NECO Biology Questions and Answers 2020/2021 [Theory & OBJ Expo]

Updated NECO Biology Answers 2020: This is an online Solution to NECO Biology Questions 2020 and sample answers expos for Theory & OBJ papers.

This solution is made available so as to help NECO candidates looking for NECO Biology Questions and Answers 2020 expo solution for paper 1 and paper 2.

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NECO 2020 Biology OBJ & Theory Questions and Answers

Have you ever wondered how you can write this NECO Biology exam and come out with a good grade? If your answer is yes, then here is the best NECO Biology Questions and Answers 2020 solution that I will ever recommend to all NECO Candidates.

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Don’t worry because this post will answer all the above questions.

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Please, I will advise you to take your time and follow this step by step guide because it will really help you to pass this NECO Biology Exam right now.

NECO Biology Exam Insights: When you get to the exam, the first thing you should do immediately you get your Exam paper should be to pray.

After praying, make sure you provide your Exam details (Exam Number, your name, your Center number, and all other details) in the provided spaces.

NECO 2020 Biology Exam Scheme

The NECO Biology Questions will come in two papers. That will be paper 1 & Paper 2. Paper 1 contains objective questions known as OBJ while Paper 2 will contain theory questions known as an essay.

Candidates are to answer all questions in Paper 1 (One option for each question) and a selected number of questions for Paper 2.

This exam will last for 2 and a half (2½) hours. Get more NECO updates here

NECO Biology Sample Questions and Answers Expo

Below are sample NECO 2020 Biology Questions and Answers to start with. Note, they are sample Questions provided to give you insight on the kind of questions you should be expecting.

Take note of them, check their correct options, and keep them in memory in case you see any in the exam. We may post the real and correct answers for 2020 anytime. So keep checking this page.

Question 1: Which of these is a mixed gland?

  1. Pituitary
  2. Adrenal
  3. Pancreas
  4. Ovary

Correct Answer is Pancreas

2. ______ are Tissue which cells have lost the capacity of cell division?

  1. Meristematic tissue
  2. Permanent tissue
  3. Both Mesristmatic and Permanent tissue
  4. None of these

The Correct Answer is Permanent tissue

3. Why do wooden doors get difficult to open or close during Rainy Season? because of;

  1. Imbibition
  2. Plasmolysis
  3. Diffusion
  4. Osmosis

Correct Answer is Imbibition

4: Agrostology can be define as the study of__________?

  1. Seed of oil
  2. Crop
  3. Grass
  4. Fruits

Correct Answer is Grass

Question 5: How many pairs of Peripheral nerves are in man________?

  1. 41
  2. 42
  3. 43
  4. 44

 Correct Answer is 43

6: What is found in eukaryotic cells that are not prokaryotic?

  1. Nucleus
  2. Cytoplasm
  3. Ribosomes
  4. DNA

Correct Answer is A) Nucleus

7: The total salt content in the blood is around_____?

  1. 85 to 1.9%
  2. 85 to 11.9%
  3. 85 to 2.9%
  4. 85 to 0.9%

Correct Answer is : D) 0.85 to 0.9%

8: Which of these hormones accelerate the rate of a heartbeat?

  1. adrenaline
  2. acetylcholine
  3. thyroxine
  4. pituitrin

Correct Answer is A) adrenaline

9: The human heart is also Known as….?

  1. Neurogenic heart
  2. Myogenic heart
  3. Pulsating heart
  4. Ampullary heart

Correct Answer is: B) Myogenic heart

10: The father of Zoology is__________?

  1. Darwin
  2. Aristotle
  3. Lamark
  4. Theophrastus

 The Correct Answer is: B) Aristotle

11: Spermology is the study of_________?

  1. Fruit
  2. Seed
  3. Grain
  4. Flower
  5. Leaf

The Correct Answer is: B) Seed

12: Which of this doesn’t have a red blood cell?

  1. Frog
  2. Earthworm
  3. Snake
  4. Peacock

The Correct Answer is: B) Earthworm

13: Which of the following does Chambered heart occur in______?

  1. Leech
  2. Earthworm
  3. Snail
  4. Cockroach

Correct Answer is: D) Cockroach14: The Amount of energy released by 1 gram of glucose is equal to to_____?

  1. 6 kcal
  2. 4 kcal
  3. 5 kcal
  4. 3kcal

Correct Answer is: B) 4 kcal

15: Why is the corner of the cells of a collenchyma tissue in the plant thickened?

Because of the deposition of;

  1. Lignin and suberin
  2. Suberin and cutin
  3. Cellulose and pectin
  4. Chitin and lignin

Correct Answer is C) Cellulose and pectin

NECO Biology Objective (OBJ) Answers 2020

Before I begin, below are some awesome tips and instructions for picking the correct OBJ Answers in this 2020 NECO Biology Exam.

Instructions for paper 1:

  • There is no point in wasting time when you get to any question that you are not familiar with. Just Proceed to other questions.
  • It is advisable to attempt the questions you are familiar with first before proceeding to attempt more difficult, advance, and difficult questions so as to help you save time.
  • Sometimes, two options may look right. So be very careful in choosing an option when two options are alike. This kind of question is usually set to test the candidate’s abilities to know if they actually know what they are doing.
  • How to Guess your answers: If it seems there is no more option for you, it is better to make a wise guess for any question you don’t have answers to instead of wasting your whole time on it.
  • Let your guess be based on a positive option. On several occasions, positive options are usually true if there are no negative ones attached.
  • Pay attention to these words like: “ not, sometimes, always, and never”. Answers that contain words like “always” must be irrefutable.
  • Answers to questions with “All of the above” and “None of the above”: When you encounter “All of the above” and “None of the above” options, then it is advisable not to select “All of the above” if you are not very sure that any of the answers provided is incorrect. The same is applicable to Questions with “None of the above” options. Don’t always choose options with “none of the above” If you are not very sure if any of the answer options is correct.
  • The Correct Option always carries information Relating to the Question (sometimes contain a phrase from the question”.It has been observed that the correct answer always contains more relating information than the other options that may not be correct. This is a very good hint for you when guessing an answer.

NECO Biology Theory Questions [Paper 2].

Answering NECO Biology theory questions can be very intimidating and frustrating especially when you do not have self-confidence.

But the advice I will give you if you want to pass this Exam is to always make sure you eliminate fear first before going for the Exam. To Answer any NECO Theory question, make sure you follow these steps below↓

  • First, read and understand the instructions and format that Question and Answer must follow and obey before you start answering it.
  • Read a particular question and understand what the questions are looking for. Read like two or three times before you give start providing your answer
  • Your Answers should start by quoting the question if it is an essay question.
  • Make sure to go through entire Answers to make sure that all your answers, writings, and spellings are presented accurately in the required format.
  • Make sure you follow the Theory Answers Structures. Below is the complete NECO theory answers Structures to take note of↓

NECO Essay Answers Structures

Whenever you are answering NECO theory or Essay questions, always make sure you take note of the following answer structures and make sure you present your answers as stated here:

When the Question asks you to:

  • “Describe”: You are To say what you see – no need for reasons. You can give a detailed account, using examples
  • “State”: You are To Provide a factual report with no explanation or opinion.
  • List”: You are To write down listed points, not paragraphs. Keep it brief.
  • Explain”: You are To give reasons
  • Outline”: You are To give a brief summary
  • Analyse”: You are To go into detail
  • Compare”: You are To state similarities and differences?
  • Contrast”: You are To state the differences?
  • Calculate”: You are To use numbers given to work out the value of something
  • Define”: You are To give the meaning of something.
  • Evaluate”: You are To consider both sides – pros and cons
  • Justify”: You are To use evidence to explain something.
  • to what extent”: You are To Judge the importance or success of something –Tell both the abilities and disabilities of that thing.
  • Argue”: You are To present a case with evidence or reasons.
  • Assess”: You are To Weigh up / give an informed judgment.
  • Comment on”: You are To give your opinion on something.
  • Debate”: You are To give a different perspective


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