47 Best Talent Examples in a List [ Best Talents You Can Tap Into]

47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Sometimes it is difficult identifying what your talent is. There are so many talents in the world today. Some of these talents are natural, and others are acquired. This means that anyone can be talented. But, talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep; it demands continued use and development. Even naturally gifted people have to keep working to sharpen their talents to suit the trends in demand. 

The 47 best talent examples in a list for 2022 include:

  1. Dancing
  2. Singing
  3. Painting
  4. Drawing
  5. Pottery
  6. Comedy
  7. Playing an instrument
  8. Running
  9. Swimming
  10. Skating
  11. Jumping
  12. Balance
  13. Throwing
  14. Storytelling
  15. Writing
  16. Teaching
  17. Caring
  18. Listening
  19. Public speaking
  20. Money Management
  21. Time Management
  22. Organization
  23. Planning
  24. Resourcefulness
  25. Design
  26. Research
  27. Intuition
  28. Magic
  29. Problem Solving
  30. Multilingualism
  31. Reading
  32. Mathematical Thinking
  33. Entrepreneurialism
  34. Brainstorming
  35. Hairstyling
  36. Fashion designing
  37. Communication
  38. Woodwork
  39. Leadership
  40. Strategic thinking
  41. Visual thinking
  42. Spatial reasoning
  43. Music intelligence
  44. Critical thinking
  45. Social intelligence
  46. Emotional intelligence
  47. Divergent Thinking

These days, people make a living from natural talents. Even the most bizarre of skills are appreciated and monetizable. Outside of natural talents such as singing, acting, dancing, comedy, etc., several other types, such as tech, are in demand. This shows that you can become talented by learning and honing a skill.

This article has provided the 47 best talent examples in a list that you can identify with and become a pro. The list is nonexhaustive and combines natural and acquired talents. Here goes.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Dancing is an energetic display of moves. Some are naturally talented at this, while others have to go through schooling to perfect their moves. There are many dance Genres. Some include Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap dance, Folk dance, Swing dance, etc. These different types of dance appeal to diverse audiences and make use of various costumes. You have to find the kind that you resonate with.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Singing is a popular form of art. It is an art and science of vocal pedagogy and goes back to ancient Greece. In European classical music and opera, voices are treated like musical instruments. Singing and singers are well respected all over the world. Amazing rewards come with being a singer; fame and recognition are a few of many. Awards such as the Grammys, American Music Awards, BRITs, etc., are prized possessions every singer aspires to have. There are several music genres that you may want to consider. They are Rock music, Pop music, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rhythm and blues, soul, etc.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

The art of painting is the expression of emotions and ideas through elements used in various forms and combinations in a two-dimensional visual language. Painting is both the act and the result. Most popular paintings are considered prized possessions and are worth a fortune. If this is a talent, you have or seek to have, honing it is rewarding.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Drawing can be a natural talent or an acquired one. It involves the use of a pencil, crayon, charcoal, etc. This does not make use of paint but is also a form of art that is well appreciated. 


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

In this article on the 47 best talent examples in a list, suppose you love to create unique shapes and forms by getting your hands dirty. In that case, pottery is your talent. Pottery involves forming a ceramic (often clay) body into objects of desired shapes and heating them in a bonfire, pit, or kiln to make them permanent. Pottery objects can be created for utility or aesthetics.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Making people laugh through humour and satire is the talent of comedy. These days, many comedians have become prominent as they communicate great thoughts and make an impact with their jokes. Famous comedians with enviable social worth include Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, etc.

Playing an Instrument

47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Some people have a natural inclination to music. They will thrive in playing musical instruments such as the violin, piano, trumpet, Saxophone, Drums, etc. In the school band, you most likely played a musical instrument. Those without a natural talent for playing an instrument can pick it up as a skill and become talented.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Talented runners can become renowned athletes with constant practice and competition. Other sports like football, soccer, and lawn hockey are great sports that talented runners can profitably engage in.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Being a talented swimmer requires agility and flexibility in the water. You will also need to perfect breath control to sustain you long enough in the water. Great swimmers participate in the Olympics and can bag several medals.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

If you are excited about gliding on ice or any other surface, skating or skateboarding is the talent you have or should hone. There are pro skateboarders who make a living out of skating. They get sponsorships that allow them to travel the world, earn an excellent monthly salary, and live their dream.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Jumping as a sports talent comes in different types of jumping events. They are High jump, long jump, triple jump, and pole vault. You can also find a career in basketball, goalkeeping, or stick to the track and field jumps.


Although subjective, those with the talent of humor have an innate understanding of what is funny. Humorous people know how to make people laugh and are great at entertaining. Contrary to what you may think, humor can be learned!


The talent of throwing can land you a career in baseball, football, and short put. Do not discard that talent of yours just yet. You can always find a place for expression. Even though it may not be adequate to cater to living expenses, you can hone it as a hobby.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

The art of storytelling is as old as creation itself. Myths and legends have been passed from generations before. Storytelling requires the storyteller to relate lived or fictional experiences to an audience. This involves factual or emotional communication and relation of events in a preferred sequence. We were told many stories from which we drew morals and experiences when we were younger. The art of storytelling is a rare talent. It can be expressed in narrations, voiceovers, audio translations, etc.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

You always have a place in the talent and job pool as a talented writer. Writing is the process of using symbols to communicate thoughts and ideas. To be a successful writer, you need to understand the components of the language with which you will be speaking. This will make your writing better understood and appreciated by your target audience.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Teaching is a foundational and fundamental part of human society. It is how to pass knowledge to learners to understand concepts, processes, and ideas. To be a great teacher, you need to be a good communicator and knowledgeable about the topic or idea you want to teach.


To be a caregiver, you need to be empathetic and patient. If you have got these traits, you are a great talent. There are opportunities available for caregivers. They include Nurse, Personal Care/ Assistant, Home Health Aid, Nurse Assistant, etc.


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

Most people think that they communicate by merely speaking and sharing their thoughts. Communication is a balance of speaking and listening. Only a few people attend. Active listening involves hearing and understanding spoken words and environmental cues. Those in sales and marketing must be great listeners to thrive.

Public speaking


47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List photo credit Delegates Connect

The art of public speaking requires knowledge about the topic to be spoken about and eloquence in delivery. If you are great at engaging and communicating with a large audience, you have the talent for public speaking.

Money Management

People who have a natural knack for money management can spend wisely and know where to invest their funds for maximum returns. They do well with tracking and analyzing the analysing.

Time Management

Time is an invaluable resource. A talent in time management is a great asset. People with this talent can schedule events and make adequate plans for their completion. They are a well sought-after group in the world of work.


A person with a talent in an organization is a valuable asset. This person can manage many things at a time and is skilled at sorting. Talented organizers are sought after in many industries like hospitality, management, public relations, etc. 


In every aspect of life, to achieve goals, one must plan. You have the talent of planning if you are strategic, tactical, great at operations, and making contingency plans. Your talent as a planner will be greatly rewarded with these four skills. Planners are required in all industries. 


Like the word implies, resourcefulness means always finding quick and clever ways or alternatives to solving difficulties. People can be resourceful at their different types of engagements. For instance, you can be a creative planner, chef, organizer, etc.


Design is vast, and talent within design varies according to industry and purpose. While the procedure can be done for different purposes, the underlying theme of the invention is to create visually appealing forms that people love to see, use or interact with. 


Researchers collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data and opinions to explore issues, solve problems, and predict trends. Researchers are primarily found in the academic field. They can help find information in their area of interest and use the library, internet resources, phone calls, discussions, etc.


While others have very active intuition, others do not. It is a natural talent. Those with this talent can understand and predict things with little or no logical or comprehensive knowledge. They often pick up small signals that they leverage to make decisions.


Magic is a notable addition to this list of 47 best talent examples. It involves the use of mysterious powers to influence real-life events. Magicians often do tricks that do not have any scientific or empirical backup. Their processes can not be tested nor replicated by others, except they are let in. 

Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a unique talent. People with this talent can engage in the process of seeking answers or solutions to problems. Companies and organizations will seek to work with you if you have the talent to solve problems.


With the diverse languages and cultures today, multilingualism is an exceptional talent. Speaking many languages will enable you to bridge cultural divides and appreciate other people’s cultures. Multi Linguists are needed for diplomatic relations and a healthy sought-after group of talent.


Reading is a great talent. You need to be able to comprehend and deliver written text in the structure and manner intended by the writer. Reading will open you to diverse knowledge and information, giving you a good push in life.

Mathematical Thinking

This article on 47 best talent examples in a list would not be complete if I didn’t add Mathematical Thinking. Some people are great at thinking through numbers, statistics, and figures. Some others cannot just comprehend it. Those talented in computational thinking quickly get around technical jobs, especially as technology becomes more pervasive and sophisticated.


Entrepreneurs are known for risk-taking and decision-making in business. They have a knack for seeing opportunities and turning them into profitable businesses. If you love to take calculated risks with money and look for opportunities, you fall within this category.


The concept of brainstorming is an effective way of coming up with ideas that may become solutions to problems. Brainstorming is a valuable tool in Design Thinking which is increasingly becoming an integral part of an organization’s success. Brainstorming requires critical thinking and idea generation.


Your hairstyling skills will not go to waste if you hone them properly. The opportunities within hairstyling include; hair colouring, hair products, wigging, braiding, cutting, etc. 

Fashion designing

The many famous fashion brands started as a talent and passion for creating unique statement designs that many people resonated with and loved. You can find your niche market by developing your fashion designing skills and staying committed to it. You could leverage collaborations, work with fashion brands, sell your designs, or create them.


As a communicator, you can find expression for your talent as a writer, public speaker, teacher, etc. Communication is a valuable talent in the work environment. With skills such as comprehension and listening, you will thrive at social gatherings and people-related talents in the formal and informal workspace.


If you have fine motor skills and an enthusiasm for woodcraft, you are a woodwork talent. If you can design and create beautiful household items and furniture, your talent can be greatly rewarded if you hone and establish it.


Whether leaders are made or born is an ongoing nature-nurture debate in academia. Made or taken, almost every person is a leader in some capacity. Also, leaders have specific characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd. You should be trustworthy, decisive, charismatic, humble, positive-minded, visionary, adaptable, and a great communicator as a leader.


A strategic thinker knows how to use effective plans to achieve goals. In the face of constraint and competition, those with this talent can strategise and come up with workable strategies to meet set goals.

Visual thinking

Visual reasoning involves reasoning with visualisation. Like verbal intelligence, visual thinking applies to a wide range of problem spaces, and it also involves thought processes and communication. To become a visual thinker, you can practice brainstorming, engage in interactive activities, use post-its, flashcards, presentation slides, road maps and flowcharts.

Spatial reasoning

Those with talent in spatial reasoning have a great perception of 3-dimensional spaces and can solve problems in pattern recognition, design and navigation. 

Music intelligence

47 Best Talent Examples in a List
47 Best Talent Examples in a List

This talent relates to being good at music composition and performance. It is a foundational type of thought independent of verbal, visual and kinesthetic intelligence. If you are great at composing songs, singing, playing a musical instrument, you are in this category of talent.

Critical thinking

If you are disciplined, logical, objective, and systematic in thinking, you have critical thinking talent. This talent also lets you see loopholes, biases and flaws in a thinking process or analysis.

Social intelligence

Socially intelligent people have character traits such as tolerance, patience, emotional intelligence and kindness. This form of intelligence goes beyond academic intelligence. People with this talent can navigate society and cultures almost effortlessly. They are excellent tour guides and hospitality personnel.

Emotional intelligence

It is often said that a qualified person gets the job, but an emotionally intelligent person keeps it. Emotional intelligence as a talent means that you are able to read, understand and respond to verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal cues almost accurately. This talent enhances communication and relationships between people. Emotional intelligence is required for job roles that require interaction with colleagues, clients and people in general. 

Divergent Thinking

The talent of divergent thinking means that you can use creativity to develop new things. It involves lateral thinking, the process of coming up with unique solutions or ideas that can help solve a problem. Divergent thinkers are great at brainstorming and innovation.

Before I wrap up this article on the 47 best talent examples in a list, I have outlined a couple of questions related to this subject and provided insightful answers. 


What are natural talent examples?

Natural talents are those that you have without formal training. Most naturally occur in individuals from birth. Some natural talents are:

  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Honesty
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Entrepreneurship

Which is the most common talent?

Most talents are a combination of personality traits in unique compositions for different persons. For instance, an extroverted person may possess the talent of social intelligence as opposed to an introvert who may be more intuitive.

Final Thoughts on 47 Best Talent Examples in a List

The best talent examples all have their qualities, weaknesses and strengths, but they all share one thing in common: they were consistently applied to deliver outstanding work. To reach the pinnacle of your industry, you must master at least a few of these best talent examples, and you should be prepared to adapt them to suit the individual needs of each project you work on. These are the tools that your best work will be built out of.

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