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Unilag Courses Jamb And Post UTME Cut-Off Marks 2023- So, if you sat for the last UTME examination and Unilag was your preferred choice of institution, then you should continue reading this. The Jamb and post-UTME cut-off marks have been announced. You can now check the cut-off mark for your choice course to see if your score scales through.

The aim of institutions setting up cut-off mark as part of the entry requirement is to reduce the population of the student being admitted. Cut-off marks are also set to ensure only the best of the brains are given admission. So, if your Jamb and post-UTME score meets up with the cut-off mark, there is much assurance that you will be given admission to study your choice course.

University of Lagos, fondly called UNILAG is one of the best universities in Nigeria. The institution which is a public university established in 1962. There are so many courses offered across different fields in the university.

Unilag Courses, Jamb And Post UTME Cut-Off Marks 2023

List Of Unilag Courses and Jamb Cut-Off Marks

The Cut-off mark for Jamb for all Unilag courses is 200. Now, I want to you to get this right. The fact that you scored 200 in Jamb does not translate to automatic admission. It only means you have crossed the 1st hurdle and you need to face the next stage, post-UTME.  Post-UTME is usually conducted by each institution. For instance, if you have chosen Unilag as your preferred institution, you will sit for Unilag Post-UTME. In the next paragraph , we would look at post-UTME cut-off mark for each course in Unilag.

List Of Unilag Courses and Post-UTME Cut-Off Marks

Faculty of Arts

S/NCoursePost-Utme Cut-off mark
1Creative Arts (Music)50.85
2Creative Arts (Theatre Arts)62.15
3Creative Arts (Visual Arts)55.80
7History and Strategic Studies60.15
8Linguistics Igbo51.68
9Linguistics Yoruba55.55

Faculty Of Business Administration

S.NCoursePost-Utme Cut-off mark
2Actuarial Science61.78
4Business Administration60.70
6Industrial Relations and Personnel Management60.38

Faculty of Education


S/NCoursePost-UTME cut-off marks
1Adult Education51.15
2Education Economics60.23
3Education Business59.13
4Education Islamic Religion Studies52.05
5Education Igbonil
6Education English61.90
7Education Early Childhood57.88
8Education Yoruba54.70
9Education French55.70
10Education History54.50
11Education Christian Religion Studies52.30
12Education Geography54.75
13Educational Administration54.10
14Educational Foundations57.78
15Health Education51.05
16Human Kinetics50.83
17Education Biology55.73
18Education Chemistry51.18
19Education Home Economics52.93
20Education Integrated Science52.45
21Education Mathematics52.53
22Education Physics52.85
23Education Technology50.45

Faculty of Science

S/NCoursesPost-UTME cut-off marks
3Cell Biology & Genetics61.70
5Computer Science68.80
8Marine Biology57.18

Faculty of Social Sciences

S/NCoursesCut-off mark
3Mass Communication65.70
4Political Science62.08
6Social Work54.15

Faculty of Engineering

S/n CoursesCut-off marks
1Chemical & Petroleum Engineering70.93
2Civil & Environmental Engineering71.18
3Computer Engineering73.73
4Electrical & Electronics Engineering72.40
5Mechanical Engineering74.00
6Metallurgical & Material Engineering64.23
7Petroleum & Gas Engineering                                                          67.90
8Surveying & Geo. Engineering60.35
9System Engineering70.40
S/NCoursesPost-UTME Cut-off mark
3Estate Management62.03
4Quantity Surveying62.75
5Urban & Regional Planning60.95

Faculty of Law

S/NCoursesPost-UTME Cut-off marks

Faculty of Pharmacy

S/nCoursesPost-UTME Cut-off marks

College of Medicine

S/NCoursesPost-UTME Cut-off marks
1Medicine and Surgery77.03
4Medical & Laboratory Science67.65

Last Note

University of Lagos is currently one of the best universities in Nigeria. No wonder, admission into the university is so competitive. Unilag courses are taught by seasoned and experienced academics. For you to gain admission into the university, you must have scored at least 200 in Jamb, which qualifies you to sit for post-UTME. Then you should score above the cut-off mark for post-UTME.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cut-off mark for post-UTME for Unilag?

The cut-off mark for post-UTME for Unilag varies and depends on your choice of course. If you are going to a very competitive course, then you should expect the post-UTME cut-off mark to be high. If your chosen course is a non-competitive course, then you the post-UTME cut-off mark would be just be above average. My advice is this, if you are sitting for post-UTME, you should plan to score at least above 70%. This would increase your chance of getting admission. But before you qualify to sit for post-UTME, you must have scored at least 200 in your Jamb.

What is the Jamb cut-off mark for courses in Unilag for 2023/2024 academic session?

The jamb cut-off mark for courses in Unilag for 2023/2024 academic session is 200. However, this does not guarantee an automatic admission. The 200 cut-off mark qualifies you to sit for post-UTME in your choice institution. Its always advised that you try to score at least 70% or more in your post-UTME, so you can have better chances of getting admission.

What is the duration of study for full-time academic program in Unilag?

For bachelor’s degree program, duration of study is 5 years, a total of 10 semesters for students admitted to 100-level. For students admitted to 200-level through direct entry, duration of study is usually 4 years (8 semesters). However, for students admitted to 300-level, duration of study is usually 3 years (6 semesters).

What is the minimum age to gain admission to study in Unilag?

The minimum age for entry to study any course in university of Lagos is 16 years. Any applicant younger than that will not be given admission.

Can I choose Unilag as a second choice?

Well, officially Unilag accept second choice applicants. However, your chances of getting admission based on second choice may be slim. This is because , Unilag is a very competitive institution and getting admission may be hard. Its advisable to make Unilag your first choice, so as to increase your chances of getting admitted.

What is the minimum Jamb Score I can obtain to study medicine?

Once you can score at least 200 in Jamb, no matter your choice of score, you have some hope of getting admission. However, you will need to prepare very well for post-UTME. If you plan to study medicine, then you should aim at scoring above 80% in post-UTME.

Which exams seems more tougher, Post UTME or Jamb?

Both exams require serious preparations, if you are going to score good marks. However, it is much easier to prepare for Jamb because you have a lot of materials including past-questions to work with.  The case is a bit different with post-UTME, the past-questions may not be readily available. Moreso, the school authorities can decide to change the style and tone of exam per time. So you really can not predict what you will meet in a post-UTME exam.

Is Unilag a private or public institution?

University of Lagos (Unilag) is a public institution in Nigeria (a federal one) established in the year 1962. It is currently one of the best universities in Nigeria.

Can I get admission into Unilag without Jamb?

Yes, you can get admission into the University of Lagos without Jamb
So, if you have not being able to cross the hurdle of Jamb so as to get admission into your choice university, Unilag. You don’t have to give up. There are other ways to gain admission into Unilag without Jamb. Below are some of the ways to get admission into Unilag without Jamb:
Unilag JUPEB Programme: this program which allows students gain admission into the university without Jamb was launched in 2014. About 10 universities run this program, with Unilag being the headquarter. You will need to pick up  a registration form to start out. You can visit JUPEB website for more details.
Nabteb A’ Level
This is an A level program that allows you gain direct entry to study in Unilag. However, it is limited to only business-related courses.
Cambridge A’Level
This is also an A level program. It is acceptable in all universities in Nigeria.

What faculty is the largest in Unilag?

The faculty of Engineering is the largest in Unilag and has the following departments:
Electrical Electronics
Metallurgical & Materials
Petroleum & Gas
Civil & Environmental
Surveying and Geo-informatics and Systems Engineering

How do I confirm if I have been given admission in Unilag?

To check your admission status, follow these steps:
Visit the Jamb E-facility portal at jamb.gov.ng/ efacility/
Using your username and password, login to your jamb profile
Scroll down to the ‘Check Admission status tab”
Select the year of exam and enter your registration number.
Then click on ‘check admission status’  to check if you have been admitted.


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