JAMB Statistics 2022 (Registration & Result) Highest Score Candidates

Update on the 2021 JAMB Registration statistics, top 10 highest JAMB scores 2021, Name of the candidate that scores the highest in the 2021 JAMB Exam, & the complete JAMB 2021 result statistics.

Just as every other year had been, I bring to you the JAMB registration statistics 2021 along with the JAMB result statistics for 2021.

JAMB had made it a point of duty every year to always clear the public on how many candidates registered JAMB in a particular year and the schools they apply for and how the performance of the candidates went.

JAMB 2021 Statistics for Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges

In this particular section, I am sure you will love to know the most chosen University in JAMB 2021, or the most chosen Polytechnics in JAMB 2021.

If you will also love to know the lowest JAMB score 2021, top 20 highest JAMB score 2021 or top 50 highest JAMB score 2021, then this info covers a handful!

Note; this JAMB Statistics information is always released as a point to prove the Joint Admission Matriculation Board’s transparency.

Therefore, we have gathered the JAMB registration statistics for 2021 along with the JAMB result stat which points out the best performing candidates in the 2021 JAMB Exam.

Statistics Format and Presentation

This statistic is base on the list of the 36 states in Nigeria with the Federal Capital Territory and the total applicants from each of them. Form this statistic; you will be able to know the total;

  • Number of JAMB Applicants from each state and the F.C.T
  • 10 Universities that received the highest number of applicants
  • Top 14 Courses with the highest number of the applicant, and
  • The top 10 highest JAMB Scorers in 2021 and their scores

2021 Helpful JAMB Admission Tips:

How Many Candidates Registered for JAMB this Year 2021?

According to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) as reported on May 24th 2021, JAMB have registered about 1,223,962 JAMB UTME candidates and about 63,586 JAMB Direct Entry candidates the 2021 JAMB exam.

Number of applicants by gender: Below is the total number of the 2020 JAMB applicants by gender.

  • Male: Data not available for now
  • Female: Data will be updated soon

JAMB Registration Statistics 2021 by State

Below is the number of candidates that registered for this year’s JAMB exam from each state in Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja).

Note: the report below is for last year. We will update the report for this year in a short time.

  1. Oyo: 110,578 candidates
  2. Osun: 98,472 candidates
  3. Imo: 97,963 candidates
  4. Kaduna: 93,473 candidates
  5. Ogun: 93,179 candidates
  6. Kano: 86,586 candidates
  7. Delta: 85,265 candidates
  8. Benue: 83,216 candidates
  9. Kogi: 79,828 candidates
  10. Kwara: 74,502 candidates
  11. Anambra: 74,116 candidates
  12. Edo: 70,522 candidates
  13. Akwa Ibom: 66,751 candidates
  14. Enugu: 66,380 candidates
  15. Ondo: 65,537 candidates
  16. Plateau: 54,639 candidates
  17. Abia: 50,369 candidates
  18. Nasarawa: 46,638 candidates
  19. Ekiti: 45,942 candidates
  20. Rivers: 44,125 candidates
  21. Katsina: 40,990 candidates
  22. Cross River: 39,006 candidates
  23. Borno: 35,877 candidates
  24. Lagos: 34,149 candidates
  25. Bauchi: 33,520 candidates
  26. Gombe: 33,217 candidates
  27. Niger: 32,054 candidates
  28. Ebonyi: 31,092 candidates
  29. Adamawa: 27,977 candidates
  30. Taraba: 27,350 candidates
  31. Jigawa: 26,081 candidates
  32. Bayelsa: 22,129 candidates
  33. Yobe: 21,063 candidates
  34. Kebbi: 20,732 candidates
  35. Sokoto: 18,240 candidates
  36. Zamfara: 9,590 candidates
  37. F.C.T: 8,519 candidates
  38. Not indicated: 316 candidates

JAMB Result Statistics 2021 (Highest Scorer and highest scores 2021)

Note: all stats from here to the end are from last year’s JAMB exam statistics. We will update the report for this 2021 in a short time as JAMB continues to release more results.

The top 6 states in Nigeria that produce the highest scorers in JAMB are listed below.

  1. Ekiti
  2. Ondo
  3. Akwa Ibom
  4. Kwara
  5. Oyo, and
  6. Ogun states.

Top 10 highest JAMB score 2021

The Top Highest JAMB Scores  2020 are 365, followed by 363, 359 (scored by two candidates) 358, 356, 355 (scored by two candidates), 353, 352 (scored by four candidates),

Who has the highest score in JAMB 2021 (The Highest scorer)

The names of the candidates and scores obtained are shown below;

  1. Maduafokwa Egoagwuagwu Agnes -365
  2. Nwobi Okwuchukwu David – 363
  3. Ojuba Mezisashe Shalom – 359
  4. Elikwu, Victor Chukwuemeka – 359
  5. Adebola Oluwatobi Paul – 358
  6. Gboyega Oluwatobiloba Enoch – 356
  7. Ojo Samuel Oluwatobi – 355
  8. Utulu, Jebose George – 355
  9. Osom Akan Awesome – 353
  10. Akakabota Fejiro Simeon – 352
  11. Ogundele Favour Jesupemi – 352
  12. Alatise Monsurah Bisola. – 352
  13. Adelaja Oluwasemilore Daniel – 352

The Lowest JAMB Score in 2021?

The lowest JAMB score in history is the candidate that was reported to have scored 11.

The information of the candidate was not disclosed to the public. But that had been the lowest JAMB Score ever recorded.

How Many Candidates Applied for the Same Course With You?

This cannot be ascertained except you specify the courses you applied for.

But to help you better, below are the top 14 courses with the highest number of applicants in JAMB 2021 and the total number of applicants that applied for them.

Top 14 Courses with the Highest Number of Applicants in JAMB 2020

  1. Medicine & Surgery – 119,037 candidates
  2. Accounting – 105,877 candidates
  3. Economics – 95,967 candidates
  4. Law – 85,385 candidates
  5. Business Administration – 83,551 candidates
  6. Mass Communication. – 69,736 candidates
  7. Political Science. – 69,147 candidates
  8. Computer Science. – 66,996 candidates
  9. Microbiology – 48,097 candidates
  10. Biochemistry – 35,318 candidates
  11. Nursing – 34, 978 candidates
  12. Pharmacy – 34, 578 candidates
  13. Mechanical – 32,490 candidates
  14. Civil Engineering – 32,221 candidates

How to Know the Number of Candidates that apply for the same school with you? Like I said before, data like this cannot be ascertained except you specify the school you applied for.

But to help you better, below are the top 10 Universities with the highest number of applicants in JAMB.

Most Chosen University in JAMB 2021

Here are the top 10 Universities with the highest number of applicants in JAMB:

  1. UNILAG (University of Lagos) – 84,326 candidates
  2. UNIZIK – 82,384
  3. UNIBEN (University of Benin) – 80,216 candidates
  4. UNN – 79,842
  5. UNILORIN – 78,265
  6. OAU – 65,653
  7. ABU – 60,691
  8. UNIPORT – 48,850
  9. UNIUYO – 45,851
  10. LASU – 43,503

That was the JAMB application Statistics 2021, the total number of candidates that registered, and the highest JAMB Score & Scorers name. Please, don’t be mislead by the information above.

But remember, the data above are that of the 2020 JAMB Exam. The statistics for 2021 will be updated here immediately JAMB publishes it.

  1. This year’s jamb was not funny oooo
    I wrote jamb last yr and got 222 but I couldn’t proceed because of financial issues
    I read like mad this year and was just feeling myself in the hall thinking I would get nothing less than 260 only to come out with 221….. Na wa ooo

  2. o boy i dont know how they
    i wrote and was so confident about myself only for result to come out and i was seen 228 as my

  3. Jamb 4 this year is not like child play you better take note on what you are doing cos everybody are on god by admission !!!

  4. Really come to think about it I don’t know how jamb marked utme result this year I Know many student that did very well last year but didn’t get what they wanted to study, doubling their effort this yearto make sure they score good grade but to their surprise last year was better than this year, in my own opinion I think jamb should remark this year result again

    1. I read so hard for this year jamb,but to my greatest surprise my score was nothing to write home about.And I have’nt been able to tell any of my family members plzzz…are we really rewriting?Because of the problem at my jamb center was a system shut down.

  5. This is last year’s list please;
    1. Maduafokwa Egoagwuagwu Agnes -365 was 2020 and not 202; including the others too.
    Kindly update it!!!

    1. Anambrarians seems to me to be the most intelligent in Nigeria, they keep on coming first in whatever has to do with high IQ. Kudos to them.

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