NYU Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Class & Admission Statistic by major

You care to know the New York University (NYU) Acceptance Rate 2021 for the class of 2025), right?

Okay!!! what I’m about to share with you on this page is the complete NYU Acceptance Rate 2021, the NYU Acceptance Rate for the incoming class of 2025.

Key information on the NYU Acceptance Rate 2025 and the Admission Statistics By Major, the required SAT/ACT/GPA for in-state and out-of-state transfer, freshman and international students for the early action and early decision undergraduate applicants for the 2021 admission, will also be made known as we proceed.

NYU Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

The average New York University (NYU) Acceptance Rate for Early Decision (ED), Early Action (EA) Freshmen undergrad is 28%

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Below is the breakdown of New York University Acceptance Rate for past years;

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Incoming Class Accepted Applicants Total Applicants Acceptance Rate (%)
2023 12,307 76,919 16.00
2022 15,722 75,037 20.95
2021 18,520 67,232 27.55
2020 19,000 63,702 29.83
2019 18,500 60,322 30.67
2018 19,000 52,000 36.54
2017 14,829 45,779 32.39

The New York City  Admission Rate and Academic Stats

image for New York City University (NYU) Acceptance rate 2021, for the class of 2025,

  • Tuition and Fees cost after aid: $40,000
  • Graduation rate: 84%
  • Acceptance rate: 28%
  • The graduation rate for first-time, full-time undergraduate students within 6 years: 75%
  • College Scorecard data ·
  • Contact Adress: New York, NY 10003, United States
  • Phone Contact: +1 212-998-1212
  • Admission Rate: About 26,055 students

Average Annual Tuition and Fees cost:

  • Before aid: $73,566
  • After aid: $40,336 (Including grants and scholarships)
  • Number of Courses: 9,700
  • Areas of study: 650
  • Degree-granting campuses: 3 + 11 global academic centers

Cost by household income

Household income Average cost after aid
Less than $30,000 $25,964
$30,001–48,000 $26,366
$48,001–75,000 $35,511
$75,001–110,000 $42,581
More than $110,001 $55,558

NYU Graduation Rate

  6 years of graduation rate 8 years of

Graduation rate

First-time full-time 84% 85%
Other full-time 87% 87%
First-time part-time 20% 24%
Other part-time 52% 54%

NYU Rankings

  • The number #4 Best Medical Schools in the World
  • Number #1 best Medical School Acceptance Rates
  • #1 among the 15 Most Popular Colleges with ACT score requirement Between 25-29
  • The #1 Law School Rankings by Median Salary
  • Number #1 Best Master’s in Art Therapy Programs

Application Requirements (SAT & ACT) 2021 and Application Guidelines

  • Application Portal: Visit the Application Portal @https://www.nyu.edu/admissions/undergraduate
  • Application Fees: International Applicants: 80 USD
  • Acceptance rate: 16% – 28%
  • Average SAT score: 1310-1510
  • Average ACT score: 29-34
  • Application Payment mode: Online
  • Academic calendar: Semester-based
  • Intake Sessions: Fall, Summer, and Spring
  • Work Experience: Required for some Graduate programs
  • Financial Aid: Through Scholarships, Loans, bursaries.

Required Documents for 2021 Admission

  • Documents. All applicants are advised to send only copies of their documents and not the original documents because NYU will not return your documents after your application.
  • Supplementary materials. All applicants are to send their supplementary materials (DVDs, pictures, articles, formats, etc.) for programs that require an audition or portfolio.
  • International student’s financial aid: International students seeking financial support during application should take note that their request will be factored into the NYU admissions decision.

Admission Policy: NYU does not support any form of discrimination in its admission process. The institution is established to admit students based on merit and not by birthright or social class.

How to Check your Admission Status after application: A feedback will be sent to all applicants after three weeks of their application, which will let applicants know if their application has been received and also give them information on how to track their admission status.

That is all the information on the New York City (NYU) Acceptance rate 2021, for the class of 2025 out of state and in-state acceptance rate, GPA, SAT Score or ACT Score Requirements for admission in 2021 for undergraduate freshman applicants.

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