What TV Size Should I Bring to College? [Based On College Student Poll]

What TV Size Should I Bring to College?

Who needs the pain of, well – not bringing a TV to college? Trust us it’s no fun having nothing to do and nowhere to watch your latest Netflix hits.

And what’s even less fun is when everyone has one in their room except you! Or maybe you already have one at home, but you want an upgrade. Perhaps you’ll miss your shows so choosing a bigger TV is definitely going to be the way forward.

No matter what size TV you plan on bringing with you – we’ve got all the information that you need to make sure your new setup gives you the best possible Netflix and chill time.

The best size of a TV to bring to college is a 24-inch TV. However, depending on how large or small the dorm room is, you can take a 32-inch or 40-inch TV to college. I have provided a breakdown on how to handle bringing a TV to college.

What TV Size Should I Bring to College?
What TV Size Should I Bring to College?

Watching movies is a great way to relax from the day’s stress, and I’m a fan of big screens. But I hardly ever have time for movie nights, so I thought of getting a TV. The worry of deciding what size tv I could bring to my College dorm started at this point. If this worry resonates with you, you’re in luck because I’d be answering it in this article.

The answer to what size tv you can bring to college is not straightforward and depends on several factors, including your preference and your dorm size. Tag along as we delve into the details and help you choose a tv size that is just perfect for you.

Should I Bring a TV to College?

class=”wpil_internal_link”>Choosing to bring a television to college is a decision that depends entirely on you. While most people are better off watching movies with their laptops, you might be tired of squinting while watching on your laptop screen and prefer to have a TV. 

Trust me, people have different ways of relieving college stress, and if you’re a movie person, a tv would be a good option. However, I’d advise that you confirm if there are no restrictions on bringing a tv into your dorm room, and you should also confirm if your dorm room has a tv first before deciding to buy a tv. The last thing you’d want to do is waste some extra bucks.

Guys, there’s nothing as good as lying on your bed and enjoying your favorite tv programs either alone or with your friends. The best part about having a tv in your dorm room is that you’d be able to host movie nights! So, if it’s what you want and you have enough space in your room, you should bring tv to college.

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Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a TV Size 

Before choosing a tv for your dorm room, here are some things you should consider to help you make the right decision:

  • Know why you want one

 Before choosing a tv size, you must start by asking yourself why you want a tv in your dorm room, as this would help you decide what size tv you should bring to college. If your reason is to relieve stress by watching your favorite shows alone, then a small or medium-sized would do. On the other hand, if you intend to have movie nights or watch movies with many friends, then a big-sized tv would not be a bad choice. If you’re a big fan of video games, your best bet would be a screen resolution tv.

  • Consider the size of your Dorm

It is a very important factor in deciding what size tv you should bring to college. It’d be absurd to have a very big tv in a small dorm room. Therefore, you should consider the size of your room and your furniture sizes before you pick a tv size. If your room is small, go for a small size tv. If your room is quite spacious, then a big tv would not be a bad idea.

  • Consider your budget

Before picking a tv size for your dorm room, you must consider your budget. Going for a big tv would mean spending at least a little over $200, and it would not make sense to spend that amount of money on TV. The good news is that most companies offer discounts and special offers so you can be sure to get affordable ones. You can also share the costs with a friend or your roommate to reduce the burden.

  • Consider the weight of the TV

It is a very important consideration because the heavier your tv, the harder it would be to transport it around. So, as much as you’re looking for a big tv, you should also consider the weight.

What features should you look out for in a College TV

What TV Size Should I Bring to College
What TV Size Should I Bring to College

Here are some key features to look for when choosing a tv for your dorm rooms;

  1. Connectivity

This cannot be overstated. I mean, what’s a college TV without WIFI connectivity? It would help if you looked out for a TV that is WIFI enabled. Make sure that you’d not be required to get another product to connect your TV to the internet as this would not be a financially wise decision. 

  1. Wall Mountable

Ensure you get a TV that is wall Mountable as this would not only save you the stress of thinking of where to place your tv but would also help you save space. 

  1. Streaming Abilities 

Ensure that you get a smart tv that has streaming abilities. I’m sure you’d want to stream Netflix, and other streaming services on your TV, so bear this in mind. However, you should note that this would come at a cost as smart TVs are slightly more expensive than regular TVs. 

  1. HDMI ports

This feature would come in handy when you need to connect other devices like gaming consoles, DVD players, and different types of devices to your tv. 

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Best Size Tv For Dorm Rooms?

Here are some TV sizes you should consider depending on your preference;

  1. 24-Inch

 This size would be a great option if you prefer a small tv and you’d rather save your extra bucks. This tv size is perfect to fit your dorm desks beside your books. Usually, it’s the same size as a laptop and would generally help you save space while preventing your room from looking chaotic. With this size tv, you’d be able to move it around more easily than a big one. However, the issue with this tv size is that it might not have the feature that a screen resolution tv would have. If you’re on the right budget and would prefer to go for something small, this is a great option.

  1. 32-Inch

This is just the perfect TV size for your dorm room and would be my answer if you ask me what size TV should I bring to college? These inches are medium-sized and not expensive; you honestly cannot go wrong with this TV size. So, if you’re looking for a TV that you can watch alone, with friends, and even use for date nights, then a 32-inch is your best bet. You can either keep it on your desk or mount it on the wall. I’d advise you to mount it on the wall to save some extra space and make your room look more organized. 

  1. 48-50-Inch

This is a rather big size and is perfect for students that enjoy watching tv a lot. You can trust that you’d always have a great viewing experience with this tv size. However, this would take up more spaces that can be used to store other things in your dorm room. It would help if you mounted this tv on the wall to avoid space constraints being an issue. If you have a roommate, it is advised that you seek his consent before proceeding to get a tv of this size because it’s too obvious to be ignored.

What Are the Best TVs In the Market for College Students?

What TV Size Should I Bring to College
What TV Size Should I Bring to College

After guiding you to decide what size TV you should bring to college, it is essential to choose the right one. It need not be restated that there’s a variety of tv available in the market and it can be quite a hassle selecting the perfect one. For the best TV in the market, check out LG Electronics, VIZIO, Samsung, and Toshiba. You honestly cannot go wrong with any of these brands. 

Alternatives to a TV for College

When it comes to watching movies and having movie nights in college, tv is not the only option. Here are some alternatives to TVs:

  1. Monitor

This is very similar to a 24-inch tv. The monitor has several benefits, including being easy to store and move around. However, because of its small size, you might not have an enjoyable viewing experience from a far distance. If you do not mind this, you can go for a monitor. 

  1. Projector

 Although students usually ignore this due to the technicality of setting it up, projectors offer quite a good viewing experience. However, this is not a practical option for dorm rooms because of its space constraint. But if you have enough space and you don’t mind the technicalities of setting it up, then you can go for it.

  1. Laptop
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Last and not least, we have laptops. This is perhaps the most popular and accepted substitute for TVs. It is small, durable, and lightweight; what else can you ask for?!

Is a 40 inch TV too big for college?

A 40 inch TV is not too big for college. In fact, it can be the perfect size for a dorm room. If you’re looking to splurge on a bigger size, there are 55 inch TVs that can also be great for college. If you are going to buy a 40 inch TV, don’t spend more than $300.

When buying a TV for your dorm room we suggest getting something around the 40-inch range. Anything larger would most likely be too big and anything smaller would be too small to see everything clearly. There are plenty of TVs that come in this size and are under $300.

If you have the extra cash and want to splurge on something a bit bigger, then go with a 55-inch TV. This way you can sit back even further and still see everything perfectly clear. Just make sure that you know what size your dorm room is before going out and buying your first TV for college.


Can you put a TV in a college dorm?

Yes, you can. However, it would help if you looked to get a smaller stand. While it is entirely dependent on you, try to determine if there are no restrictions and if your roommate is comfortable with it.

Do College Students Have Time to Watch TV?

Yes, they do. According to a recent study, you’d be surprised to find that college students spend an average of three hours, 45 minutes watching TV. After a stressful day at college, most students resort to watching TV as a way to help them relax. 

Is It Weird to Bring A TV To College?

No, it isn’t. Most colleges even have TVs in their dorm room. If your dorm room does not have one, you can always get one that suits your preference while considering the factors treated earlier in this article. 


I’m sure at this point. You’d have found your answer to the question of what size Tv should I bring to college? If you’re still struggling to pick one, the 32-inch TV is highly recommended due to its medium size and affordability. Be sure to let the factors above guide your decision, and I assure you that you will make the best choice. 

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