How To Be A Productive Student

How To Be A Productive Student

How To Be A Productive Student- Productivity is an essential ingredient for success in today’s world. Whether you are a student, business man or a career person, your level of productivity will determine how far you go in life. A student is an individual enrolled in a school, college, university, or other educational institution. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to be a productive student.

How To Be A Productive Student

A student is an individual enrolled in a school, college, university, or other educational institution. He/She is actively pursuing a course of study or a degree. Students are in different categories, depending on age, background or level of education. Education is in the following levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. The major purpose of being a student is to acquire knowledge, skills, and qualifications critical for personal and professional growth, and to prepare oneself for future career opportunities.

Who Is A Productive Student

A productive student is that kind of student who consistently demonstrates effectiveness and efficiency in the use of their time, energy, and resources to achieve their academic goals. Productive students usually have a strong work ethic, are self-motivated, and have good time-management skills. They take responsibility for their learning and are willing to seek help when the need arise.

Productive students are well-balanced individuals. They not only seek for academic success, they also take care of other aspect of their lives. They seek to maintain healthy bodies through proper diet, exercise, rest and sleep.

How To Be A Productive Student

1. Set clear goals

To be a productive student, you need to set goals, both short and long-term. Write down these goals. You can write on a paper and place such around your mirror, on your desk, etc. Just make sure you write where you can easily see it from time to time. Write them down and keep them visible to stay focused and motivated.

2. Master time management

You must master how to manage your time very well. You wont be able to achieve much if are not a good time manager. You can use these tools to enhance your time management: calendar, planner, timer, alarm clock, etc. Learn to prioritize your tasks.

3. Get rid of all distractions

As a student that aspires to be productive, you must get rid of all sorts of distractions. Examples of such distractions include smartphone, social media, Tv programs, phone calls, etc. You should study in a quiet and comfortable place where there is little or no distractions.

4. Be active in class

If you want to be a productive student, you need to be active in class. Answer questions, ask questions, make constructive contributions. Form the habit of making notes in class, even if you are already familiar with the topics being taught.

5. Develop effective study strategies

Come up with study strategies that would enhance your productivity as a student. Highlighting of your notes/ study materials, summarizing and taking of practice tests are examples of good study strategies.

6. You must be organized

If you are going to stand out in your studies, you must be well-organized. Your notes, textbooks and other learning resources must be well-kept. You can keep a planner to help schedule your daily activities. You should have a wake-up time, sleep time, study time, rest time, etc. You should also have your class time-table handy. This would help you in planning yourself.

7. Do reviews regularly

Your class notes and other learning materials should be reviewed regularly. This will help you to stay prepared and ahead like. Tests and exams would be easy walk-overs for you.

8. Maintain a healthy body

You are not going to be able to achieve much with a sickly body. You should therefore take care of yourself. Eat good food, rest well, sleep well and see a doctor if you have any health concerns.

9. Join a study group

For you to be a productive student, you should belong to a study group. No man is an island and you shouldn’t try to be one. The truth is you can’t learn everything by yourself. When you interact with like-minded fellows, you learn more. Moreso, when you discuss what you know with others, such a subject matter sticks better.

10. Take breaks sometimes

You shouldn’t be studying all the time, it makes life boring! You should have time for breaks from study. At such time, you can go to watch a movie, play games and hang-out with friends. The truth is by the time you are done with the break and you return to study, you will be refreshed.

Why Do I Need To Be A Productive Student

How to be a productive student2

You may begin to wonder why all the hype about becoming a productive student. Well, here are some reasons why you should also become a productive student:

1. Academic success can be easily achieved

 As a productive student, you wont find it difficult to achieve academic success. This is because every factor needed to achieve academic success is already a part of your lifestyle.

2. Career development

The lifestyle and habits of productive students prepare them for career and future. Employers are always on the look-out for the features present in a productive student. This is because such features are also great assets in the workplace.

3. Less stress

Being productive implies that you are organized and you get things done as at when due. This implies that you will be able to manage your work load as a student. Stress and anxiety are thus reduced.

4. Room for personal growth

As a productive student, with critical skills, your personal growth is better enhanced.

5. More free time

Productive students get tasks completed promptly and efficiently. In the end , there will still be extra free time to pursue other stuffs like interests, hobbies and so on.

What Are The Qualities Of A Productive Student

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Here are some character traits of a productive student:

  1. Goal-oriented: A productive student sets goals and then develop strategies to achieving them
  2. Highly disciplined: A productive students are highly disciplined. He /She knows what to do to get rid of distractions and focus on the important stuffs.
  3. Good time-manager: A productive student knows how to manage his/her time effectively. He/She understands how to prioritize tasks and ensure they meet up deadlines.
  4. Has good initiatives: A productive student is good at taking initiatives, whenever the need arise.
  5. Critical thinking: He/She is sound in critical thinking. He/She understands how to analyze information and come up with intelligent inferences and decisions.
  6. Collaborative skills: A productive student has ability to work well with others, both in group projects and in class discussions.        
  7. Active listening: He/She actively listens in class and makes notes, making sure the subject matter is well understood.
  8. Good communication skills: He/She is highly skilled in communications, both written and verbal.
  9. Perseverance: A productive student does not easily give up even in the face of challenges or difficulties. He/She is able to preserve and scale through.
  10. Positive attitude: A productive student approaches his/her studies with a positive attitude. He/She sees challenges as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Final Note

A productive student is a student who is highly skilled in the use of time, energy and resources to achieve set academic goals. Here is how to be a productive student. Set clear goals, strategize how to accomplish such goals, master time management, have study strategies, take care of yourself, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What make a student productive?

A productive student is a student who consistently demonstrates effectiveness and efficiency in the use of their time, energy, and resources to accomplish their academic goals

How can I make my studying productive?

For your studying to be productive, you should: 
Gather extra study materials apart from the ones given in class. This will help you understand the subject better.
Get to study in a quiet place, of minimum or zero distractions
Make notes while studying
Try to ask yourself questions on the topic studied at the end of your study time.
You can discuss what you learnt during your study with your colleagues. This will help the topic stick better to your brain.

What time of the day are students most productive?

For lectures and classes, students are most productive in the mornings. For exams, students perform best in the early afternoons.

What are the skills possessed by productive students?

Below are some of the skills possessed by productive students:
Communication skills
Critical thinking
Effective time-management
Organization skills
Planning skills
Ability to prioritize
Collaborative skills

How can I manage my time effectively as a student?

Have a calendar where you mark dates, classes, study times, etc.
You should have a personalized schedule
You should set reminders for yourself e.g time to wake up, time to study, time for lectures, etc.
Learn how to prioritize
Be flexible and also realistic in your approach to time management.


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