POLAC Cut off Mark 2022/2023 :Nigeria Police Academy (NPA)

The Nigeria Police Academy NPA/POLAC  Cut off Mark for the 2021/2022 academic session entry had been made available including the entry requirements.

On this page, you will see the complete POLAC JAMB Cut Off Mark for all courses offered at the Nigeria Police Academy (NPA)

Nigeria Police Academy NPA [POLAC] JAMB Cut off Mark for all courses

Nigeria Police Academy JAMB Cut off mark 2021

If you are interested qnd want to apply for admission at Nigeria Police Academy, then this information will be of great help to you to start with before applying.

The Nigeria Police Academy, NPA/POLAC JAMB Cut off mark for 2021 admission is 180 for all entry students except otherwise stated by the academy.

This NPA cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session admission is meant  eento give applicants the hints on the requirements they will need to gain admission.

As such,  studentmajor  made it a concern to inform all interested persons on what JAMB score they will need to be qualified for admission in 2021.

POLAC Courses and Their Cut off mark 2021

Although the POLAC cut off mark has been set at 180, candidates and all interested applicants should bear it in mind that the need a very high JAMB score to surpass other applicants to stand a better chance.

As such, it is very important to bring the NPA departmental cut off mark into consideration.

This departmental cut off is the JAMB score range assigned specifically for your course/department. It is a very important part to consider.

To help candidates, we have listed out all the NPA courses and their possible cut off mark that will give you a better chance.

Note: All cut off marks stated below are estimated cut off marks base on the general competition and their level of selectiveness across Nigerian institutions.

  • The Cut off mark for Law is 210

Cut off mark for Faculty of Arts Courses

History And International Studies180

Cut off mark for Faculty of Management Science Courses

Political Science190
Management Sciences180
Banking and Finance190
Forensic Science180
Social Work180

Cut off mark for Faculty of Sciences Courses

Biological Sciences190
Computer Science190

Like I said before, the above cut off marks has not been confirmed by the Nigeria Police Academy NPA/POLAC and as such, we advise applicants to consider them as estimated cut off marks but not as the actual.

All cut off marks stated above are estimated NPA Cut off mark for POLAC courses base on the general competition when it comes to gaining admission.

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