considering one that matches this theme. There are also some options available for those who are looking for something more unique, such as an antique-style shower caddy or one made from metal that resembles an antique ladder.
  2. Capacity: Another important factor to consider when buying a shower caddie is its size and capacity. If you have many bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash that need to be stored on the caddy, then look for one which offers plenty of storage space. However, if all you want to store on the caddy is soap and razors, this doesn’t matter as much – it’s more about finding one that matches your style than anything else! Most people find that they can fit two bottles of shampoo on each shelf of their shower caddie, but some models only come with one shelf so obviously, this would limit how many bottles.
  3. Materials: The material used in making your shower caddie will determine how long it lasts and whether or not it’s easy to maintain. For example, plastic is usually less expensive than metal but isn’t as durable or sturdy. If you want something that will be around for years to come, choose a model made from stainless steel or other durable materials such as wood or plastic resin.
  4. Durability: The first and most important factor to consider is a product’s durability. If you are buying a shower caddie for use in your home or business, you want it to be able to withstand the rigours of everyday use. The last thing you want is for your shower caddie to fall apart after just a few uses. It should be sturdy enough to hold multiple shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, soaps, sponges and other items without any problems whatsoever.
  5. Assembly: Shower caddies vary greatly in terms of how much time they take to install and how easy they are to use after the installation is complete. Some models have arms that extend out from the wall, while others are freestanding units that sit on the floor next to your shower stall or tub area. Consider your personal preferences when choosing this feature since it may impact other factors such as design.
  6. Ease of Use: A good shower caddie should be easy to use no matter where it’s placed in your bathroom or how many items you put on it. There should be plenty of space between shelves so you can easily reach everything at once without having to move things around too much when you want an item from the bottom shelf instead of the top one!
  7. Price: Price is always one of the most important things to consider when purchasing anything. You do not want to buy something that is too expensive for your budget because you can always find another product at a more reasonable price. However, if you have enough money, then go ahead and splurge on a high-end product but only if it is worth your money.


The key takeaway is that shower caddies can be purchased cheaply and provide the perfect means to keep your bathroom products organized and off the floor. And – for college students in particular – this can help you save a lot of time. So next time you see a shower caddy on sale, make sure you buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

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