OAU Cut Off Mark 2021/2022 (JAMB and Departmental)

OAU Cut Off Mark 2021/2022
OAU Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

OAU Cut Off Mark 2021/2022 (JAMB and Departmental)

Is OAU cut-off mark 2021 out? Yes, the JAMB and OAU departmental cut-off mark for 2021 is out.

All interested aspirants are to follow up and make sure that their JAMB cut-off mark is up to the stipulated cut-off mark.

OAU Cut Off Mark 2021/2022
OAU Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

Note: this cut-off mark is what will be used in addition to applicants’ O’level result to determine who best qualify for admission and who doesn’t.

So, the Obafemi Awolowo University cut-off mark is a very important admission criterion and requirement for the 2021 admission.

Is the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) Cut Off Mark for 2021 Out?

YES!!! Like I said before, the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) JAMB, and departmental cut-off mark are out for 2021/2022 academic year admission.

Moreso, All candidates that wish to apply for admission to the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife are advised to check the School departmental cut-off mark for their courses below.

What is Obafemi Awolowo University JAMB cut-off mark for 2021?

The Obafemi Awolowo University cut-off mark for 2021 is 180. Like I said earlier, this cut of marks applies to all courses offered at OAU.

OAU Cut Off Mark 2021/2022
OAU Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

Candidates that do not meet this stipulated cut-off mark will not be eligible to apply for the POST UTME. So they may have to check out the alternatives below.

Below are the three best options and alternatives for all aspiring candidates that do not meet the required cut-off mark above.

How is the OAU cut-off mark calculated? This is a very interesting question. There is no specific method on how the JAMB cut-off mark for OAU is calculated.

But the simplest hint is that candidates with the highest JAMB scores will be considered first for admission before those with lower cut-off marks.

You will get a proper analysis of how to cut off marks are arrived at and how there are considered for admission in the departmental cut off mark analysis shown below.

Apply for OAU Post UTME here

OAU departmental cut-off point for 2022.

Like I said before, a candidate that scores higher will gain a higher advantage in gaining admission compared to another applicant with a low or average score.

Thomann factors determine who is determined and who is not to be admitted.

For example, an applicant with a JAMB score of 190 might gain admission while another candidate with 220 doesn’t.

The possibility of suhappeningpen depends on if the candidate with 190 applied for a less competitive compared to the candidate with 220.

So the possibility is that an aspirant with a low JAMB score who applies for a less competitive course may gin admission while a candidate with a higher JAMB score doesn’t.

In this case, the candidate with a high JAMB score that doesn’t gain admission faced such a challenge because the departmental cut-off point for his or her course is above his or her JAMB score.

OAU School Fees & Acceptance fee 2021/2022 for fresh students

Therefore, the OAU departmental cut-off mark is what determines who gains admission and who doesn’t.

This cut-off mark varies per department, course, or faculty and it varies per admission year.

The courses at Obafemi Awolowo University that candidate neneedso meet the departmental cut off mark are as follow:

  • Accounting 190
  • Adult Education 180
  • Agric Extension And Rural Development 180
  • Agricultural Economics 180
  • Agricultural Engineering 190
  • Animal Science 180
  • Applied Geophysics 180
  • Architecture 180
  • Biochemistry 190
  • Building 180
  • Chemical Engineering 190
  • Chemistry 190
  • Civil Engineering 190
  • Computer Engineering 190
  • Computer Science 190
  • Computer Science With Economics 180
  • Computer Science With Economics Mathematics 180
  • Computer Science With Mathematics 180
  • Crop Production And Protection 180
  • Demography And Social Statistics 180
  • Dentistry And Dental Surgery 190
  • Drama/Dramatic/Performing Arts 180
  • Economics 190
  • Biology Education 180
  • Chemistry Education 180
  • Economics Education 180
  • English Language Education 190
  • French Education 180
  • Geography Education 180
  • History Education 180
  • Integrated Science Education 180
  • Language Arts Education 180
  • Mathematics Education 190
  • Music Education 180
  • Physics Education 190
  • Political Science Education 190
  • Religious Studies Education 180
  • Social Studies Education 180
  • Yoruba Education 180
  • Fine And Applied Arts Education 180
  • Educational Management 190
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering 200
  • Engineering Physics 190
  • English Language 190
  • Entrepreneurship 190
  • Estate Management 190
  • Family Nutrition And Consumer Sciences 180
  • Food Science And Technology 190
  • French 180
  • Geography 180
  • Geology 190
  • German 180
  • Guidance And Counselling 190
  • Health Education 190
  • History 180
  • Home Economics And Education 180
  • Industrial Chemistry 190
  • Insurance And Actuarial Science 180
  • International Relations 180
  • Linguistics 180
  • Linguistics And African Languages 180
  • Literature In English 180
  • Local Government Studies 180
  • Mathematics 190
  • Mechanical Engineering 200
  • Medical Rehabilitation 190
  • Medicine And Surgery 210
  • Metallurgical And Material Engineering 190
  • Microbiology 190
  • Music 180
  • Nursing/Nursing Science 200
  • Nutrition And Consumers Services 180
  • Pharmacy 200
  • Philosophy 180
  • Physical And Health Education 180
  • Physics 190
  • Political Science 190
  • Portuguese 180
  • Psychology 190
  • Public Administration 190
  • Quantity Surveying 180
  • Religious Studies 180
  • Sociology And Anthropology 190
  • Soil Science 180
  • Statistics 190
  • Surveying And Geoinformatics 190
  • Urban And Regional Planning 180
  • Yoruba 180
  • Zoology 180

Kindly know that this is just an estimated/assumed departmental cut-off mark. OAU has the full right to determine what they will choose for their admission depending on the candidate’s scores range.

How To Calculate Your Admission Chances

Generally, candidates with higher scores are firstly considered for admission before the candidates with lower scores.

So meeting the JAMB cut-off mark of 180 is one thing and meeting your departmental Cutoff mark is another thing.

Though you might meet the cut-off mark of 180, you may likely not be admitted if many aspirants in your department score above you.

FACT: So the fact here is the that “higher your JAMB score, the higher your chances of being admitted”. But OAU doesn’t have a fixed departmental cut off mark for each course.

CHANCES: The admission chances at OAU are competitive due to so many numbers of Aspirants wishing to study in the School.

The only advantage that you will have over other aspirants is having a high JAMB score and a good O’level result.

Notwithstanding, any candidates that scored up to 180 are qualified to apply for admission at OAU into any desired courses.

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